Jurgen Klopp is simply disrespecting English Football

I feel this topic involves everyone who loves football, especially those with an affinity towards the FA Cup.
I have a lot of respect for Jurgen Klopp, I feel Liverpool’s title win will have a lot to do with his man management.

Yet, just because I like him, it doesn’t mean I have to agree with all of his opinions, and I feel he has gone too far in disrespecting one of the English game’s greatest traditions.

Klopp is not the only coach vocal about how players play too much. The problem is with Liverpool being top of the Prem, my worry is the media, other managers and even fans will follow this trend.

Football goes in cycles.

When Spain had success, everyone was suddenly trusting smaller built talent ahead of the old-fashioned striker.

Then when Germany won the World Cup, everyone needed a sweeper keeper like Neuer.

Man City buy Ederson, now everyone insists on their keeper being good with their feet.

My concern is that because the title will be won by such a margin other sides will follow.

The reality is they don’t have a 16-point gap over Man City based on playing the kids in the League Cup, nor will they have any better advantage by fielding the reserves against Shrewsbury.

And why he can’t be in the dugout is simply a man thinking he’s bigger than a competition that’s lasted 149 years so far.

The danger is this sets a precedent.

This time next year you could actually have bosses picking and choosing if a fixture is worth their time, depending on I guess if EastEnders is on?

I’ll remind you these men are paid thousands pounds a week to show up.

You know like the majority of working men and women have to show up for their jobs or don’t get paid.

If Klopp can’t be bothered to be at Anfield that night, at least don’t have the nerve to.collect your salary that week.

A manager staying away from a Cup tie will damage this tournaments credibility more than any low attendance, kick off time, weak squads, etc.

It’s why we as fans need to say enough and not let people who clearly don’t care about the cup try to damage its image.

I grew up watching Man United win a treble, City a treble, Arsenal and Chelsea won doubles.

Liverpool themselves both won the Champions League and took a title race to its final day.

So, there is zero proof that doing well in one competition will cost you in another.

If anything, there is evidence to suggest winning breeds winning.

Can you imagine a Sir Alex Ferguson or Pep Guardiola telling his men to settle for one trophy? They have the desire to win as much silverware as possible.

Maybe if the prize money was greater suddenly some of these coaches would care?

It’s sad that one of the biggest clubs in the world will essentially forfeit winning cups but won’t think twice about playing in America and Asia for pre-season.

In the last few years, we have scrapped extra time in the League Cup, stopped replays after a certain round in the FA Cup and now we have a winter break.

Now because the game has given in, people want to take more.

We have to say enough is enough…..

Dan Smith


  1. In my opinion Klopp is the best manager in the FA. Better than Arteta, Guardiola, Mick McCarthy and Jose Mourinho

    What he’s done with Liverpool is highly commendable

    1. That’s right mate and he is not only one to point out this replay dumb rule!

      They then must replay while everyone is on a break?

  2. I’m a Liverpool fan, so feel free to view this as biased drivel… but the stick Klopp is getting for this really winds me up. He’s not disrespecting the cup (although I certainly can’t claim it’s his favourite competition) or English football, it’s him showing respect to the players as human beings. He’s always argued that the players need a break, as has Pep, and pretty much every top class manager in the game, and he’s seen this as an opportunity to make a stand and get the powers that be to take it seriously. On one hand the clubs have been told by the premier league that they’ll have a two week break and not to organise any matches in it, friendly or otherwise, and on the other you’ve got the fa saying “have this match during that break you’re supposed to have”. Liverpool have already told the players they’ve got 2 weeks to spend some time with their families, what right do they have to tear that up? It’s the powers that be who have fluffed this up, not Klopp. He’s just pointing it out so that they do it properly next time.

    I’d much rather Liverpool win the FA Cup than don’t, but I’ll back Klopp’s play on this one.

      1. How do you explain opposing a fair point? Even I don’t understand how Klopp is “disrespecting” English Football when this same guy has won 23 out of 24 matches in the league, losing just one match out of the last 62 matches (fathom that) and is in the process making Liverpool an unbeatable club not just in the league but across Europe.

        1. I wrote later on that I feel he is definitely disrespecting his opponents. I don’t give two bob how many matches they have won. It isn’t relevant. He is an amazing manager and Liverpool will be worthy winners but his opposing manager at Shrewsbury may have expected Klopp to turn up.

        2. Napoli, so that is that one sorted. If a manager not turning up for a FA Cup match at his OWN stadium is not disrespecting English football then I do not know what is. Having a great team is no excuse for this sort of behaviour.

        3. It’s a tricky subject, I am 50/50 on this due to the fact that the fa cup has lost its value over the years like the carling cup. As a arsenal fan we have won allot of fa cups and This year we be lucky to get in the top 6 but what Klopp has done with Liverpool is remarkable and really want them to win the league they deserve it after all the times they got soo close and lost it by losing or collapsing at the end of the season. So him focusing everything on the league I can understand his mind set And seeing we’re not going to win it as a football fan I just want Klopp to win the league. Ahead of man city,

    1. I totally agree with your excellent post @Frustrated Red, the article writer seems to have conveniently ignored the reason Klopp is refusing to use his first team in this cup match. The Premier League agreed the winter break which Klopp petitioned for originally only for the FA to disrespect the decision and allow replays in the break period. Man U pulled out of the FA Cup competition completely in the past to play in the World Club Championship which was controversial but it’s the FA who should be criticised and not Liverpool. Did the writer lambast Wenger when he “disrespected” the League Cup when he played the kids continually in that competition?
      Anyway, Liverpool reserves or youth team will win the replay easily and good luck to them!

      1. Hi GB
        I honestly think that Klopp is entitled to field whichever players he chooses for the replay but the replays were agreed in advance to be played during this break. Perhaps he should have played a stronger team in the first place and won the game then.

        I couldn’t agree with you more that ManU pulling out of the FA Cup was a poor decision.

        Wenger did play the second team frequently in the League Cup but I don’t recall seeing Pat Rice on the touch line instead of him. That is my point. It is about him being there as the boss of the playing side of Liverpool.

        I admire what Klopp has achieved at Liverpool, how could anyone not do so, but I do believe he should as head of football coaching be there to support the next generation

      2. Absolutely no excuse for Klopp missing the game. That is pure arrogance and not welcome in our game.

        1. But it’s not arrogance. He’s making a point, one that he’s publicly explained. The reason for him being there have nothing to do with thinking he’s better than anything, bit because he believes the system needs changing.

      3. No disrespect i think more managers should do it for the fans its soccer 24/7 but what about the players, some fans and administrators have no idea how much it takes from the body to prepare and play one game a week. When you arrive at week 20 believe me your body feels it.

    2. Liverpool are still entering a team for the competition. Has everybody forgotten when Man Utd pulled out of the FA Cup completely to play in the World Club Cup hence disrespecting the FA Cup. Now that set a precedent but no one mentions that. When Liverpool played in the same competition, they still fielded a team in the League Cup against Villa.

      1. At least be factual. Man Utd was ordered out of the FA Cup to support the England world cup bid, this has been documented many times and Sir Alex has publicly said many times he disagreed with that decision and wished the club had not agreed to it. However, even if what you said was correct, so what, two wrongs do not make a right.

    3. Great to have fans of other clubs on the site. Hope you keep reading and commenting.

      I’m with you on this one. It’s a protest, and one that is sorely needed. Players are asked to constantly put their bodies on the line in order to generate incomes for the FA and TV outlets. I’m very surprised the working class fans don’t sympathise with the cause Klopp’s furthering.

      1. I reckon most working-class fans find it nauseating that people that earn literally millions moan about a rest.

    4. Or wot a shame get a life non league players av jobs and still play football so called top players got the best of everything and still can’t play twice a week they do about 30 hrs a week wot a crying shame

        1. +1 the current pampered so called professionals, wouldn’t last 5 minutes if they still had to work “down pit”, as well as play football.

  3. You wont catch me slagging the great Jurgan Klopp off. He can put out any team he likes as far as im concerned. Im sure the Shrew will want him to play the under 12s against them in the replay. They wont mind winning against whoever, they will have beaten the mighty Liverpool if they win and Liverpool lost to a minnow. NO problem here with klopp.

  4. His point is very valid given the situation Liverpool are in and the financial incentives and club ambition to win the league. You can’t have every club getting a winter break apart from a couple. Especially the leading team, imagine if they get two injuries in this game and go on loosing from it The fixtures should be arranged for after the winter break. This isn’t ordinary circumstances and whoever decided it would be a good idea to play these games in a winter break is daft.

    1. Tojo
      Respecting the winter break for the 1st team is one thing
      He can field other players lower down the squad
      The point is that he doesn’t intend to be at the match, instead preferring to let his U23 coach manage the team on the night
      He is the leader- the head man and remunerated highly so he should respect his opponents and be there in my opinion. But we are all free to share different opinions

  5. I actually agree with the article regardless of how amazing a manager Klopp is
    Fielding the U12’s is his choice, or the U23’s or the 1st eleven. I do feel that he is disrespecting the competition by doing a no show. I wonder if the replay was against us or Wolves as examples he’d have allowed the team a free pass? Lowly Shrewsbury who they expect to beat can make do.
    Sorry, I would think less of Arteta if he did the same. Replays in this winter break were agreed in advance

    1. And I would add if Klopp has put out his best team in the first place they would probably have beaten Shrewsbury without going to a replay and this question wouldn’t have arisen

      1. Probably yes but probably not as well. What if he is fielding his under 23 and allowing the under 23 coach to run the show who is more familiar with the under 23 team? Wouldn’t that then be a masterstroke?

        1. It could be a masterstroke. I have no idea if the under 23 coach has high level managerial skills. I only got annoyed with Klopp’s stance because of his position within the club and what impression it gives to the young players who could have benefited from his wisdom

  6. Lets just go back to the week of the world club competition. How on earth was Liverpool supposed to play in that one day and the day before play an cup game here the day before. A manager has to prioritise and rotate squad to suit the competition. Tell me a club that doesn’t, it isnt only Klopp, short memories, we do it at our club.

  7. I have rarely heard any attempt more ridiculous to berate the most successful manager by far right now, world wide and the pathetic stance of this article is a sick joke. No serious football fan takes this sort of nonsense seriously. I certainly do not! It is none of our business how Klopp manages Liverpool and he is not doing too badly right now. IS HE! Get real Dan Smith and write something worthy, rather than this trash!

    The deluge of ctiricism of the highly unpopular Klopp by Liverpool fans who can’t wait to get him out of their club and get a successful manager instead, who will care nothing for his players, is deafening! NOT!!!!!!

    1. Trash? just because you do not rate this article Jon does not mean it is trash and I for one support Dan’s viewpoint and the decision taken to allow this article on this site because it is relevant to all football fans. We whine and cry at how our domestic competitions are being devalued and then some of you take exception to an article that rightfully calls out a manager with a gross disrespect for literally the oldest cup competition in the history of the game. Get some perspective man.

    2. I seem to be the only person posting here who agrees with the article.
      You frequently put your opinions across in a strong fashion and I have done so too rather vehemently for me, tonight.

      I don’t give a fig how Klopp manages his team, but to me that is entirely different to not turning up to manage whichever 11 players he wants to put out. He is the Liverpool manager, not his U23 coach who he is delegating the role to. That is my only criticism of him. He would be even greater in my opinion if he was at Anfield at the replay.

        1. Admin Martin,
          I think we both have been pretty verbal!!
          I am just glad that I haven’t been entirely on my own out there. I am usually so middle of the road, but it all just got to me. Sue also agrees with Dan – so a bit more support then.

            1. When would that be Reggie? If any of our managers never turned up for a home game in one of our major competitions I would condemn him as well.

          1. Sorry, im on about a weakened team and not turning up to game. Wasn’t it supposed to be a mid season break at the time we are on about, aren’t we supposed to be in Dubai sunning it that week.

    3. Just because he’s doing amazing does not mean he’s immune from criticism
      Other managers have managed to win Prem and try and win cup
      You havn’t given a counter view on why or how Klopp taking the night off helps him win the Prem
      i like to have a debate but once a person resorts to being personal they lose the argument
      My article is not trash , pathetic or a sick joke just because its a different opinion

  8. I fully support Klopp – he’s showing the FA the middle finger for all the reasons mentioned, and he should be applauded for it, rather than castigated. Disrespect my foot, why are we so sensitive? 130 year old traditions, blah, blah, blah…. Meanwhile the FA can just carry on regardless? He has his whole club and the players behind him. The establishment should come in line, not Klppp.

  9. I totally agree, Dan. A few years ago he’d have given anything to have won this cup! How times change….
    I’ll be rooting for Shrewsbury!!

  10. I agree with the Article in most aspects.
    Klopp notoriously hardly rotates his starting eleven for EPL games. So the likes of Adam Lallana, Joel Matip, Shakiri, Minamino, Origi, Keita and Dejan Lovren should be shoo-in to start the replay as they have hardly played and don’t need testing during the winter break.
    Those saying he is prioritizing the EPL trophy are wide off the mark. He is already 16 points clear at the top and is not in danger of dropping out of the top 4 regardless of how bad his team injuries get.
    To me, the main disrespect is not the act fielding none of his 23 man squad, it’s not showing up at all and also talking about it in advance to the press is pure arrogance.
    When asked about it, he could have easily said “my Liverpool team will take the field against Shrewsbury at Anfield, you’ll get the team list a few hours to the match”
    No attention seeking drama.

    1. He has a right to be arrogant – leading the EPL by 19 points! How arrogant would we be? Let’s not make a huge thing of this and blow it out of all proportion. The FA scheduled a winter break and now they put a fixture into it. Cheers to Klopp for sticking it to them, whether he announced it in advance or not, makes no difference.

  11. If he wants feature his u10 or U5 for the match, that’s not my pigeon. It is not as much disrespect as he himself failing to turn up for the match. The only reason not to make an appearance is when he is actually banned for the match, and in this case he should be fined the equivalent of a match ban if fails to be there (as simple as that).

  12. I am shocked that so many people cannot read an article properly. The point isn’t about resting his players in Fa cup ties which has been done for years, it’s that he as a coach cannot be bothered to show up to an fa cup game being played at home.

    Klopp is charismatic and likable but he also displays arrogance and throw tamper tantrums whining when he doesn’t get what he wants.

  13. Sorry SAGooner
    I don’t think arrogance is a particular virtue I admire.
    At last others in this site have posted that the fielding of the reserves is NOT the issue at all. It’s that as the manager he has decided HE won’t be there which shows that he dissing his opposite number at Shrewsbury and the competition

    1. 👍 It will be a Liverpool FC representative team, whoever plays in it and regardless of the manager.

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