Just another day at the office for Arsenal’s kids as they brush Newcastle aside

The three points were never in doubt! by Shenel

Going into the game on paper it was a game that we were expected to win!

Yet of course you cannot blame any Arsenal fan for feeling nervous beforehand at what the result may be.

Our team although being on a good run before the Liverpool game, can at times be unpredictable. Yet more often than not, and more so recently, they come through with the results, so far so good on that front!

We started well and had many chances, controlling the ball well in all areas, but at one point you did think it wasn’t going to be our day with the collective misses and saves.

And so it was 0-0 at half time, but out we came and we took 11 minutes to break the deadlock in the second half, with a sublime goal for Bukayo Saka.

He unfortunately had to come off injured less than eight minutes later where we hope it isn’t serious, and on came Gabriel Martinelli, who finally was given a chance to shine, and he didn’t disappoint.

It took him only two minutes and with his second touch, controlled the ball well to lightly volley the ball over Dubravka and in to the far corner for 2-0.

Newcastle had their keeper to thank for keeping it at 2-0 with the key saves he made. Similarly we also had Aaron Ramsdale to thank for the clean sheet thanks to some key saves he too made.

All in all it was just another day at the office, with a deserved win.

But let’s not forget we face an even tougher test on Thursday when we face Manchester United. And the only big team, if you can call them that, we have beaten so far this season, is Spurs.

United are at rock bottom and Arsenal will be looking to build another good run, but let’s not underestimate the game or the opponent as both teams will be needing three points for very different reasons!


Shenel Osman


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  1. Good win, nice finishes by Saka and Martinelli. Maybe it could of been 3 or 4..

    But some rythrem to our club now though the real test is going to be 0ver the festive period when squad rotation will be needed and injuries could occur too..

    Need to get some consistency from more players outside the first 11. It was why I would highlight the play by Gabi today. Movement…etc..

    Soon xhaka should be back, even Holding and Co might need to step up…

    So far so good on the hunt…

    Big one next week…

  2. I noticed only 4 teams (1st – 4th) has a positive goal difference.
    Our next 6games till January are games we should get results from, if by end of December we are still within top 6, then I’ll start believing things have really change.
    ATM, kudos to the team, hopefully Saka injury isn’t too serious, he needs rest though,

  3. Kids = A child or young person
    Yes we have a young squad but we also have very experienced players and players who have been playing internationally for a while .
    I don’t get this thing with the young wording we keep hearing “we have the youngest manager ,we have the youngest squad”,if they are good enough they are old enough .
    Definitely not kids though !

    1. Sorry Mr pedantic. Next time I’ll write “Arsenal’s youngest squad in the league” brushed Newcastle aside. Okay?

        1. Actually James you just answered your own question because I had already mentioned that anyway in said post above 👆
          Good one though LOL ..

      1. What some call being pedantic, others call the complete truth!

        Guess you have never thought of it that way, eh PAT?

        Words have precise meanings for a very good reason ; so that we can properly understand each other and not be misrepresented by those who use words incorrectly.

        Unusually therefore, I am completely at one with Dan kit on this topic.

  4. I’m just worried about the threats of Sancho because of tricks/ pace and Maguire because he’s scored many goals from set-pieces. And maybe Rashford if he is fully fit

  5. Auba should be benched .. give Laca and Matrinilli more time .. Ode didn’t do much today I would rather be playing Pepe next game!

    Dale !!!!! Thanks a lot!

    MA thanks for taking the team from 4-0 loss to win and keep us close to the top 4!

    1. Credit to the manager and players for the win, but let’s be realistic, playing Liverpool at Anfield and Newcastle United at home are in totally different classes of competition.
      Odegaard should have put Arsenal one goal behind, due to his stupid foul unseen by the referee. Aubameyang needs some time on the sideline, to remember how to score goals.
      Hopefully we see marked improvement for the trip to Old Trafford. The defense is improving, not withstanding 0-4 at Anfield, now is the time for Odegaard and Partey to step up and Martinelli and Pepe to be given opportunities.

  6. I’d like to see 3 in the midfield against utd. Partey, Sambi, and AMN. If we go with 2 again we will get overrun like Liverpool did.

    Odegaard should be dropped for AMN in the midfield, otherwise I’d keep the same lineup, if Saka is healthy.

    If not Martinelli should start on the wing, and Auba subbed for Laca early in 2nd half if he does his ghost impression again.

  7. Two great goals, but Newcastle are as poor as it gets. Odegaard could easily have given a penalty away for pulling and grabbing….. and how we did not get a penalty for the GBH on Martinelli, shows VAR is asleep.

  8. Another excellent win, we control the game from start to finish. Tavares is excellent, ode/ Auba were poor.
    Against MU better to start laca and GM
    With lots of games coming up, KT will get game time.

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