Just Arsenal Show Video – Alfie and Rob discuss Nketiah and Elneny’s new contracts

The Just Arsenal Show is back for the summer, with a collaboration between us and WeLoveYouArsenal, fronted by Alfie Culshaw and his good friend Rob.

Today’s video is a discussion on the merits or otherwise of our two newest contract extensions involving Eddie Nketiah and Mo Elneny, and what this means for Arsenal’s upcoming transfer window, and how it will affect Arteta and Edu’s transfer dealings this summer, and the long term effects on our success in the 2022/23 EPL Season.


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  1. Great to see this JA channel.
    Not sure I’m happy with Nketiah being given a long expensive contract, smells of ‘Willian’. Nketiah is not good enough so it’s worrying. Looking forwards for new episodes/discussions. There is no room for negligent management…..like Edu/Arteta not buying in January. What a massive mistake that definitely cost us Champions League qualification to the Spuds….not nice.
    I will be watching regularly.

    1. Eddie’s new contract bears absolutely no resemblance to Willian what so ever. Really don’t get that comparison.

      1. a player that is not good enough earning stupid wages. Only Eddie will be seeing out his whole contract for sure. Daylight robbery, and I don’t blame him. Just our negotiators and the man who begged him to stay.

        1. I will be putting some of their videos on over the summer as well. (Including one on Jesus that I posted yesterday)
          Alfie is a fanatic and an encyclopedia when it comes to Arsenal, so I know that him and Rob are worth listening to for their insights into the club.

  2. Arteta and Edu are Right to give those guys Contract extension because we All Saw what They did in The last eight Matches of the Season! 🙂 we Love them cos #_Arsenal Is Home! 🙁

  3. Hmmmm was always told if you’ve nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all..

    I don’t always subscribe to this but on this instance here are my thoughts on these two contracts:

  4. No problem with elneny as a bench option and fill in for some Thursday night games .. but nketiah talk an early sign of lack of club ambition … no one has come in for him even though he could be taken for nothing which is telling .. palace talk has died down because their focus is on Gallagher who is a patently higher level of class … we will be stuck with a championship level player with limited energy and on stupid wages … the talk of improvement was on show where exactly against Leeds Spurs and Newcastle? … we need two quality goal scoring options this window to stand any chance of retaining 5th place let alone moving ahead .. this guy can’t seriously be considered one of them worrying early signs for me …

  5. The Nketiah contract is a big disappointment for me. A championship player on stupid wages, I’m sure that will be just great in the locker room.

    So we cleared wages in January for this? Wow, now this contract is how you s%@t the bed!

    Stakes of mediocrity and lacking of ambition. Nketiah has a good run but 3 years of trash, so he gets 100k?

    If I’m Saka I’m thinking 180k or 200k a week. He’s vastly more talented, higher ceiling, and so much of team’s attack depends or goes through Saka.

    1. Unfortunately Durand the club seem to just give out contracts for the hell of it ,you used to have to earn your contact now it seems rewarding failure is the way forward ,you only have to look at the new contact for Arteta 8.8 million a year (lol).
      And we wonder why we have fallen so far behind .

      I’m with you on Eddie ,a player we have been trying to shift for 2 years now we just give him 100 k a week .

    2. Durand, I also thought Nketiah was a championship player until a couple of months ago. Things look very different now!

      Look at his stats for Arsenal this season: 10 goals scored in 1,300 min played. Not bad for a 22 year old with room for further development.

      Yes the wages are high but so is the transfer value of any goal scoring English player.

  6. If Wenger is accused of rewarding failure, the current management has taken it to another new level. I still can’t believe what is going on. If Nketiah fails that is another player who is going to be paid to leave the club.

    On your face Jonbo. Apologize to the great Arsene if this is what you are tirelessly defending because it makes Wenger flaws look like a child’s play comparing to this.

  7. It’s a ridiculously awful decision. Not only are we overpaying, we are throwing our wage structure down the gutters AGAIN. How much do you think Saka is gonna want for his next contract after a guy who plays 4 good games gets 100k? Martinelli? The players who ACTUALLY carry the squad now have so much ammunition to demand so much more because Arsenal begged for a mid-table striker to stay at the club. This club is so poorly run and consistently makes awful decisions. I know im being pessimistic, but Arsenal, give me a reason to be optimistic for once maybe?!?

  8. In the nothing good to say box. Don’t really care who Arteta and co brings in, it’s their team and we fans have to suffer because of their boring non vision. Whatever,no more excuses. Fifth will not be good enough next season. In fact nothing but a serious title challenge would do.

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