July 1st – Will you buy the new Arsenal Shirt or protest against Kroenke?

On Monday morning, adults and children will take time off work and school respectively to be the first to get their hands on the new Arsenal kit. Another section of our fanbase plan to meet outside the Armoury and protest at the way Stan Kroenke is running the club.

Arsene Wenger’s last couple of years as manager saw supporters unveil banners, go on marches, heck even hire planes. While I will always think this was disrespecting the greatest boss in our history, the minority shouldn’t be dismissed, they are equally people who are hurting. The problem is how do you get a man who doesn’t care to care? That’s not me giving up I just don’t know the answer.

Do you think the Kroenke family are even aware that Monday is the launch of our kits? Do you think they will be checking from America the feelings of the fan base? If you asked our owner, could he tell you who we are playing on the opening day? What he will know is how much Adidas are paying us and when/how that money will be paid. As a businessman that’s his concerns, the figures.

The fact is as many gooners protest outside the club shop, hundreds more will be purchasing merchandise. The only way you disrupt this latest commercial deal is by convincing a whole stadium to think the same. It’s unrealistic and that’s why Silent Stan picked us to buy.He’s smart enough to know it’s too big a fan base to push away.

If 30 000 gave up their seats, the exact same number will replace them at the Emirates. Remember it’s not a case of how many shirts are sold deciding how much goes into the bank. The Sports tycoons at Adidas have already handed out millions for the privilege of having their logo on our gear. The only way we impact such sponsorship deals is by the time it’s up for renewal companies feeling we are not a valuable brand. The result would be a smaller offer with a lesser known company. Only then would Mr Kroenke change the model. Again though, how realistic is it to get enough gooners to hold firm and not pay Adidas? It’s not going to happen. Again, don’t think I know the answer.

What you think Gooners? Protest at the Armoury, right or wrong?

Dan Smith


  1. There is no question it’s the right thing to do, if it’s only to exercise our right to free speech as long as it’s peaceful.

    There are huge questions like where has the money gone that we supposedly built up after the emirates giving us the resource to compete?

    Why were funds waisted on letting players go on a free when we could have received significant amounts that would have helped in transfer markets such as this window?

    It maybe controversial that I think he shouldn’t put his own money in (it would be great if he did) but that is the sort of model that has ruined football and a business should be self sustaining not floated in debt. I wouldn’t want to see long term Arsenal go into administration due to poor management.

    It does feel like we have been sold down the river with broken promises season after season and business wise we should be a lot more competitive than we are with the infrastructure we have.

    Therefore if actions such as today need to be taken to get answers then so be it.

  2. Of course, all gooners should protest the kits and of course, 5% of them will. Big clubs will always have a huge chunk of plastic fans, therefore it’s impossible for us to expect this happen at a big scale. What I’d like is for Robby from AFTV and the two loudmouths from his channel to protest the kits. That might motivate more fans to refrain from paying kroenke the money that won’t find its way back into the club.

    1. Most of the kit money goes to the kit manufacturer. The manufacturer in turn pays the club, not Kroenke, the agreed upon annual sum when they signed the sponsorship deal, which I’ve seen Ozziegunner and many others quote as £60M.

      Now, Kroenke could indeed get his hands on that money if he decided the club should pay out dividends, but that would mean he has to pay high taxes, and the value of the club would ultimately go down should the club keep paying out high dividends. If Kroenke allows the club to keep the money, the club’s value will increase and taxes paid on capital gains in future will be less than that paid on dividends now.. or so I think!

  3. If I’m in London and have the money right now to buy the kit. I will do the latter. What is the point wasting my time on what won’t work and give my darling club a bad press. Like you rightly said if 30,000 fans work away another 30,000 will instantly and happily take their seat. Which means that 30,000 and myself are in love with this club no matter what and we are not ready to be pushed out my Kroenke. I don’t support this because of him I won’t stop doing so or hurt her because of him.

    1. Mobella, I don’t agree with you that a demonstration by fans “gives your darling club bad press”. Arsenal FC is a separate entity to Stan Kroenke, which has a long and distinguished history prior to the sell out to Kroenke Sports Management. The media and others reporting demonstrations against Kroenke as owner, should not reflect on Arsenal FC.
      Manchester United are also facing a similar problem to Arsenal with the lack of interest and investment by the Glaziers. It will be interesting to see how Manchester United fans react to the comparative poor performance of their club, if their manager is not supported in the transfer market and high profile players like Pogba leave.
      The refusal of Benitez to renew his contract at Newcastle United is causing meltdown of their supporter base. It will be interesting to see the demonstrations against Mike Ashley when the new season starts. The media is currently supporting Benitez and the supporters over the Newcastle United owner.
      Liverpool supporters were successful in driving out their previous owners and look what they have achieved since.
      What other choice do football club supporters have, other than causing discomfort to such owners and trying to bring their businesses into disrepute by highlighting their activities?

    2. Mobella

      So surprised at your sad answer. To me those who still have some sense of moral and ethical values, who are saying no to Satan Kroenke…..Respect. There is still a resistance. Your attitude is a sell out.

    3. You’re right , we get way to much bad press and they’re loving it when Arsenal supporters protest, for them its job done.
      But if those supporters dont make a protest then whats to stop Stan saying next years transfer budget is zero.

  4. Neither

    1. I’m broke. My wallet is bare. Just £10 for this week’s groceries
    2. Kroenke won’t care

  5. Didn’t Wenger say that he offered £100 million for Lemar?

    Now £45 mil budget for more than 1 players

    How times have changed in just a couple of years!

    1. Being out of the champions league for the past 2 years has lost us anywhere from £50-100M. Losing Sanchez and Ramsey a further £100M. Finally, Ozil’s mammoth £18M a-year contract has put a strain on the finances. I sincerely hope Ozil can rediscover himself and give us the best 2 years of his career for his last 2 seasons because honestly I don’t see anyone buying him.

    2. Read somewhere that Arsenal are going to record a financial loss of 30 million pounds in 2018-2019 season

  6. If 30000 walk away and then replaced by another 30000, that is not exactly a progressive organisation is it? I will argue that to be a sign of degeneration, the guy Kronke strike me like a mercenary, he his probably one of our main rival espionage saddled with the plan to destroy arsenal forever if not, why would he be happy to see Arsenal slow regression, as it is right now, Arsenal is gradually sliding to a mid table team , my take is, stop patronising anything Arsenal, the fad make the brand what it is, Arsenal will start loosing it’s pulling power thereby making the brand less attractive to sponsors in the end would become less attractive to new fans

  7. Another one who thinks that’s the answer to the Kronke problem-Just stop going to games and all will come good with Kronke leaving.
    I’ve renewed my season tickets for the 45th consecutive year.I have just renewed my away season tickets.I will continue to do this every season until I am no more of this world.And this is the same for tens of thousands of supporters who go to games whether with a season ticket or a ticket registration scheme.And YOU feel we will all stop attending to force Kronke out?
    Whenever this comes up I ask you a simple question-How many games have you ever seen Arsenal play live in your lifetime?Thought not.Si just go back to your armchair and watch the games as you obviously do everyvweek

    1. Phil. You are possibly the best person to ask this question.
      On Arsenal website it is possible to get tickets for home games on the ticket exchange as a red member, but I have never seen away game tickets available on the ticket exchange, have you any idea why this is so ?

      1. Anyone who thinks anyone like you should give up your season tickets, given the number on the waiting list is totally unreasonable and living in “cloud cookoo land.” If I was lucky enough to be in your situation, there is no way I would. Boycotting merchandising is another matter altogether.

  8. taking into consideration arsenal has the highest number of fans Stan Silent Kroenke must reward us after adding value to the club and since he has failed we should take action now before we are relegated. fans in Europe are not cooperating in taking arsenal back where it belongs, wining the EPL, golden boot oftenly,FA cup and most of all the champions league. this fans have to stop buying arsenal tickets and make the stadium remain empty for a while and am sure our Silent kroenke’s accounts will speak for us. you cant hurt the whole world with your stinginess where others are competing. if Kroenke you are not a sports man then sell the club to those who understand what we are doing. playing is all about winning and showing the hunger of competion. start competing with the likes of liverpool, man city, tottenham not competing with your fans who always celebrate when you win and cry when you lose. i am a Kenyan

  9. I have to say I have liked recent posts,hindsight is a good thing,i will always the wenger was treated was a disgrace OK he made mistakes the same way every manager does including Emery but he is still a very good coach,doesn’t matter the manager in charge if the top brass don’t support him nothing will change and I believe not if but when Emery goes we will struggle to attract a proper manager the same way we struggle to attract very good players,look at man utd the numbers of managers and the wages and fees they have to pay to get players,50 millions for a 21 years defender,they have agreed to pay Marcus rashford 300 000/ Week,they want to give pogba a 3 millions loyalty bonus for him to stay,same with de gea,newcastle have just lost a great manager because the owner doesn’t want to spend,my point we need to stop blaming our manager again and support him and he might stay long enough to make us competitive again!

  10. The only way to get kroenke out of our club is through his pockets,if he is working on looses definitely he won’t like it.but then how should we make it sooooo painful to him to a point that he no longer sees it as a viable business and quits this club when we r all divided as a fan base? Do we need his money!! Hell no does he need our money YES, will his business work without the fans…

    1. @sue I want one too!but sometimes we sacrifice things to get something better.I know it’s not easy because our love for this club is greater than the hatred for kroenke but then unfortunately that’s the only way to get silent Stan out.lets do this for the club we love.

      1. Kenya001………..maybe you can sacrifice yourself at the Altar of the diety Bergkamp !………….your loss will be greatly appreciated if your unselfishness leads to Kroenke being struck down by lightning and by taking one for the team we will erect a bronze statue of you on Just Arsenal, I`m sure Admin Martin has a budget set aside for it !

  11. I will buy as I love the new shirt, the alternative is I buy a white T-Shirt and cut myself as my heart bleeds The Arsenal !

    I also promised my grandson the new kit for his birthday and seeing the 7 year old having a kick about in it is one of my reasons for living !

      1. great point there le coq, fair play.i dont think, in the end, it will matter one iota if you, or, i, or sue, or, anybody else decide to buy a shirt, or, not buy a shirt. it is very difficult to turn our backs on our club,tried it a couple of times in the wenger era, but i always came back. and i know most other supporters are exactly the same. all we can do is be optimistic for the season ahead. and as our critics always say, arsenal fans are always optimistin come the first day of the season.

  12. I want, I get. No pathetic protest (because that’s what it will be) will stop me.
    The only pity is I haven’t got the guns that Kolasinac has got ?

  13. If you decide to buy shirts please make sure you also make it clear that you do not support Satan Kroenke. At least study him a little to see how he treats his own supporters and what he is doing in the States. He has lost the St Louis case, he is not a good man, sadly in a roundabout way we will pay the minuscule damages.

    1. I have heard lots of fans saying that they will buy the shirt, but have KROENKE OUT on the back. Seems like a good idea to me!

      1. Good compromise Admin, although I`m thinking more on the lines of having “Die Kroenke Die” on mine !


      2. Great idea Admin!

        I still maintain that Liverpool put a lot of pressure on the owners and they eventually had to buckle.. Look at them now!!!

        Liverpool fans are one of the most passionate and loyal fans you can get. They all stuck together and protested together inside and outside the stadium!

  14. Admin you are 100% correct when you opined “Do you think the Kroenke family are even aware that Monday is the launch of our kits? Do you think they will be checking from America the feelings of the fan base? If you asked our owner, could he tell you who we are playing on the opening day?” And there lies the fundamental problem at Arsenal. The former powers that were sold to an individual who has no care or love for the game or the club other that an investment vehicle. He uses the loyalty of the fan base to his advantage because he knows most supporters loves the club and will continue to support it no matter what even when a few protest. Until something happens that cause him to stop making money he will hold on even if it means taking Arsenal to the championship. Unfortunately, when that happens the club might be so badly damaged it might be impossible to resurrect.

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