Just how important is Aubameyang to Arsenal?

Just how important is Aubameyang? by ThirdManJW

Congratulations to Aubameyang who has just reached 50 premier league goals in record time for an Arsenal player, getting there before the likes of Henry and Wright. A feat even more remarkable when one
considers how bad an Arsenal team he’s been playing in, and he rarely even gets to play up front!

In total, it’s now 63 goals in 101 games for Arsenal, and barely playing as a striker. Even if he stays with us, it’s a shame he isn’t a little younger, because he would really be pushing Wright’s and Henry’s records. He’s that good! Baffling how this guy cannot get a game up front in a terrible team, but luckily, he’s still doing the business for us.

In my opinion, I pray he stays, because he’s our only genuine world class player. Just his presence gives everyone a lift, and it’s priceless, having a striker so deadly and calm in front of goal. The club failed Sanchez, and so far, we have failed Aubameyang, so I wouldn’t begrudge him a move. We can only hope Arsenal FINALLY start building a team around one of our world class players (our only one in this case), instead of surrounding our talent with dross, like we usually do! Some may say age isn’t on his side, but look how fit, and quick he still is. I don’t see why we couldn’t get at least another few high-quality seasons out of him. Especially if played as a striker, so he didn’t have to keep tracking back.

Love this guy! Whatever happens during the summer, I won’t have a bad word to say about him. He’s been outstanding for us!



  1. How many worldclass strikers are there in EPL? Okey, both goals yesterday was gifts from poor Norwich, but 51 goals in 79 matches is even better than icon Thierry Henry – and much better than my favorite, RvP. Noone can replace Auba. Hopefully he can be persuaded to stay.

  2. Spot on article!

    Loosing Auba and not reaching European qualification would be a massive blow for us. We would loose what little shine we have left right now and I doubt we would see much interest in any decent players joining us! It would set us back years.

    Hopefully, he will commit and we can go on to win the FA cup. Which is probably out most realistic chance of European football next season?

  3. Arteta. And the board. The latter would have to be brain dead not to see that we must do everything we can to keep Auba.
    If he wants a payrise, then pay him. We’d be looking at £100million to replace him. So get on and do the business!

    1. You have started again? Just like you suggested we give Ozil any amount he wants, how much of a help it is

  4. I feel like with auba it will be down to money. Money that we should pay. Yes again the club will be I a similar position to what were were with ozil. Risking that player not being motivated once they get big wages.

    I think we should give him huge goal bonuses. And garuntee him the playing time. Keep up what your doing and you get rewarded. In fact I think this is the way to go in the future. Had we put ozil on a structure like this for assists then we would be laughing as he wouldnt be getting money for no reason.

    2nd option I’d gladly swap auba for greizmen. Slightly different kind of player but can still do the business and in some ways provides more.

    Also I think we should pick up ryan fraser I think he would make a great CAM

    1. You cant talk of contract renewal as a kid play, am sure you don’t know as much as those negotiating at the club.
      Contract renewal isn’t all about finances, AUBA is at the critical stage of his career, he only has this opportunity to move to a bigger club that can allow him win big trophies in 2-3yrs, which is unlikely at arsenal.
      Arsenal is not going to win EPL or UCL in 2yrs time, arsenal can’t offer over 250,000/week wage for him, aside from loyalty, what do we have to offer him, considering that he is 31 and may not be active after 3yrs.?
      I dont doubt MA confidence but I feel odd is against the club in this negotiation, whereas I would be surprised and be happy for the club if he stays, at the same time I will be happy for him if he leaves z he deserves better and I hope we use the money from the sale to buy quality that will help in our rebuilding process.
      Personally I feel some of this players are bigger than the current arsenal and what we are trying to do, in a rebuilding process, we need to sell some big players on high wages to fund transfer of smart, not-too-cost players, Liverpool did it with Suarez, sterling, countinho, chelsea with Hazard

      1. What do you mean Aubameyang “deserves” better? Does that mean Arsenal does not deserve players of the calibre of Aubameyang? Did Liverpool deserve VVD, Sane, Alisson or Salah? Which strikers do we deserve at Arsenal then, Mkhitaryan?

        1. QD, our present team is under rebuilding, he as a 31yr old with such abilities deserves an established team already competing for honours, the likes of Juve, Barcelona, RMD, rather than us under rebuilding

    1. It’s because Wenger was in charge ,so any little made up story ,so he he can have alittle dig .
      I hope we won’t be where we are now with Ozil in a couple of years if the club pay him 300 k per week ,and then the same fans turn on him after they say pay him what he wants .

    2. @Grandad

      Along with Santi, Alexis was in a different league from the rest of our squad. Not just in regards to ability, but mentality as well.

      He was a winner, such a hard worker, world class talent, and at a great age when he joined us. We failed him in sense that we didn’t build a team around him. We kept our deadwood, we added more deadwood around him, we didn’t replace Wenger, and in end, Alexis wanted out because he was fed up with the direction of the club.

      @Dan kit

      Only a person lacking any real knowledge of the Ozil situation would have said what you just said. Everyone with half a brain cell knew that Ozil hadn’t even done enough for a new contract, let alone an insane pay raise! Auba is fully deserving of a massive contract! He’s clearly the best striker in the league, and one the best in Europe.

      No one knows what the future holds, and Auba, just like any one else, will rightly get criticism if he flops, but no one would deny that he didn’t deserve a huge contract extension. Unless you think his goal tally from out of position, in a rubbish team, under 4 different Arsenal managers is not good enough?

      1. Anyone with half a brain cell would have read my post and not jumped to the conclusions you just did ,I didn’t say anywhere he deserved it .

        1. I only said that based on about 99% of what you usually post. Which is opinion based and not factual.

          1. Haha, when do you ever bring facts to the table? All you do is attack others comments because they don’t agree with you. E.g. Wenger 14 years without winning or challenging for a league, and 9 years straight without a title is a fact! Obviously we still needed him though hahaha!

          2. Oh sorry Mr post the same thing day in day out ,if it’s not about Ozils wages or Arsene Wenger I would be disappointed.
            And again when did I say anything about Wenger ,again making stuff up per usual ,.

  5. I’ve been a big fan of arteta (In fact I was hoping for him when we hired emery) but one decision I am struggling with is the lack of time through the middle that auba is getting. Okay, if you need to make room for an In form laca, I get it. Laca is really poor right now and how does Eddie keep auba out of the middle?? Imagine the goals he’d have if he got all the tap ins laca has blown.. martinelli -auba – Pepe is an easy selection and for some reason, he has seldom picked it (if at all). As a lw, auba is great, as our cf, he’s probably irreplaceable

  6. Aubameyang is important but if he is not proud of wearing the badge, then crack the whip on him! Dump him before he dumps us and the club can hold it’s head high. Under no circumstance should we get entangled in another detrimental £300k+ long-term deal for a mercenary who is only here for the money.

  7. I think it’s time to knock on its head, the fallacy that Auba is wasted on the left wing, and would be far more productive through the middle.First of all,during his time at Dortmund I think you will find he was deployed more often wide than central.Like Henry his main asset is his pace, particularly over the first ten yards, and invariably be will find more space in wide positions when his immediate oponent, usually a RB has been caught upfield. Auba simply does not have the technique, close control , and the ability to hold up play to link with his team mates with his back to the opposition.He is one of the best I have ever seen in running the left channel, from out to in, and long may be continue to do so for Arsenal.He is not, and never has been a conventional centre forward.

    1. There’s a big difference between drifting out onto a wing from a central position to make out-to-inside runs, to actually starting out on the wing in that position. Henry didn’t start games as a winger at Arsenal.

      We should NEVER see Auba in our own box defending, but we do because he’s positioned as a winger. Part of their job is helping out their full/wing-back.

      I get what you’re saying about his hold-up play, but he’d easily get more goals playing as a striker, because he’d constantly be in the right attacking positions, as apposed to defending in our own box. Could you imagine Ronaldo, and Messi tracking back runners into their own boxes game after game. Do you think they would still score as many goals doing that?

  8. Auba is a great player and i wish he stays.He is playing a different role under MA,not a CF nor a winger and that role quite suits him….

  9. I’ve got a feeling he will sign a new contract. It won’t come cheap for arsenal but he will sign.

  10. Third Man with the utmost respect, to compare Auba with Messi and Ronaldo in their prime is to overstate his quality.In any event,Auba is currently playing for a mid table side whose young Manager has made it patently obvious that he will not entertain luxury players who are not prepared to run their socks off.Your suggestion that we should never see the likes of Auba assisting defensively is a throw back to yesteryear and is not acceptable in the game today.Messi and Ronaldo, who are both past theirbest, have earned their elite status over the years, but Auba is not in their league and will never be regarded as such.Arsenal needs every player to run until they drop and Auba to be fair to him invariably gives 100%.

    1. @Grandad

      You’ve slightly misconstrued what I said. I only used Messi and Ronaldo as an example because of their amazing scoring records, and how they wouldn’t get anywhere near as many goals if they were asked to constantly track back all the time. They only defend from the front.

      Also on Auba defending, and work rate, I love seeing him tracking back to help out, but it is wasting his talent though. Like already said, try and give me one example of another world class striker that does this? Many defend from the front, but I cannot think of any that have to track back like Auba. Kane, Messi, Ronaldo, Lewendoski, Aguero, Benzema, etc, none of them do that.

    2. Nevermind that ronaldo did play a huge portion of his career quite literally on the wing. Messi hasnt even played through the middle as a striker that much with the likes of villa, eto’o, ibra, suarez etc. Often filling that role at barca.

      1. @Angus

        As I keep saying though, they don’t have to track back. Ronaldo was a wide striker most of the time, but didn’t have to track back. Messi almost gets a free role, and like Ronaldo, doesn’t track back. They’re at their most effective in the final third, so that’s why they’re left there.

  11. soldier goes soldier come,d barracks wil remain barracks!If wish 2 go pls leh him go,arsenal wil 4eva remain witout him

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