Journalists warns Arsenal could face a summer raid from Newcastle United

Newcastle United is reportedly the richest club in the world right now, thanks to the backing they have from the Saudi Arabian government.

The Magpies are the latest club bought by investors from the Middle East and they are probably better equipped financially than the likes of PSG and Manchester City.

They have been in impressive form in this second half of the campaign and they beat Arsenal 2-0 when both teams met on Monday.

That defeat ended Arsenal’s Champion League hopes, but The Daily Mail’s Martin Samuel believes it signals the start of something even more serious.

He remembers when Manchester City signed Arsenal’s best players and believes the Magpies could do the same soon.

The journalist writes in his column on the website: “A young Arsenal player, Joe Willock, joined them in the Mike Ashley era, but clearly wasn’t wanted by Arteta. Yet Willock will still have many friends among the players who are said to be Arsenal’s future.

“He is in a position to give his new club positive reviews, to tell them how much has changed there, what plans are being laid. It is not unthinkable that Newcastle try to raid Arsenal the way City once did.

“And even if they do not, they might be competing for the same targets. Newcastle are genuine rivals now. They have the money, they can pay the wages, and this is a project with a clear long-term goal.”

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Newcastle’s new financial clout should worry Arsenal, but we also need to use this as an opportunity to show that we are better than when City started their spending spree.

Stan Kroenke should be ready to keep every important player at the club even if it means breaking its wage structure.

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  1. Until we achieve something worthwhile and there is something to show for the “progress” or “process” we shouldn’t take players staying for granted.

    The quality players we do have certainly won’t continue to settle for “patience” and “but next year” empty promises and platitudes won’t fill the trophy cabinet.

    We can’t assume players are content with the club’s long term goals and 5 year plan. We should be showing ambition now, instead of being content with almost making CL this year.

    January window did not reflect our ambition, not mixing veteran experience with the youth project isn’t showing a desire to win now.

  2. PSG are still running after a champions League final years after. Ans it’s not working. Players signing for those clubs are full of themselves which psychologically plays on their performance negatively. Only Mbappe seems to have been serious about making something happen there.

    They are clubs without a history and Newcastle won’t be different. Serious players won’t consider going there just yet. Only those seriously looking to fill their pockets.

    Besides there are good players all over the place this time around. So, I don’t think raiding will actuall cause any havoc.

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