July 31 deadline: Deadline set for Arsenal striker deal

Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund are claimed to be taking their asking price off the table at the end of July, meaning Arsenal must meet the required fee by July 31 or miss out on star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The striker was expected to join French giants Paris Saint-Germain this summer, with odds dropping as low as 1/7 to complete the switch with various bookmakers, before the Ligue 1 runners-up pulled out of the deal.

The fee is believed to have been the stumbling block, although other sources claim the Parisiens opted to pursue Kylian Mbappe instead, and while we are also linked with a move to sign the Monaco wonderkid, a deal is far from being completed on any front.

Arsenal now have a time limit to make their decision on whether to pursue a deal for Aubameyang, with the BVB believed to have set a deadline on the end of July or their asking price is removed.

This will either mean that he will be unavailable, or that his price will become even more inflated than the current €70 Million fee.

There are a number of strikers believed to be on the move this summer, with Alexandre Lacazette, Alvaro Morata, Romelu Lukaku and Carlos Bacca all tipped for moves, while Karim Benzema could also find himself falling down the pecking order should Mbappe seal a move there.

Aubameyang has an amazing goal return in recent seasons, and would no doubt be an exciting prospect to sign, but the fee being touted would be a club record, and may be deemed a huge risk as Arsene Wenger looks to invest strongly in returning his side to challenge for the Premier League title.

Should Aubameyang be a priority signing?

Pat J

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  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Another hot day in the U.K and Europe.

    Wengers hot wallet must be absolutely burning a Jolene in his pocket.

  2. Mike says:

    Absolutely sign him! He is brilliant!

  3. Raoh says:

    Absurd to think he is a risk…let me put it this way: no matter how good your midfield if you don’t have a finisher does it matter?
    Since Van Persie left we never had a striker capable of filling that void. Wenger tried to sell us different individual but ultimately we can conclude for ourselves that it hasn’t worked. Giroud can score otherworldly goals but lacks consistency. His game which lacks pace a relies on high and power doesn’t play to Arsenal strength. He will not reach the 25-30 goals a season. He is a good plan B.
    Aubameyang on the other hand has everything Giroud has added with speed galore and better skills. He is also a finisher and a good one beating Lewandoski for top scorer with 31 goals in as many games. Simply put he can score from every position, create his shot, play back to goals, makes runs.
    I never believed Sanchez to be a striker and though he has replicated Van Persie output for a moment now he would probably be even better on the wing with a guy like that on top…imagine the issues for opposing defence: who do you track on the run or if they switch all of sudden with Arsenal intricate passing? Or Özil assists?
    If Lacazette is worth 60m pounds Aubameyang at 70m is a great deal of business at 28 he has 3-4 years at the top level. That is all Arsenal need if it gets that kind of output year in year to mount a challenge for top honours.

  4. lcebox says:

    We need something to happen but silence is golden with Arsenal transfers i hope Wenger does something to help the fans come together i dont care who he gets its time us guys deserve a season in which things go our way for once.
    But would love nearly any those strikers we ae linked with so just get 1 in and another high profile player and see what happens replace any leavers and lets go show them what Arsenal is all about this year.

  5. tony M says:

    our right anyone who can enhance our team is worth the money get him nd Lacassette we have the money , and please get rid of all the has beens for our own sake walcott ramsay cazola wiltshire Ozil hes useless, gibbs and a few othrs and give Perez a CHANCE INSTEAD OF Giroud

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    He is 28 but still excellent
    I’m not sure if Wenger will want to spend €70 million on a 28 year old

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      If achievable this is a “no brainer”. Aubameyang at 70 million Euro as a striker is “bang for the bucks”!

  7. Arsenal strength always has been on the midfield, from the time song left the emirates, i thought saint calzola will make it. (though bringing him at the emirates was not a mistake) today the consequences of our actions(not having good quality of players) has been reviewed by not making it to the top four. (we have been always escorting our friends to the their successes)people may end up blaming wenger but we are just funs who doesn’t know what is on the ground in other terms i think the arsenal board also has contributed to our failure, the arsenal policy need to be revisited for the betterment of our future. anyway, am just a concerned arsenal fun who is not happy with the performance of our team.keep sanches and ozil and bring lacazete and mbape

  8. Geekaybee says:

    To me he seems a bit light weight for the premiership. A tough full back or centre half would bounce him.

  9. Quantic Dream says:

    Is it wise to spend 70M on a 28 year old? 2 years down the road he will hit 30 and become finished. Id prefer Mbappe.

  10. Janssen says:

    Stoke have the same chance of signing Mbappe or Aubamayng. I wonder if they spend countless posts on wondering who would suit them better and who is a better investment.

    If they were all equal money at 70 million would you take Aubamaynag, Messi or Ronaldo?

  11. yuggu says:

    there are many options in selecting the best striker, i rather prefer Romero Lukaku to be at the striking line. he has premier league skills and capability of scoring, with the help of Ozil passes, believe me he is going to be a good striker. he is also very strong enough to scare defenders and he is not much liable to injuries.

  12. J c walker says:

    If Aubamayng is any good then Man U and Liverpool would be linked to him. The price is too high for a 28 yr old. Mbappa would have to be nurtured through his first two years in the premier league he’s still only 18. Can’t have him out injured for long periods. Still worth the chance. The money would flow back to the club in sponsorship etc deals if he becomes a world class.

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