Just £25m for Arsenal’s perfect DM? Go for it Wenger!

In the last few transfer windows Arsenal fans have clamoured for Wenger to go out and buy a beast of a defensive midfielder, but there didn’t seem to be any suitable ones available (Well, not according to Wenger anyway!)

But this summer there looks to be LOTS available, and the one that looks perfect to Arsenal fans (and hopefully Arsene as well) is Monaco’s Geoffrey Kondogbia, who was extremely impressive (and scored) as his team knocked Arsenal out of the Champions League.

The reason he is even more perfect than other possible targets is because he is big (6ft 2″), he is strong, he is young (just turned 22), he is FRENCH, and he even has lots of experience despite his tender years. He has played for his country at every level from the U16 upwards, including three games for the senior French side, and has even spent a year in La Liga with Sevilla. And the final reason that Wenger is likely to go for him is because Monaco are only asking for £25million to buy out his contract!

It was reported yesterday that Inter Milan had offered around £18m for Frenchman, but today the Mirror, amongst others, reckon that Arsenal is now ready to offer the full asking price for the talented youngster, and this could prove to be an excellent investment if he continues his improvement under Wenger’s tutelage at the Emirates.

I don’t need to ask if the readers are keen for Arsenal to sign him, as I am pretty sure all of us do, so I am just going to urge Wenger to go and get him NOW!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Would like to have him if we miss out on Morgan Schneiderlin. He needs to work on his handling speed and passing skills but he has a very good basis to become a Vieira like player for Arsenal.

    1. I think 25 million is a bit much though, Monaco signed him for about 12 and yes they probably make profit on him but the prices they’re ‘requiring’ (rumors) is a bit high in my opinion.

        1. You’re right, I got the theoretic market value and transfer fee mixed up but is he really worth 25 million pounds? It’s quite of a gamble with a fee like that but I won’t complain at all if Arsenal pulled it off.

          1. who cares if he is worth 25 mill or not sometimes we have to overpay for players my tickets shouldnt be the highest price in europe but i still overpay so why cant my club

        2. @ Charlie

          It was for ALOT less than €25m, Sevilla wanted him to sign a new contract after the year he had because he had so much talent and a lot of teams were interested. I think Monaco paid like £13m for him

  2. vidal, chris kramer, schneiderlin, wanyama, guilavogui, gonalons, krychoviak…get it done! not as illusive as a striker or winger

    1. Gonalons no, guilavogui no, Vidal is a b2b, don’t think Leverkusen will sell Kramer, so it’s not that easy!

  3. 2 or 3 seasons ago he was made available for 5 mill but yeah would be a great addition to the squad. So no Arturo Vidal then?! lol

  4. Gunners, whom do you trust the most for real transfer news, before its officially announced…..?

    1. BBC and Sky Sports, cant remember your mans name on BBC but they say hes usually accurate. Dont know what to make of this secret footballer fella, he probly isnt even an ex baller lol that sounded weird. Metro Sun Mirror just keep them coming and sometimes out of the 50 rumours they dont even get one right.

  5. Arsenal to sign kondogbia, benzema or lacazette and hugo lloris, yeah make fun of arsenal for signing french players now b***h!

  6. I personally would love us to get kondogbia! He would be a welcome signing for me, but the 25m asking price is a bit high! 12m -15m would be more suitable!

    1. 25m is alot, but we have money to splash and a need for a CDM. I can see Wenger being greedy/wise and spend money on someone not quite as promising as Kondogbia, but still someone providing great value for the money spent.

  7. How about just for once buy someone like him to battle with F C and get world class DM end of. We have the money. Could have made a big statement with James Milner but yet again that one has gone. Bad when a player like him picks Liverpool over us

    1. Not sure how much of a statement getting Milne would be, he’s hardly world class, and wouldnt get close to our starting 11.
      Also Liverpool have given him 150k per week, that would make him arsenals highest paid player.
      You really think we should have signed him when he commands higher wages than ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey and cazorla??


  8. Would love Kondogbia, but if the Vidal rumors are true and if he is going for 25million, thats the same price as Kondogbia! Who would you pick?

    Kondogbia is the true Defensive guy we need. Big, Tall, Strong, great tackler, played very well against us! Many years a head of him to become even better.

    Vidal is a world class midfilder who could also do a decent job playing a bit more defensively if needed. Very high work rate and never gives up. Also great in a tackle and better going forward than Kondogbia.

    I would be VERY happy with either, Very tough choices to make, if rumors and prices are true! My own opinion would be go for Vidal. What do others think?

    1. Kondogbia,hes younger and hes what we need a DM,Vidal is a great player but hes an attacking midfielder

  9. Stats are the best way to assess a player’s quality and according to research the only DM with better stats than Le Coq in Europe is Grzegorz Krychowiak.

    I hear people always saying we need to add quality and not just numbers to our squad,picking anyone below Le Coq standards would just be simply adding numbers.

    Yes ii agree the thought of Kondogbia,Vidal,Schneirdelin etc is great but what Arsenal need is a true out and out disciplined DM who can sit in that hole and destroy any potential attack…Cazorla,Ramsey,Wilshere,Arteta and even Ox when need can play that CM role…

    This guy has shown that he’s better than our own DM so why would anyone want to spend 25million on a player like Kiondogbia or Schneirdelin so that they can be on the bench…i would rather spend it on a player who is a starter and have someone like Le Coq rotating with him.

    This is how you improve a squad,you add BETTER players in positions that are in NEED…

    We don’t need another Welbeck type signing.

    1. lol.you seem to think stats are the only way to judge players,stats are often very deceiving,

  10. I can see some fans complaining about losing James Milna, Yes he is a good player but realistically Liverpool is d only team he is assured of a starting role, which is d only reason he is leaving City. He is not exactly the type of player we are lacking. So I really care less about him going to Liverpool.

    1. For all of the fans complaining….Who would Milner start over? I just don’t see him getting on the field as much as he’d like if he signed with us.

  11. kondogbia would be a massive signing for us no doubt.as for those saying milner chose liverpool over us,he just looked at all our midfielders and realised he will find it incredibly hard to find a starting spot consistently unlike lfc.imagine benching ozil, rambo,cazorla,or le coq….just to field milner…then i remember alexis chose us and forget about milner the whole day.

  12. Do you remember when people were laughing at us and making fun of us for signing French players

    Koscielny, Giroud, Coquelin, Debuchy are some of our best players.

    Kondogbia, lacazette, Benzema, Lloris are all top quality too.

    We could get a DM and top striker for as little as £30million total. ie. Kondogbia and Jackson Martinez. These two are worth £50 million total. By selling Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo we will get approx £20 million or more back. Also releasing Flamini and loaning Akpom, Gnabry, Hayden, Zelalem and maybe Jenkison and Bielik would help with salaries.

    So it’s up to Wenger. Getting two more top players is definitely achievable and make us tittie contenders

  13. just imagine a midfield 3 pairing of le coq and big kondogbia + ramsey it would be the most secure(could free up wilshere to play further up the park with ozil) powerful midfield pairing in europe, for years to come ala vieira and petit, we would be unstoppable in the middle that would be a pair to fight any other in the league.
    ramsey le coq kondogbia
    ozil sanchez

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