Jurgen Klopp is NOT better than Arsenal’s BRILLIANT Boss!


So the bombshell has dropped that Jurgen Klopp, the much beloved and innovative Manager of Borussia Dortmund, is leaving at the end of the season. No he did not get fired. According to him, the time has come for the club to try someone different. So why am I writing about another club’s manager?

Actually this brief piece here is about Arsene Wenger. Gunners in general all love Jurgen Klopp because we have daydreamed about him managing Arsenal, and having us play the kind of blistering and fast paced attacking football that he has come to personify at Dortmund. There is just one problem though. Klopp’s inability to go the distance has only highlighted the genius of Wenger’s achievement for almost two decades. We are really spoilt at Arsenal – to the point that we no longer realise how difficult it is to keep Arsenal at this Top Four level that most of us sneer at. Other teams have blown a hundred million pounds with nothing to show for it.

Liverpool is playing some incredible football and yet they may not even qualify for Champions league. Manchester City won the league last season and recently blew 25 million pounds on a reserve striker. Yet, they may not even qualify for Champions League. Wenger has qualified for the Champions league a record eighteen times and has won three League titles, five FA Cups and other trophies. Perhaps most significantly, he has lost tons of players, and still managed to keep us up there fighting for the top spot. He did all of this without money. The heroics of Arsene Wenger no longer draws the kind of adoration it should because we believe we deserve more, even though we never had the funds to really compete until a couple of years ago.

Jurgen Klopp lost two players to Bayern Munich (Mario Goetze and Robert Lewandowski) and suddenly, his Dortmund team that we all envy is battling relegation. Over the years, Wenger has lost Nicolas Anelka, Emmanuel Petit, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Patrick Viera, Emmanuel Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and so on – and still, Arsenal never finished below the fourth position. In fact, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are the only already established world class players that Arsene Wenger has bought in nearly a decade and yet, our team Arsenal is looking better than ever.

I am not an AKB, and God knows that I have given our manager serious stick for many years. However, when I look at the totality of everything he has achieved, I feel really stupid having criticized the man, even when he deserved it. Klopp might be available but I don’t even want him. He is brilliant but he is no Arsene Wenger. The last thing I want is for my Arsenal to win the Premier League one season and be battling relegation the next season. Arsene Wenger, you sir are a genius. I tip my cap to you. Well done.

Uche Edochie
Lagos Nigeria

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  1. Very well written article except you forgot one thing. Wenger has almost single handidly paid off our new stadium. He has strengthened the club for the long term & will go down as a legend. No other Manager could of done what he did.

    1. And he did all that playing at Highbury with 37,000 seats.Fergi had 25 yrs of 63,000 home seats bought players of Million dollars to achieve his goal.
      Now Arsenal with 62,000 seats can compete with them all and no million dollar owners to boot. I think Wenger now will go in the books as equal to Shankley of Liverpool and Fergi of United as the greatest Managers in English soccer league history.

  2. Spot on Mate, People’ dont realise what Mr Wenger has achieved, Look at the likes of Leeds United, Portsmouth ( It was same rated team in Fifa 09 as Arsenal and look where they are now) Tottenham and liverpool are thinking of making new stadium for years and they are not able to do it, When people ask what has the old man given us in last ten years apart from sorrow and anguish , I would like them to point towards the stadium in which our beloved team plays and thousands of supporters watch the match.

    Now coming to Klopp the apple of eye of many Arsenal supporters one thing i want to say is he is a coward, He is leaving the sinking ship of BVB and people compare him to Mr Wenger who destroyed his reputation for a project he took to make Arsenal into one of the worlds top 5 club in term of revenue , Constantly under media scrutiny as well aass relentless abuse from his own supporters.

    I would like to say to my fellow gooners , Please cherish what you have and please dont compare Brock Lesanar(Mr Wenger) with Rey Mysterio(Kpp) and finally to sum up i am quoting a tweet from actual Football Pundit Gary Lineker (6th Nov 2013):

    I like Klopp, he’s very clever, but he’s no Wenger

    1. I agree with your input in general, except with Klopp being a coward. If he was a real coward he would’ve left after the sales of Gotze and Lewandowski. He realises the team isn’t evolving under his wings anymore and deciding to leave is a courageous move rather than cowardice imo

      1. So what does that say about klopps ability then? I think that it’s more of a reflection of klopps managerial skills which finally people are seeing that they aren’t as good as people make them out to be. Wenger gets the best out of his players and we were buying second rate players for years

    2. Don’t be too harsh on Klopp, he built his team, which took years – only for it to be torn apart. This Window the core of his side will most likely all be sold off. Why would he want to watch his project be destroyed like that as he watches his rivals get stronger every year. Only few coaches can do what Wenger has done and keep on going.

      1. 1 poor season and he jumps ship? You say his core will be sold but that’s been happening (was) to wenger for years and he kept us relevant in a much more competitive league. I’m not trying to be to hard on klopp the point I’m making is a lot of people on here are saying klopp is better than wenger and that we should replace wenger with klopp when I’m trying to show he’s not better

  3. Wenger may have not won that many trophies in recent years but it would be a big insult to wenger if someone says Klopp is a better manager than wenger.

    1. Unfortunately I’ve heard many Arsenal fan claim that, it really hurts when our own fan base doesn’t appreciate the job Wenger has done for the club…

  4. Gave Wenger some stick too, but we can all tell that he has changed his mentality for the better over the past year. We have won a trophy and beaten teams that embarrassed the hell outta us last season. Our form has massively improved this 2015 that our opponents can only whisper our names. So if we keep on improving, why change managers? Let’s keep this momentum going

  5. Great article formulated here for some time now. Facts are facts and even though a lot of us wants to have glory days, we cannot and should not forget what he has done with little or no money so why should we let him go now when he finally has some money to spend? Where is the respect for his loyalty? I say let him finish his contract and see what happens. I’d rather have him than fighting relegation with Klopp.

  6. the timing of klopp,s departure has got me asking questions about his loyalty,his mental strengh??just when the going gets tough,he,s having a bad season he is leaving!!he could have left dortmund in a better position than 10th!wenger will leave arsenal in a strong position and a very good squad to built on for the next manager!!IN WENGER WE TRUST!!

  7. I know one thing, next season is ours, everything is coming together finally, cant wait for chelsea match, it will be culmination of our good form, lets crush Mourinho and his small ego !!!

  8. seems everyone thinks klopp is bang average.
    taking a battering…i disagree with all of you.

    he was one goal away from winning champions league while spending very little money. won bundesliga titles over a near unbeatable bayern side.
    destroyed teams like real madrid 4-1 etc
    played top notch football, great tactician

    hes not arsene wenger, but u lot dont have a clue

    1. People seem to forget earlier this season Dortmund tore us apart in Germany and we were lucky to just escape with a 2-0 loss. We returned the favour later, but even last season we weren’t favourites, nor the best side in either leg.

      Klopp is a very good coach. But it’s testament to Wenger that even in 18 years, he’s never had a bad season. We always finish in the top 4. Finishing fourth may seem ‘bad’ to us, but where did we normally finish before Wenger? Around the top 10 really. Wenger seems to be a victim of his own success, that’s what everyone judges him on.

      But having said that, the question still remains: Wenger has been great in keeping us in the CL, but is he the man to achieve more than that with us now that we can compete again? Earlier in the season it didn’t seem that way. This half of the season it seems he could. To me he’s earned another chance for next season.

    2. @ muff

      No YOU don’t have a clue, so 2-3 years of being a good team makes him some world class manager? He was in a league where there was ONE competitor for the title, the players he recruited are excellent but you’d have to point to luck that they performed the way they did. Klopps team is 6 points above the relegation (play off) spot and you think he’s some amazing coach? He has ZERO ideas other than his pressing, teams are finding him out and this season reflects that he is not as flexible as people say. He’s had TWO top players leave and his club is in shambles, look at the players he brought in, they aren’t the same quality and that shows his eye for talent isn’t at the level people say it is. Or does it say more about his ability to manage his players? They are fighting relegation In a weakish league and they can’t find any form or rhythm that says a lot about klopp to me

  9. klopp flopped, the epl is tougher but wenger still made it through playing cheap n young players n still playing the ucl n helping us stand strong financially, you all know better that arsene knows best

  10. Klopp reminds me of Rodgers in a way. Really bad in the transfer.

    Yeah he lost two quality players but he replaced them with bang average players. He could have brought in better.

  11. There is something about human nature that makes us crave for something new even though it may not be as good as what we have only to regret afterwards. This is especially more common among people who are moved by emotions or people who are moved by mob psychology. Going back to the issue at hand, there is no way you can compare Jurgen Klopp with Arsene Wenger and I am sure Klopp himself knows that. Wenger has done for Arsenal what no other manager has ever done for a club. Let’s put this matter in perspective. After winning three premier league trophies and four FA cups was it his responsibility to put his reputation on the line by spearheading the building of a modern stadium for Arsenal? How many top clubs were vying for his services if he had chosen to leave Arsenal? What did he get in return for all this? Ridicule, abuse, scorn, insults, cynicism, sarcasm etc from both Arsenal fans and fans of other clubs alike! Yet inspite of all this Wenger stuck with Arsenal. How many ordinary mortals would have withstood such a situation and not walked away? Was it because Arsene Wenger could not get another lucrative job elsewhere? As pointed out above, the answer is an unequivocal no. What then kept him at Arsenal? There is only one answer to this: Love for Arsenal. Hence no true Gooner can ever doubt Wenger’s loyalty and love for Arsenal. It is only fair weather fans like Piers Morgan who don’t appreciate what Wenger has done for the club. If anybody deserves the term hero for Arsenal that person is none other than Wenger! Putting history aside let us examine what Wenger continues to do for Arsenal. He is in the process of rebuilding a very formidable footballing force that has won eight games in a row and still counting this season and no other team has done that. When you look at our team from goal to the strikers you can’t help to marvel at Wenger’s genius! The team simply oozes of class! Take the trio of Mertesacker, Koscielny and Gabriel. What of Monreal and Gibbs, Debuchy, Chambers and Bellerin? Then look at Coquelin, Arteta, Flamini, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla and Rosicky? That is not to talk of Sanchez, Walcott, Ozil, Welbeck and Giroud! What of Ospina, Szeczeny and martinez? This by the way does not include the talented payers like Gnabry, Sanogo, Joel Campbell, Zelalem, Akpom and others. How then can any true Gunner fail to appreciate Arsene Wenger and his work? I think only self-styled supporter Piers Morgan can fail to appreciate all this.

  12. I can proudly say dat I always supported arsene Wenger. I did criticise his tactics and late substitutions at times but I never wished for him to leave d club.

  13. Wenger is currently a better coach than Klopp in the same way Messi is a better attacker than Neymar: He has lots of experience and routine. Sign a precontract with Klopp, making him Arsene’s successor when his contract expires. seeing how it expires in the end of next (++) season, Klopp will have lots of time to study both Arsenal and the other teams in the league, as well as he may have some influence on who to buy before he takes over the reins.

  14. F**king Dortmund! They asked Klopp to quietly resign than risk an embarrassing sack! Appreciation for all he’s done for them. That’s the real gist.

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