Stats say Andre Onana is a big upgrade on Bernd Leno?

How good is Andre Onana?

Several reports have suggested that Arsenal intend to buy Ajax’s former number one Andre Onana this summer, regardless of the result of his hearing on Wednesday on doping violation.

25 years is a pretty young age for a goalkeeper. And when you combine it with world class qualities, it just puts a cherry on the cake.

Just 18 months ago, Onana was valued almost double of his current market worth of £27.00m. Although it seems Arsenal will be paying even a lot less than that figure if the deal goes through this week! European heavyweights like Bayern Munich and Chelsea were seriously linked to him before his one-year ban by UEFA in February, and would not have made much nuisance about paying in the £40-50 million region for the Ajax star.

Nobody could have argued with the interested suitors that they were overpaying for the former La Masia graduate. Before his suspension, he kept 83 clean sheets and shipped in just 180 goals for Ajax in his 204 appearances for them. That’s less than a goal per match.

His exceptional numbers are not only limited to the Eredivisie, as the shot-stopper has kept 20 clean sheets in European tournaments in the form of Champions League and the Europa League. Conceding just 65 goals from 53 games (including qualifiers) is an impressive number for a player who was still in his early 20s.

When placed in the same bracket of established Premier League goalkeepers, his figures look even more promising. Onana had a Save Percentage of 80% and 77.8% in the Domestic and the Champions League respectively. He was slightly ahead of Manchester City’s Ederson, whose figures stood at 75% and 77.3%.

Although Liverpool’s Alisson outshone him in the Champions League by the tiniest of margins (Alisson’s SP is 78.3% and Onana’s is 77.8%), the Cameroonian, who has won two league titles with Ajax, topped the pair when it came to the Domestic league (Onana’s number is 80% while Alisson’s is 74.8%).

When Onana’s figures were collated with Arsenal’s number one shot-stopper in Bernd Leno, it would not be harsh to say that they cannot be named in the same breath.

The German’s levels are way below (69.2 in Premier League; 69 in Europa League) than the Cameroonian.

Onana’s hands will not be the only thing that Arsenal will be cashing in on. The goalkeeper’s legs are no less special than his own hands. There are few shot-stoppers in the entire world who are as comfortable and effective when playing out from the back than the 25-year-old.

The Pass Completion, Passes Attempted and Pass Completion Percentage numbers (>40 yards) give us more context of the talent the Cameroon international possesses.

Onana’s numericals stood at 8.33, 17.83 and 46.7%. While Ederson’s was 3.95, 8.57 and 46.1%, Alisson’s numbers stood at 4.20, 8.59 and 48.9%. Putting Leno in the same conversation doesn’t do much justice to the trio.

The German’s figures were at a lowly 3.03, 9.37 and 32.3%.

The above stats show that Manchester City and Liverpool hardly play much long balls. But when they do, they have goalkeepers who are effective at doing that. Ajax’s Andre Onana is almost neck to neck with his Premier League compatriots.

And given that Onana is 42 months younger than Alisson and 32 months younger than Ederson, we can come to one conclusion, that he has a higher ceiling for development than the two.

The price at which he is available makes the deal even more appealing. Thus, Arsenal can complete a shrewd signing if they acquire the services of the Cameroonian, a player destined for the top.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Sign him. Arsenal is everywhere but not making any progress in their signings. They will wait till the last minute. Keep procrastinating if that helps

    1. I wonder if the traffic gathered from transfer rumours fetch them money. But even so why are other clubs not benefiting from the traffic? These kroenkes will never have the ambition required by the fans. Liverpool who were word have signed but all we hear are rumours and links…

  2. In general I pay little attention to stats, unless backed up by other tangible evidence of top class ability But with keepers, the stats given are blinfdingly clear and assuming, as I must of course do, that these stats are correct they show a top class keeper and one that SEEMS to be in a higher class then LENO.
    As such – and given that a keeper is always the single most vital position where real quality is needed- we should certainly pull out all the stops to land him.

    1. Correct onana and dollaruma and we also need a center forward arsenal have more money in the bank than any other team in europe if we show that we can buy big players we can also convince players like Norwegian center forward (borrusia dortmund)

  3. Yes
    Sell Leno
    Leno has no control over his area. Not very good with his legs and wait for ‘years’ before releasing the ball thus slowing down play.

    He’s error prone

    Just let him go. Wrong decision for keeping him and selling EMI

  4. His stats sound good, but we must prioritize selling some of our strikers first

    Our ball dispossession often started from our CF, then our defense and GK were exposed because of it. So we need to get a new one

  5. League performing in, quality of defence played behind and standard of opposition faced should be considered.

    However, Onana’s returns are very impressive.

    Given that I honestly believe Onana’s superior ability with his distribution off the deck are a major factor here, given Mikels’ persistence with playing out of the back.

  6. All our major targets look to be African which will be a huge problem with CAN rescheduled to January like before. Imagine being without onana, tabsoba, bissouma, partey, elneny aubameyang, pepe. That 7 out of 25 squad

  7. The Ajax man plays in a one club league so should have top stats
    Yet he is conceeding more than one goal per game average.
    Leno conceded 39 goals in 38 league games in what was for him and the club another poor season. So what’s the diff?
    Szczesny and Fabianski have excelled since being dumped from Arsenal.
    Leno is not the problem.
    It’s like Bellerin at RB is not the problem nor Xhaka at DM is not the problem. Nor were Guendouzi
    Saliba or Willock a problem. Iwobi was not a problem
    Emery got Arsenal to the EL final and one point off CL with a far weaker squad. Now with Leno Gabriel Tierney Partey Saka Odegaard Ceballos ESR Auba Pepe and Lacazette Arsenal has a squad which should have finished 5th at worst and made the El final.
    Ideally we would hire a manager who can extract the best from this top class squad like Tuchel did at Chelsea.
    But the manager blames the players and wants to spend up large in the market. Cheque book management is Is.

    1. wyoming you really need to see a doctor as your obsession with sacking arteta is getting out of hand. It really unhealthy, really. For your own sake.

      1. Or his obsession with “one club leagues”. Apparently to Wyoming, the other clubs shouldn’t bother to enter a team or turn up on match day.

    2. To correct you, Arsenal had one of the worst season in terms of attacking and not defending

  8. “this top class squad”

    And I thought it was only Onana up on a drugs bust !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Onana is definitely and upgrade on Leno . Having both Leno and onana will definitely help push both of them . .

  10. Yep, looks good, and a great name for a song to ring around the emirates – onana yeah yeah yeah

    1. It’s over. Not yet known when the decision will be announced. His lawyer said it could take up to a week..

  11. Leno does not command his penalty area and is not a great distributor of the ball and gets nervy and confused. He is a great shot stopper, but that’s not good enough overall. I did like the way Emi used to command the box. I know little of Onana, but it is clear Leno is not up to being a title challenging goalkeeper, so we will have to upgrade Leno

  12. I think Arsenal is dilly-dallying on the Onana deal as they learned from what I read that they could nap him on a cheap (£2m) if his appeal fails as against the £7m plus quoted by his club Ajax due to his 12months ban.

    Procastination Is a disease Arsenal as an entity needs to be cured of.
    Take swift action on transfer deals and talk less.

  13. Emery P 50, W 25 , D 13, L 13, GF 91, GA 70,
    clean sheet 10
    league position full season; 5th
    Achievement; Europa finalist

    Arteta P 50, W 21, D 12, L 17, GF 72, GA 56,
    clean sheet 15
    league position full season: 8th
    Achievement: FA cup winner


  14. Arteta is a trainee and he is using AFC as his Guinea pig.
    He won’t make top four, even if he is given what he demands for.

    1. Then we will join you guys in calling for his sack. But until then,give him his required work tool.

  15. If Arteta thinks he will get 100% of his signings before we see improvement then he must be joking. After signing Auba on long term, signing William, Gabriel, Mari, Resigning Luiz, Signing Partey, cedric, Odegard and we are still not seeing any improvement then I wonder how many players he needs before we see improvement. All eyes on him next season.

  16. Mat Ryan, the “shorty goal keeper” kept a clean sheet, as Australia beat Kuwait 3-0 away from home.

    1. World Cup qualifier and he made two excellent saves. Aaron Mooy ex Huddersfield midfielder scored a screamer.

    2. Yes we so him keeping a cleansheet but comparing Rayna and onana hope onana is more experienced golkeeper

  17. Hope Emery still to be the best why he is a man with experience he finished 5th at the league reaching Europe fainal leaving the team play at Eroupe league competition while arteta winning FA Cup can’t make the team play Eroupe league competition next season so Emery is the best to my opinion

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