“Just keep doing it.” Fabregas sends a message to Arsenal in the title race

Cesc Fàbregas has encouraged Arsenal players to maintain their current form as they approach their first league title in 20 years.

Under Mikel Arteta’s management, Arsenal currently leads the Premier League table and have established themselves as one of the top clubs in Europe.

They occupy the top spot ahead of Liverpool on goal difference and are considered strong contenders for the title.

In 2024, Arsenal has demonstrated unparalleled dominance in the Premier League, remaining unbeaten and suffering just a single draw.

However, both Liverpool and Manchester City are still in contention, and Arsenal must maintain their high level of performance to secure the English championship.

While reflecting on their season so far, Fabregas said, as quoted by Metro Sport:

‘You have been working for eight, nine months, the whole season to get into this position and you just want to get the best out of it.

‘Whatever brought you here, don’t change anything, just keep doing it.

‘They are on the right way, 100 per cent they are getting there, 100 per cent they are now Arsenal.

‘You go around Europe, you speak to coaches, top teams, fans and they will all say that Arsenal are one of the best teams to watch and compete.’

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We have to stay focused on winning one game at a time, and we truly should not change our current approach because it is working.

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  1. Somebody didn’t check the League table this morning, but I’m sure we’ll be back on top this evening😃.

      1. Talking about speaking it into been, surely a convincing win must be on the cards with one eye firmly on Munich.

        And with Newcastle handing the Spuds a nice spanking yesterday, the Birmingham outfit is assured of remaining in fourth spot regardless of the outcome today

  2. It is plain that FABREGAS is still a GOONER AT HEART!!
    Lots of Gooner have been unfait to him aswhen he came back to England but not to us but to Chelsea.

    But it was widely known that he WANTED to come to us, but Wenger, DISASTOUSLY IMO, made the huge and long lasting error of preferring a massively talented OZIL but also a man without a shred of character or honour, which means he was intractably IDLE.


    But what happened was history and therafter we paid a massive price for that awful AW MISTAKE.

  3. “He would say that wouldn’t he?”
    I’m sure Cesc is looking for a big coaching role at Arsenal, he’s working with Jack Wilshere at the moment, and with Arteta’s assistant Carlos Cuesta possibly (hopefully NOT) leaving, there may just be a position for him.

    1. Ah! That old MANDY RICE DAVIS line trotted out so often, so tediously and so without real thought behind it.

      All sorts of people, virtually ALL of us, if the truth be known, say all sorts of things at times, if it helps us.

      . But one should never be be SO cynical as to think ALL people, ALL of the time speak with a forked tongue or with an agenda.
      Some people simply speak truth, admittedly as they perceive it, but all the same, honestly, in their opinion.

      I think FABRAGAS has always had his heart with Arsenal but he was from BARCA originally, so it waas NATURAL, when still a young man , that he would wish to “go home” .

      But he grew up as we all do and his horizons changed, as life teaches us andhe is still and always was , once he first came here, a GOONER.

      If you disagree, then would you mind EXPLAINING WHY you think differently? And an absence of worn out old cliches would be appreciated !

      1. I don’t get Arsenal fans’ issue with Cesc or any other top player who left us back then, it was our reality back then that we won’t get to win major trophies. Players like him only went on to fulfill their potentials while we go through that bad spell of ours, so i can’t begrudge them at all.

      2. Disagree with what?
        I was saying that I think that Cesc might be looking for a coaching role at Arsenal, and that he’s saying the right things. Nothing to argue over there.

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