Jurgen Klopp confirms what Arsenal fans already know

Jurgen Klopp heaps praise on Arsenal youngster, calls him ‘ talent of the century’

Liverpool may have defeated Arsenal in the Carabao Cup, but one of Arsenal’s youngsters left an impression on Jurgen Klopp.

Arsenal fielded a much-changed side just like the home team and played a thrilling 5-5 draw against Liverpool before the Reds prevailed on penalties.

While most of the attention was channelled towards Liverpool’s win and Mesut Ozil’s performance, one player who stood out for Arsenal was Gabriel Martinelli.

The 18 years old Brazilian signed for Arsenal in the summer and has been a revelation. Jurgen Klopp didn’t need to watch him a second time to recognise that he is a real talent.

The Liverpool boss told the club’s official website.

“[Van den Berg] played an incredible game. That’s really difficult to deal with these guys.

“Martinelli’s pretty much the same age but he’s a talent of the century, he’s an incredible striker, so it’s really difficult.

“Then you have Mesut Ozil around and [Joe] Willock right, who scored by the way a really nice one.

“So a team like Arsenal in a counter-attacking mood – we keep them deep, play around them, we lose the ball and then it’s really difficult.”

Martinelli hasn’t started a league game yet but only Aubameyang has netted more times for the team than he has.

With Alexandre Lacazette also back from injury, it may take a while before Martinelli gets his chance. But if he continues to shine in the Europa League, Emery may be forced to draft him into the team.


  1. Tom says:

    We must believe in the clubs plans and if they have brought the talent of the century, we have no better case then this.

    I say about time alot. So Martinelli isn’t going to be in our starting line up this year. But next year he can take a lead role. And at 19 have his very best years ahead at arsenal.

    But he needs to be given the time. It looks good because he looks settled with the boys well. Roomed with Saka we have our own british talent. Sterling mode.

    We have talent, and it’s why I am excited and patient

    1. Durand says:

      I agree, a shame we don’t have a top class manager that can develop him to his true potential.

  2. Innit says:

    He looks like a keeper and still so young. Hope he’s taken cared off and nurtured properly

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Innit, I thought he looked like a centre forward, rather than a keeper? 😊😊

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I love hearing this from Klopp but Klopp reminds me of those fans that get swept away in the moment, in the excitement with adrenalin and all, it’s like that old saying of pillow talk. Like how myself and a group of fans said come on “Buy Dani Ceballos!! after that first full game when he made everything tick in the opponent’s half. I try not to do this, I try to keep myself grounded, aware of things that can still go wrong as it being too early and all, but sometimes you just get swept away. Klopp actually smiled loudest and laughed hardest when Willock’s peach of a strike rattled the nets, also Klopp is very complimentary, he is full of flattery, I’d love to see what he’s like day in day out around a group of footballers with all the piss taking that goes on.

    Martinelli does look a find all same, I love how direct he is but he never tries overdoing it, right amount of touches and has it set up in his mind, has an aim, Pepe should take notes. He looks like he’ll be rivaling main goalscorer through the centre, he said he prefers it a little wider, but he looks so rounded and a constant bother when central, he can also use his head and take set-pieces, this lad is a storm, whatever the biggest storm is we should give it to him as a nickname.

  4. Sergio says:

    Think Martinelli should be getting game time over Laca at the moment.

    Either way, he should definitely be starting on the left wing to complement Auba as he’s currently our best option in that position.

  5. Sue says:

    Urgh, can’t escape Klopp… at least his mouth’s shut in that picture 🙏😂

  6. Gunner man says:

    We do need to offer him a new contract soon. Keep him happy by buying players who would give him an opportunity of challenging for the ballon dor and help him win titles.

  7. Mogunna says:

    He also indeed mentioned Ozil and Willock game… He should be on a smart loan, meaning a team who will play him every weekend.

    Now let’s not get hyped up, klopp compares youngsters and we do have great ones for a minute, and indeed more than most top clubs.

    Must send them on loan if not played at EPL weekly, Nelson, Rowe, Willock, Saka, Niles, Martinelli, Mav and even Holding who won’t get enough EPL with Luiz, Sokra as first CB choice.

    We know Xhaka, Torreira, Gendouzi, Ceballos and now Ozil will not leave Willock, Niles, Rowe much in EPL. Pepe be picked over Nelson.

    Indeed, some will think we need to keep Holding or any of them but is it worth to stop their development if we can’t play them weekly? Rowe and Nelson were taking off in good loans, ready to fly as Sancho.

    When players are not involve each week at EPL intensity level, they easily get injured…
    I could have added Chambers great loan, center back usually needs more time, experience bonifies them. 25 years old is a young CB.

    Anyhow, glad nkethia is on loan and hope see more action for him or loan him elsewhere.

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