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Just Arsenal wishes you all Emery Christmas !

Arsenal fans should be feeling a lot more positive than usual at this time of the year. This is our first one without Arsene Wenger for many a year and I really hope all our readers from all over the world have EMERY CHRISTMAS, whatever nationality, race or religion you are, we are all Arsenal fans at the end of the day.

And I am sure Santa will be giving us lots of presents today and (hopefully) in the January transfer window. After all, he does wear Red & White! I am off to a local eating house fora massive dinner and lots of Christmas spirit lol, but before I go I would just like to give thanks to all of our readers and occasional contributors for making Just Arsenal one of the liveliest and most interesting Arsenal blogs in the world.

Keep smiling and keep safe!

From Admin, Sam P, Pat J, Darren N

20 thoughts on “Just Arsenal wishes you all Emery Christmas !

    1. ross gwilym

      Merry Christmas to all you GOONERS out there… Looking very promising for the new year and the rest of the season.. Be safe all….

  1. Th14

    Merry Christmas Just Arsenal fam. Wishing you all a blessed, abundant, peaceful Christmas celebration and off course 3 points tomorrow. Have fun and stay safe.

    From Th14, Iwobi

  2. Eddie Hoyte

    Merry Christmas FAM!! Wishing us all a lovely and peaceful celebration… From your boy Eddie Hoyte😊😊

  3. Zamar

    To my beautiful fellow gunners all over the globe, i wish you all a very Emerry Xmas. Stay safe. With love from Nigeria.😎

  4. Akinlatun Oladimeji

    There is something about Arsenal and the manager’s name. Before now we had Arsene (Arsenal). Now we have Emery (Emirates). Let’s hope for a more trophy laden 2019

  5. jon fox

    Nice one Admin and team. I esp like the use of “whatever nationality, race or religion” and know that one day in the future, hopefully not too far away, the common use of “whatever race, religion or nationality” will be accepted as being something completely in the past and no longer relevant to any HUMANS in our one and only race; the human race. I always find the quaint use of “mixed race ” distinctly old fashioned, even though I USE THE TERM , WRONGLY, MYSELF FROM TIME TO TIME. Clearly people are not talking of a half human and half camel or half alien. No, they/we are referring to a fully human person, as we all know. So HOW can a human without any camel/ alien / giraffe/ horse, etc. etc. in their DNA, possibly be “mixed race”? Actually, of course that statement is not strictly true , as we DO share DNA with other races of animals but you take my point I am sure. Worth remembering wouldn’t you say! Even relative “dinosaurs” like me are fast evolving and glad to be doing so. Despite Brexit/ Trump/wars/ tribalism,even football tribalism, our race is getting nicer, though you may not believe that if you look no further than the news media. Behind the immediate and daily news, the real and less “newsworthy” news is that our race is fast coming closer together. Rejoice! Happy New Year everyone!

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