Why judge Wenger in May? Arsenal’s season is over NOW

Why judge Arsene Wenger in May when Arsenal’s season is already over?‏ by KM

I mean what’s the excuse now? Watford at home? The inability to score? There is no way this can be forgiven. We are unable to break sides down and when we don’t do it we abandon all sorts of discipline and we get punished.

It’s the same formula every time. We play bad, we lack discipline, we are late with the subs, we don’t have the confidence and the character to fight back. Elneny had the most shots fired from our side which speaks volumes of our attack.

The excuses can’t come soon enough for Wenger, but this time it’s all over Arsene. I told you the away result at Hull was a mask of the problems and I was right. In the space of 3 weeks, we went from 2 to 8 points behind in the table, we’re out of the cup and the CL and someone has to explain why this happened.

The pressure is on Arsene and it got the better of him. We have average players and an average manager. Welbeck brought some life into our game, of course too little too late, after Watford already had a 2:0 lead, despite the fact that at 1:0 they had a few other chances to score.

We still waited with the subs and we got punished. In the end we nearly went back to 2:2 but that would’ve been just another hideout for Arsene and his failures. Every team that comes and shapes up like Swansea and Watford know they’ll get chances and if they survive our weak attack they’ll score.

Ospina beaten at the near post, Gabriel and Per outdone by Deany, it’s no coincidence. It’s what you get when you’re bad, you get beaten. We played an A squad today apart from Welbeck, who looks miles better than Giroud but still didn’t manage to hit the empty target from 7 yards!

This is a huge summer. The players look down, the manager is clueless as to what is happening and the board doesn’t care. The Arsenal fans don’t deserve this. I don’t split them down on the ones who like Wenger and those who don’t, all of us don’t deserve this.

If Barcelona hit us for 5 this week I really believe the fingers will be pointing at Arsene. They just have to. It’s whats logical, but logic doesn’t work at Arsenal. He’ll be here next season. He survived all sorts of humiliation I just wonder if something will ever be enough to remove him.

Arsene can speak all he wants about belief, it’s what I see on the pitch that’s worrying. Arsene deserves the boos. Every single one of them! He treats us like a cash flow for his enormous salary and that’s it. Why should we unite and stay behind him when the results are that bad?

It’s all been said before. The season is a disaster and it has to end with the head of the one person responsible for all this. I rest my case.


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  1. Since the season is over (for you) then stop watching Arsenal games then. Like, why complain about something you cannot change thou??? JUST SUPPORT THE DAMN TEAM! Ozil played one of his best games yesterday, he will be key when we beat Barca on Wednesday. #COYG

    1. and i bet ur silly comment is bout to be followed by a budd’s or NYG’s “Well said gooner” !

      1. He’s not saying anything about Wenger. He just said support the team. This is what supporters do. But then again, I have really low expectation from you so you are spared the chore.

        1. Support a manager and his players inability to learn from their mistakes ? No thanks, I might as well support my girlfriend for cheating on me.

          1. And that’s pretty much sums it up. Why is your girlfirend cheating on you? Nothing to do with you? Just asking.

    2. @mozart7
      Don’t waste your bandwidth trying to reason with ignorance, fueled by anger and disappointment…

      1. You heard of BoadBand NY?

        The width of your Band is no longer of importance with this technology. You should give it a whirl..

  2. Now i bet alot of people now understand why we put four goals past Hull cityin the replay and those few away fans still went on to display the “Thanks for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye” banner

    Arsenal under Wenger are a Memorial joke!


    Let me riddle the last 10 years of so called building the new Arsenal stadium hoax!

    If Wenger was anywhere as astute and malleable in his tactics & management then he would instead of making excuses of all his best players leaving the club would’ve signed hard working gems from the lesser teams and motivated them enough to have grabbed the league at least thrice by now off his ‘Invincibles’ credentials.

    There were so many players available at the lower clubs who could’ve done marvelously well at Arsenal and wouldn’t have costed a dime. For example, he could’ve signed Defoe after RvP left, Milner could’ve replaced Song. And what does he do?! Buys the lot like Gervinho, Squillaci & Bendtner. These are just a few to name from hundreds that could’ve done the job at least ONCE.

    We have already seen it doesn’t take immense amount of spending and talent to grind to the top as Leicester is a proof. Even Fergie in his last year in charge took a very average Man Utd side and won the PL. All it needs is a bit of tactical awareness, man management and basic team motivation.

    I can’t digest the fact that Wenger created the Invincibles legacy himself. It was THAT TEAM that was responsible for everything. They dug it out, fought for each other and were ruthless while the manager took all the plaudits. He just made a few jackpots with the likes of Henry & Fabregas which I will credit him for. And that too David Dein takes some share of credit for in my assessment.

    All I’m saying is new stadium or not this guy with any sort of resources or situation should’ve won us the league by now with his experience and guile. I mean c’mon guys open your eyes. We have been lied to and cheated all along. I had lost faith in him a long time ago and don’t know why people were still holding onto the strings.

    But now its all or nothing! We have come to this stage that we risk the reputation and pride of our beloved Arsenal. And all because of one man! God help The Arsenal!

    1. So you think football management is that simple.
      Dont everton also have great footballers?.
      It would be a lot helpful if you were unbiased.
      Maybe in that way wenger might go instead of exaggerating

    2. @The arsenal messiah…….. Thank God u are not the messiah…… It could have been worse than being under wenger

  4. @Mozart7…….didn’t u say same Last season and the season before Last…….. U are boring and running out of excuses just like ur rabbi and dad(wenger)

    Majority of the fans are tired of getting behind a tattered cargo playing without the handbrakes….they are all over the place and are about as useful as a chocolate teapot

    Get behind commonsense!

  5. would it make the fans feel better if wenger said.
    ‘Im sorry arsenal fans everything is lost this season.I am also very dissapointed.
    Everything is gone there is no hope.We ll try better next season.’

    1. Here comes another staunch defender of Arsene wenger and his dead philosophies……

      Perhaps u could be useful in Defence…. U could replace mertesacker until the end of the season


      1. His philosophy isn’t bad but his methods are outdated. Dortmund got Aubameyang for less than 15m, Lewandowski for 5m, Juve got Dyabala for less than 20mil. They are special talents out there for cheap but our manager refuses to search for them because he prefers relying on his overrated average talents instead. Like seriously, no manager aiming to win PL will have Flamini and Arteta in the squad regardless of the “unity” they bring to the dressing room.

    2. It would be amazing if he said, “I’m sorry, Arsenal fans. I don’t think I can win the Premier League anymore or any other of the major honours. That is why it is time for me to say goodbye.”

    3. Maybe in your parallel universe it would … In reality he said I’m the expert and don’t listen to criticism or care what fans think coz I know best!!!! Club in very sad state of affairs

  6. What is the worst that could happen if wenger actually buggered off.
    We lose fourth place.
    We spend the next three or four years winning nothing and maybe just about qualifying for the europa.
    If that is what it takes to rebuild why not.
    That might even give the greedy yank a reason to sell and we would be rid of kroenke, gazidis and wenger.

    1. Arsenal fans who visit the Emirates, should not buy season tickets and should not go to games. Watch it on TV. Then Stan will actually think, this club is not making as much money anymore. Let me sell the shares when it is cheap. Usmanov comes in and saves the day and Arsenal.

      1. I also feel like some sort of protest is needed but in reality you cannot force the fans not to go to the Arsenal games. Wenger still has huge support, despite the fact he’s not cutting it. If one person stops his season ticket 10 will be waiting in line to get it!

        1. If you have a season ticket, miss a game or two, and take the misses/family out instead.

          The thing is it needs to be organised so that it’s not just one or two holders missing at the same time and for the message to be heard.

  7. While we are still failing to get any better, Man City, Man U & Chelsea will be a lot better than us next season going by the investment they will make and especially managers. We shall be left fighting with Liverpool & Tottenham.. I don’t know where Defending champions (Leicester) will be! If nothing changes (real and I mean real investment or sacking of Arsene), we are going to get used to being like Liverpool. Remember they used to be up there….when did they last win the league? and I fear we might lose key players!

    1. I think Liverpool under Klopp will be seriously challenging. In the short amount of time he has been there he has turned their fortunes around so based on his history and with no small funds I expect that to continue.

      If we continue with our management and little investment like we have been doing then we will fall back and be competing with those around mid table as the overall level in the PL will be raised.

    2. We said the same last season that Chelsea and United will take EPL by storm but no one seen Leicester coming. Even the Spuds. One thing is clear from here: money badly spend will not win you the title. That doesn’t detract from the fact that this is one of the weakest teams Wenger ever fielded. We have brilliant players but we don’t have a team. He became very conservative and as a consequence his play is pretty much spent. Everyone knows how he plays and it doesn’t come as a surprise when we win by changing the register. We are out of FA Cup and the easiest thing to do is to give up right now. Whatever happened at the Emirates is a well kept secret and probably we will find out in the following weeks.
      The fact that players simply gave up is the most worrisome thing. Sure, blame Wenger , have his head and cool off for a while. Laugh at your Arsenal if that makes you feel better but I can’t do it. Not now, anyway.

      1. Perhaps the players are finally realising certain things too. I mean we have eyes and ears as do they. Maybe the presence of Ozil and Sanchez and the continued failure to win the PL or in Europe has them questioning their ‘leaders’ management?

        Other teams may or may not pull away from us but personally speaking; our focus on being able to compete (not win), by looking around/comparing us to our rivals hasn’t helped our development. Factor in a non-interested board, a less and less influential manager, lack of leadership on the field too and we have a recipe for where we are today.

        Your right; We haven’t got a team (Wengers fault), but IMO nor do we have “brilliant” players. Ozil, Sanchez, Cech, Kos, Cazorla are class (not sure about world) but we have far too many average players swelling our ranks.

    3. @jessy
      Going by your logic, then MU, City and Chelsea should all be better than us “NOW”, going by the investments they’ve already made…

  8. To be really fair
    if Arsenal had an out and
    out fox in the box striker
    Arsenal could have scored 7.
    The whole team played fine
    Ozil especially was sublime,
    Sanchez looked sharp
    Campbell had some great touches.
    All we need is that Suarez poacher
    with the killer instinct and we are made.
    Surely the academy can produce a
    couple of clinical lethal finishers.
    That’s what the academy is for.
    Arsenal is going to rip a side to shreds soon
    just hope it comes soon and not after
    we lose touch with the leaders.
    We can do this 🙂

    1. Ozil did a couple of nice passes, a beat nutmeg and a flick of two. He was far from sublime IMO.

      In fact he went missing for big spells and was knocked off the ball often and complained much about it. I expect him to be invisible against Barca on Wednesday like most big games.

  9. Giroud and Walcott are letting us down big time. None of them should start against barca and I hope koscielny is fit.

  10. It’s time to say goodbye arsene..it’s clear you are urself and us a great harm and ur legacy is at stake And that’s if there’s any left.

  11. It’s time to say goodbye arsene..it’s clear you are causing urself and us a great harm and ur legacy is at stake And that’s if there’s any left.

  12. Giroud, Walcot, welbeck,wilshere, per and a bunch of others needs to go in using arsene at the end of the season…We pay them too mch to deserve what we get.

  13. Bbc article on Wenger:


    And a Man Untd Fans comment on the piece (I could not agree more):

    As a Utd fan, I can admit that the 2002-2004 Arsenal side was one that made me very, very nervous to face.

    Technique, Power, Pace, Strength and
    Most importantly….Desire.

    For me, the desire must come from the manager and rub off on the players and this is where Wenger has come up slightly short. Someone like Diego Simeone with Arsenal’s resources would make me very, very nervous again…

  14. Judge him in May, but he didn’t stipulate a year did he. Cleaver old fox that one……. 2022 we might get 2nd.

  15. Take a look at this
    “We have lost a game. Arsenal has lost games
    before in history and ‘we will lose again in
    the future’ “.
    Arsene Wenger
    C’mon, is anybody getting this? That was his damned postmatch comment. He’s always prepared to lose rather than win. I’d rather take a nap than watch arsenal match, a coach that can’t even motivate and inspire his squad with a winning mentality? He’s already losing in future even before it is played. The board have been seriously enchanted to his evil magic. Top four fight again? I’m tired.

  16. It time for Wenger to resign it been more than 10 years of the same thing, this is the definition of insanity keep on doing the same thing and expect the different result Wenger is insane, the only person who can save our beloved Gunners is DIEGO SIMEONE!!!!!!!
    every player come to arsenal at the beginning they perform well but as time goes they fade e.g. Sanchez, Gab, Asharvin etc etc etc

  17. Their should be a state of emergency declared on behalf of Arsenal FC, it has been hijacked by Wenger the terrorist and Kroenke their leader.

  18. Yea he runs on the oldest bandwith ever and must run up a mountain each time to recieve connections……… U are being a very good friend to him asking him not to waste that…. Rather than ask him upgrade

    enjoy ur connection

    cheers mate!

  19. Do any of you realize that Wenger is not the problem? Do you read papers, watch TV, or do you just come here and whine? It’s Kroenke, and it’s the board. That’s where the real problem lies. Wenger has done everything that’s been asked of him, and more. He deserves praise, not criticism. But I don’t expect a bunch of clueless so called supporters to understand that.

    1. As much as I bashed Wenger for his favs, I do agree that Silent Stan has been the real issue behind our failures.

      Between Arshavin and Ozil we have had to put up with bargain versions of what Wenger wanted and we still have a squad of a lot of bargain buys and it doesn’t look like Wenger will be given enough cash to overhaul the squad and that means Wenger has to support the players he has and then people moan at Wenger for having those players.

      Ramsey hasn’t been developing as well as he should and his persistent disrespect towards the defending aspect of his job would be enough for me to sell him on football manager (and that is why I am not a real manager lol), sell him and promote youngsters that will put the right kind of effort into the team.

      Without a board willing to support the sales of the players who are developing an issue… Hard to say being a lazy barstool but that is what some of the players are, they got their money and fcuk the results as long as they play.

      Unless we get real quality in then we will be left with players who do not put 100% into the TEAM game, Wenger will be left to do the best he can with what he has.

  20. Problem against Watford is one a lot of us fans seen to start with and thought WTF…

    Front 3 of Alexis, Campbell and Giroud DOES NOT WORK.

    You will find comments from me after previous games saying that those front 3 together can NOT SCORE on a regular basis.


    Lack of desire to get in behind the opposition and as such make ourselves easy to defend against.

    Campbell is a right sided Alexis, I love watching the guy ^.^ but I recognise that both Alexis and Campbell are not the fastest in a race, they both had great acceleration and low center of gravity which allows them to go from standing to full run real quick. The full pace is kinda slow and that makes our attack a slow attack.

    When we had someone on the right who would run in behind (Theo) then we had more balance as an attack how-ever Theo lets the side down defensively due to being such a poor defender.

    The other way to get Campbell and Alexis banging in the goals is to have a CF who will drop into the channels and have the pace to get in behind the def to break any offside trap. Look at how Alexis got more involved when he had players with deadly pace around him.

    Look at how Welbeck played for the short time.
    Wish he had started? So do I!

    I back Wenger 99% of the time.
    I do feel like a fan banging his head against a brick wall when Wenger allows his favoritism to get the best of him.

    I like Giroud as a BACKUP, he can not score consistently enough through a whole season without a CF partner who will play to his strengths (Or instead of CF then Ramsey)
    Ramsey… Well he is the other fav of Wengers isn’t he? When he had those good few months he did look like the Vieira replacement we all had been wishing for. What is going to bring that desire to defend back if he isn’t punished for acting like a spoilt brat and forgetting that this is a TEAM game and he needs to get himself back to defend!
    We can look at goals conceeded when he has played in the middle and I would guess that at least over 50% would be contributed to that lazy welshman and his desire to get forward.


    When 1 CF isn’t doing the job then drop him and play another that will do his job.
    Welbz needs some time as a CF I think, him and Theo compete and let Giroud have a good rest while reminding him that he is dropped because he stopped doing his job! Damn lumbering tree shouldn’t be dropping deep and going out to the wings because he can not get back into the middle when he is needed. We have put stuff into the box or been waiting to throw something into the box but couldnt because that tree has wondered off and inable to get back intime.

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