JustArsenal Admin and deleted Anti-Wenger comments

I can’t believe that it is just two weeks since I wrote an in-depth article to all Just Arsenal readers after a comment asked me “Which side am I on?”. This is usually caused by the accusation that I delete far more “anti-Wenger” comments than others. The fact that at the moment probably over 60% of comments on here are anti-Wenger here has got nothing to do with it of course, so today I am going to make myself even clearer than last time.

One of paragraphs in the article clearly stated: …I DO get annoyed if we are discussing whether The Ox should get a new contract and someone writes “Wenger Out, he is rubbish” (paraphrased). It is nothing to do with the topic and I won’t have every article for the next year hijacked by Anti-Wenger sentiments UNLESS the article being discussed is about Wenger in the first place…..

Did I not make myself clear? Yesterday morning there was an article about which two players would improve Arsenal next season, and the first FIVE comments ignored the post and were the usual anti-Wenger insults. So I am saying again, I will not put up with EVERY article being hijacked by Anti-Wengerites and anyone who ignores me will be deleted. This site is for intelligent discussion about Arsenal and football, not a competition to see who can come up with the most creative insult…..

Please note the words “intelligent discussion” as I am now going to give some examples of other anti-Wenger comments that have been deleted, because they are so ridiculous that they can in no way be called part of any intelligent debate about Arsenal or football. So Here we go…..

Wenger is getting paid 8.5 million just to struggle to zip his coat up on the touch line” Funny it may be. Intelligent discussion it is not!

This next one I have voted the most ridiculous comment I have EVER seen on here, let’s see if you agree… “What you all don’t know now is that Wenger is not happy with us (fans), it’s whispered in high places that he has sworn to deal with us by even missing out on 4th position. Yeah right so Wenger is making sure Arsenal lose just to piss us all off. Hilarious, but again, no contribution to sensible debate.

Here is a score prediction for the Norwich game… 28-0 – Cech – 09 seconds
Tasty and deluded like all Arsenal Fans ?
And this troll had the cheek to use the name Arsenal Fan!

And here is the last example I’m going to show you from this morning… Wenger wont buy James [Rodriguez]. he’s too talented. we’re running a charity for under-valued infirm injury-prone footballers who represent great value but may never come good. So Wenger doesn’t buy talented players (Alexis, Cech, Ozil) Only under-valued ones that represent great value? How many of you think this contributes to sensible debate?

The reason I am writing this today is because I keep responding to individual accusations in the comments, but get completely ignored. So from now on I am simply going to respond with a link to this article, and a link to my original and we will see if my message gets through.

We are ALL Arsenal fans and deserve respect. It took me three months to finally get readers to accept that no swearing or personal abuse is allowed, and I will not stop until this message gets through as well.


Thankyou for your attention

Here is the link to the original article: JustArsenal Admin responds to “Which side are you on?”


  1. Whats the point of putting up a comments section if you wont let us express our opinion.
    we want wenger out.
    otherwise we can leave this site…we are not getting paid to be here..
    its a free world.

    1. Jeez do you not read the articles! I don’t mind anti-wenger comments in its proper place, and I am afraid I want sensible reasons for why you want him out. Your sloganizing contributes nothing, so go shout it somewhere else if there are sites that put up with such childish behavior…
      I did not create this site to be taken over by slogans by”fans” that have never even been to a game.
      And read your comment again. Where is there any opinion in there at all? I can see you will not be coming back….

      1. admin u should keep upto times what do fans want..every gooner us frustrated and want change why u writing transfer articles and the transfer is so far away surely,an article with a hopeless title like ibra make anitwenger happy seriously admin how r we supposed to respond to such an article.there are no antiwenger its desperate fans who love.the club and know if wenger stays we might see the same thing nxt year as for comments,we all love just arsenal coz its where we can say our feelings but luks like u not happy with that to me I hve no problem with the so called antiwenger.why r we calling them this ? just another reason showing we hve given wenger a role and that he doesn’t deserve any criticism thats ridiculous.

        1. This site is called justarsenal.com and I have been reporting every bit of news about arsenal from all over the world for the last six years. Should I now ignore everything else except Wenger Out posts because SOME fans want him out? Get real…
          If you actually listened to other fans you may find that not EVERYBODY agrees with you!

          1. Maybe you should add a “Wenger Out” wall to the site so people could release their frustrations 😀

            At the end of the day, what’s the point? We all have more important things to do in life than pull our hairs for some millionaires kicking the ball around. If they can’t be bothered to win the league, why should we? Enjoy the games, support your team and give f* all for the rest.

      2. So if you have never been to a game that makes you less of a fan.

        Even though you dont live in London or even in England. You dont live in Europe. But every season you buy the new kit, you watch and read all the arsenal news. You watch every single game. You feel down when we lose and crazy joy when we win. You room is filled with arsenal memories. You bleed Arsenal. You get super angry when people insult your team for not winning the league for 11 years.

        But these supporters have not been to a game so that makes you less of fan.


    2. Hahahahaha………….OMG!………..EPIC!…………. People taking matters into their own hands…….. Admin getting the thumbs


      1. Yea……..i do realize that, but i’m only expressing the fans moods in picture!

        A Criminal act?

    3. Please leave then!!!! Seriously!!!

      Don’t mean to be rude, but comments like yours are really starting to annoy me!! Go to another site and post anti-wenger crap! peace and love

  2. Arsene Wenger shoud resign before he got sacked by board because of fans. I am arsenal fan because of Wenger but its time for him to leave.
    # Arsene Wenger out

    Topic relate transfers are not worth reading because we all know what happens at end of window lol #Wenger Out

      1. Some people just don’t understand the meaning of the word “discussion” ……
        At least the comments in the article could be considered humourous. This is just more slogans….

  3. I must say that I agree with Admin 100%. Sometimes I come on here to read articles with interesting topics but as soon as I’m through reading I have to click off and move to another article. No proper discussion on the topics.

    I am always in a rush to get on here and read articles after an Arsenal game (since that is the time when you will get a number of respondents) to see what us fans thinks about the game win or lose and most of the times I just click back because of the anti-wenger comments. Let us stick to the titles and have some meaningful debates.

    I must say that I am probably one of the few on here who have not been an Arsenal fan for 2-3 decades but I fell in love with this Club the year that we went to the CL finals. I believe that Arsene Wenger can still do the job. I also agree with most of you that he is a bit stubborn yes and he should realize that clubs are now ran different than 10 years ago but to think that he isn’t good enough to do the job is beyond me.

      1. I can understand jerick being thumbed down as he expressed his view that wenger is still up to the job and some disagree with this view and thumbing down is reasonable.

        However, thumbing down admin comment that he is trying to encourage more sensible comments is totally unacceptable.
        Admin, you are going to be busy deleting comments or banning people

        1. I think banning people would be easier, I don’t think there will be as many as 1st thought either, there are a few that do shout loud and then you get the volume of petty remarks added… without those initial voices though…

      2. Thank the lord the admin of this page is A: not a child B: is sensible C: welcomes a range of opinion But moderates when it gets out of hand.

        Im also an admin for a different subject matter. I salute you. Keep it up.

  4. I understand where the admin is coming from but at the moment Arsenal is flat. We are not moving forward .We are not developing .There is simply no interest about the club from majority of the funs. so topics won’t be discussed until the person responsible for the situation is changed and that the manager wenger.
    For admin you have to understand the funs .we are simply disappointed now and we genuinely fear getting our hopes up only to be let down again.

    1. I am a fan!!!
      Don’t you think I also have misgivings about Wenger lately? But I don’t want to hear the moans and groans 24 hours a day when there are other things we can talk about. Especially when there are just insults with no debate…..

      1. @Admin, it will be very hard for people to just ignore their exactly feelings just to discuss some other matters, remember this site was lively before, the question is why not now????????? The answer is the mood of the fans at the moment and I believe you can’t control such highly angry and frustrated fans at the moment. Am not challenging your power but it just won’t work. #WengerOut

        1. If they don’t want to discuss other matters then simply ignore the article and let readers who WANT to discuss it get a chance of a voice.
          No one FORCES you to comment n every article…..

          1. We could end up with a fruitful debate if people gave an intelligent response, even if the message is still Wenger Out. You said you don’t mind if it adds to a convo.

            If people wanna add Wenger out to a convo then make an intelligent link to what the article is about, heck they might just show something other fans have missed and help them to get a better perspective on things.

  5. You can buy any players u want but if the team n supporters aren’t motivated the club won’t go anywhere.
    When is the last time you saw the players playing their hearts out?
    Same problems different seasons

      1. His comment has got everything with the article. We have one man that is dividing the Arsenal fans. You said in comments that you have things to say about Wenger. Its is surprising that when we do well and we have a comment like “In Arsene we Trust” numerous times yo never complain. That comment has nothing to do with the article but never have I seen you complain.

        Wenger needs to go. I have protected him for too long. His comments this season and the way he is treating fans his pathetic. I look at Simoene and I am jeolous of Madrid. He shows so much passion and his team plays for him. When last have we seen that fight in Wenger. My heart is bleeding for my team Arsenal.

        1. Lol you show me one In Arsene we trust comment this year!!!
          Look I also have many things to complain about Wenger and I have done.
          But that doesn’t mean I will not allow any opinion that disagrees with me. Obviously.
          The whole point here is I am NOT going to waste my time writing game previews, player comparisons, transfer rumours, etc if all the comments are going to say Wenger is an idiot. Am I such a dictator for wanting readers that actually discuss the topic in question?

  6. Thank you admin for reminding people this. I’m all for freedom of speech and i also have the right to tell the ”Wenger OUT” fans to shut it sometimes. We all want change and want our club to go forward but Wenger and the board don’t read blogs! If you want him to get out so bad go to the remaining matches or go protest outside the Emirates. I come here to read articles and engage in discussions with fellow gooners. I am tired of disapointment and want a new manager as well but you don’t see me yelling Wenger out every second.

    It just gets really annoying and childish to read article, go to the comment section and only see Wenger out and people disrespecting him. You are not adding anything to the discussion and yelling Wenger out here will not be seen by any person in power at AFC who can bring up change. At least create a facebook group or something for that. When people protest they do so where their protest will be seen by the people that can bring change.

  7. It is a reasonable point of view, that comments should be made in a decent language. But it is a dangerous course of censorship to judge, which topics and points of view should be allowed as comments to various articles.
    If an article discusses whether to buy or sell certain players, who can say it isn’t a valid point to argue, that it is more important we have a manager, who can make the players give 100% and who can make the team work as a unit, especially when the opponents have the ball?

    1. Well if I don’t make a decision then who will? Some people think that have free range to throw insults without substance on every single post. Would you put up with that?
      We are not children in a playground….

      1. As I wrote, it is reasonable to ask/demand a decent language. In that you are right.
        But I don’t think you are right in trying to judge whether arguments are relevant to the topic.
        We can all see, if someone is way off, and I am sure people in here in general are clever enough to disregard absurd comments or insults.
        Personally I think, we will not be ble to win anything significant again, before Wenger is replaced. Many seem to share this point of view, and one can argue, that it is totally irrelevant to discuss anything else, before this problem is solved.
        So, “yes” to decent language, but “no” to censorship on topics.

    2. “who can say it isn’t a valid point to argue,”
      The owner of the site?

      I was under the impression that the site owner has final say and if we do not like it then CREATE YOUR OWN FREAKING SITE!

      Admin uses their own time to do this, do you not consider how peoples ignorance and hatred might actually affect people trying to run this wonderful site?

      If you have something to say then you can write an article and send it in, I have with a few of my thoughts and I’ve had some interesting views to read and evaluate my idea after reading other perspectives.

      There is no need for ignorant posts of
      The same thing could be said but with reasoning, do you not want to educate other fans in their folly of backing Wenger? Or are people scared that once we start looking at logic then the AOB argument fails?

  8. Guys admin is right, if you want to criticize the manager at least make sure your comment relates to the article and provides some form of contribution to the debate the author is trying to have. Simply writing “Wenger out” doesn’t provide any insight to an opinion about an article’s topic.

    1. on 2nd thought………. If you could bring Arsene or stan to the Justarsenal site, it would be a different ball game

    2. People know I defend Wenger, I will be willing to change my mind if I read a good enough argument for it, all I get out of these people are 1 liners and a smug attitude.

      I do not know everything, I will check what people say, I might learn something new if people gave reason for their thoughts.

  9. Me thinks with all the negativity surrounding the Emirates our footballing future doesn’t look rosey. Even the admin is starting to sneeze. It’s true we can shout or throw egg on his face Wenger is not the type to throw in the towel. We are stuck with him for another year, (that is if he doesn’t think of extending his current contract). If only we can find a way to help him make the best of this coming year whilst persuading him to leave at the least opportunity. We want to win games with or without Wenger!

    1. ” We want to win games with or without Wenger!”

      I agree. For me though the start is getting a board that will do something…

      The fans all moan for Wenger out but the board doesn’t give a flying s*** as long as they meet their targets, Silent Stan wants profit so targets met.

      Put pressure on the board to take action.

      Either to get Wenger winning things or sack him and get a manager that can.

      This way the next manager will not be here for over a decade making profit and not giving titles in return… I really don’t want to see this bit of history repeated.

  10. As I said in an earlier comment, Norwich game might end up being the most important game we’ve had in the past ten seasons.

    It is this game that the fans will determine if things change at arsenal or if we will give the board and wenger another season to magically turn around n surprise the world.

  11. I mean, removing all bias towards wenger or the board, as yourself this question.

    If things stay the way they are and let’s even theoretically assume we have a beautiful window n sign sb like Lukaku and Kante, do u think we will win this thing next season? We don’t have the fight and motivation in us, unlike winning teams like Leicester, atl Madrid, even upcoming teams like spuds n westham have constantly shown us that it’s the right tactics n fight that get u better.

    But let’s just stay the same n play Ramsey all the games, start Walcott over Campbell n rely on Giroud by all means n see how that works out for us..

    N btw if Mert is still in the first 11 then we are doomed

    1. I think the issue of motivation comes from higher up than Wenger, having an owner who said he isn’t in this for championships doesn’t show much desire…

      Do you think we could get a manager who could win us the EPL when we have a “safe profit” first mentality?

      Do you think Leicester are where they are if they didn’t back Ranieri 100%?

      Do you think the board could sack Wenger if Wenger wasn’t doing a good enough Job?
      If so then why haven’t they? Or do you think they need some pressure to change and that will have a knock on effect which will put pressure on the manager… who-ever it may be, to win things.

  12. I commented about Wenger and his coat problems. I thought I would try bring some comedy to the site that’s all ?

  13. I agree with the sentiments of those other posters who have been labelled anti-wenger.

    Anti-wenger or Pro-Arsenal, it depends on your perspective doesn’t it?

    I for one have wanted this man gone for a very long time because of his failure to deliver a PL or UCL for more than 10 years whilst our board have accepted this failure.

    I am no longer excited by our football or talk of transfers as I want to see an Arsenal without Wenger and Stan, and am frustrated also by talk of transfers making a difference to A. Our fortunes and B. Us fans being converted back to all singing and dancing Wenger lovers. It’s just patronising!

    It is never going to happen as the man and his teams are ‘proven’ failures unless like Stan, 4th (or not) place is sufficient for you. Every time I want to cent my frustration I cannot surely be expected to give the complete list of his abject failures ‘everytime’, can I now?

    I agree on your sites policy of no swearing or personal abuse (although I have seen many a pro-wenger ‎poster post non swear word insults at anti-wengerites and no action was taken) but if a forum does not permit the views or statements of its posters because they are not in line with the topic, well then that is simply ridiculous and draconian!

    If I wanted a nanny state environment I would go to the emirates.

    I for one will ‎now calm my interest in Arsenal (even more) and Justarsenal for my own sanity until such a time that it is no longer a painful and uninspiring experience. I’m sure a few on here of the Wenger persuasion will be most pleased…

    Happy dreaming!‎
    Freedom of speech 

    1. You more than anyone has used justarsenal to try and drum up support for protests and I have given you more than enough space. BUT why must you think that every single other Arsenal fan must agree with you.
      I will NOT allow this site to be turned into wenger out. Com as it must be a forum for ALL of us. Not just those that agree with you.
      What will you say if only a few hundred people hold up banners tomorrow? Are the rest all deluded?
      Where is the freedom of speech?

      1. If only a few hundred banners are raised tomorrow it will prove that most at Arsenal either do not care enough (football tourists), believe it’s Arsenel FC and not Arsenal FC. A.k.a that’s all they know, are scared of change and what it might bring, or are just plain scared to have a voice. Either that or they have become apathetic and have seen so many times that change does not happen at Arsenal no matter what the failure, for how many years, because of the Owner and his sidekick AW.

        And of course some will be just happy to finish 4th, and pseudo compete in the big competitions. 

        If I do not insult or swear at anybody in my posts I should be able to express my feelings towards the club and its running on a forum. I not then it is not a forum, but a censored gathering.

        And  I do not expect everyone to agree with me‎. OK? 

        1. LOLZ!

          How about it proving that a lot of Arsenal fans have a thing in their head to think with for themselves?

          WengerOut banners do not resolve the issue of the club being ran for profit over sporting reasons, it does not tell the board that we are not happy with this and we want a change in clubs goals. All it tells the board is that we are not happy with Wenger, they are not going to replace the guy while they are receiving the benefits he brings, he is going to be here next year.

          I want Arsenal to win things, not replace the manager with another yes-man and go through another decade of this pain, I want real change!

          Maybe Wenger can not make profit like Stan wants AND win the EPL, Wenger has proven that he can win the EPL when he had Deins support in the transfer market, why not see if he can win it again if given true support again?

          If not then we get another manager in and give that new manager full support.


    2. I want change, i want Arsenal to win, we all do. What i don’t want is coming here to read and discuss an article about something specific and see Wenger Out. If there’s an article about Wenger then no problem at all! Respectfully voice your opinion and #Wenger out all you want.

      It’s like going to a breast cancer rally and yelling ”F**k Alzheimer!” You simply add nothing to what is being discussed. Plus what are you doing other than annoying those who want to discuss the topic. You can have all the freedom of speech you want but yelling out the same rhetoric in a completely different context only annoys those around you and give it less value.

  14. Dear Admin,
    I admire what you are trying to do and to some extent you have valid points. However the approach you have taken may not be the best. You are coming out too strong and getting involved in the comments section far too much lately.

    In management you should know that usually when you try to come out too strong you actually raise more issues than fix them. By now you should know that this is just a phase, when Arsenal is back on track winning or when the season is over people’s heads will be turned to transfer news and other stories, for now WENGER OUT is trending and not just on this site. I agree totally no insults or abusive language should be used when expressing opinions but people should be free to speak there mind.

    One thing you should remember is that no one likes a dictator and everything related to Arsenal revolves around Wenger and you cant separate the two. Whether you post a topic on transfer, player performance, the fans at the Emirates, the board, Arsenal winning or losing, Stan’s horses it all involves Wenger and that is how he has set up the club.

    I hope my comment finds you in good spirits. Thank you

      1. You do realise that you said that anyone who disagrees with you is either a tourist or apathetic? Why can’t you accept other people really do have a different opinion?

        1. I did not say that! I said anyone who doesn’t lift a banner could be apathetic or a football tourist, amongst several other options in relation to protest at the emirates..

          And I can accept other people’s opinions and the fact they aren’t identical to mine. How does what I say above Contradict that statement for you?‎

          Surely I still have the freedom to reply to a post and say I concur but not completely..?‎

          Or perhaps not! I will keep my eyes open (not too wide) for the Internet equivalent of ‎tear gas and rubber bullets..

          1. “If only a few hundred banners are raised tomorrow it will prove that most at Arsenal either do not care enough (football tourists), believe it’s Arsenel FC and not Arsenal FC. A.k.a that’s all they know, are scared of change and what it might bring, or are just plain scared to have a voice. Either that or they have become apathetic ”

            “IT WILL PROVE THAT…”

            Not indicate or suggest but PROVE.

            You did say that and now you are claiming you didn’t?

    1. People are free to give an.opinion as you can see by the comments that do appear on the site. But I want AN OPINION not a sloganized insult. I have to read every one of the 200 or more comments on here every single day. And if half of them are. ..Wenger is selfish and senile… then I am very quickly going to lose interest. This is supposed to be a free and frank exchange of views between fellow arsenal fans not a place to trade insults.

      1. I get you clearly Admin.

        But for you to be successful in this mission you have to change tactics, clearly your current approach is not been appreciated by many, its 3 out of 10 at the moment even though we see sense in what you are trying to do.

        I’m sure you have a plan B in place, work with that, this strict parent kind of approach never works especially if you are dealing with an angry crowd. Trust me it’s a phase and you and I know that, when did Arsenal fans stick to this Wenger out campaign? I stand to be proved wrong and I pray I am wrong for I am tired of the man. Just a few more games and Justarsenal will be back to normal, no need in chasing away group members. I hated the period when this site had 3 to 4 comments on each article, lets not go back there.

        The word sense still appears in the word nonsense if you know what I mean.

      2. It shouldn’t be a place to trade Insults, your right‎! But where there is difference of opinion or in some cases sheer ‘belief’:) over a thing or topic that incites passion in someone, then it is inevitable.

        I’m not talking swear words either. The number of times I have been called an idiot or similar for not believing  Wenger is nothing short of a footballing messiah ‎ is huge. I personally don’t care because I have been called a lot worse in my time and still not blinked, but, it is still an insult nonetheless ..

        Where is your line to be drawn?

        As for the bickering itself I actually thought the anti vs pro Wenger thing had chilled a lot as most are coming to realise that we do not have the best Arsenal at Arsenal in terms of owner an management..‎

      3. Admin this is an internet site, if you want to spout your own comments and the dictate the ans change the site, this is just arsenal so EVERY opinion about Arsenal should be allowed apart from foul language. Stop spitting your dummy out and grow up

        1. If I was a mate of yours and if every single day, scratch that, if every single hour of the day, every week and all year long. If I was to tell you that my favorite colour was blue, in those words – How long would it be before you told me “I know your fking colour is blue” “I don’t need to be told every fking day now go and get the FK out of my sight.

          They even say “it’s Arsenal fc not Arsene fc”. This is an Arsenal site not an Anti-Arsene one. If you are a fan well then finding something other than Arsene to write about should be easy, there is even an Article to help you with it.

          1. but u hve no problem saying lets give wenger another year.what the difference,wenger has let the club down :
            1.no tactics just pass pass pass
            2.favourite players -in any institution ethe moment a boss starts favouring someone then there starts a chain reaction and downfall of the institution
            we fans r giving him a chance to underperform:
            1.we win a game that we r supposed to win and all over sudden recent awfull results are forgotten
            2.we want to give him another year:ask urself this will he bring a epl title nxt year?????? no way I don’t see this happening.
            lets give someone new to rebuild the team before its too late.all other teams are growing while we always seem to go back to step 1

        2. When my readers start acting like adults and following the rules then I won’t get upset will I? ???
          It may be an Internet site but it is my Internet site and I created it for friendly discussion about Arsenal. If you can’t discuss friendly go away.

  15. Nice and gentle 007…………..but Wenger and the board never understands Arsenal fan’s gentility over the years

    Toying with us…..unprogressive……never changing Attitude

    and this is probably the reason people have grown aggressive!

    They want to see a difference…… They want something new……something exciting…..They want to grow with the times…..

    Wenger and the board aren’t offering any of these

    They should be doing all they can to win our hearts, but they aren’t doing enough……not even a third of it…..why should we be happy?


    1. SoOpa AeoN, if people are going to protest they have to stick to it this time around.

      I fear we left it too late, after the season is down Wenger and his click will jet off and the pressure will reduce as most fans will be busy buying tickets, fantasying about transfers and watching the Euro’s.

  16. Admin, I agree with you, it is inevitable that some posts will go off topic but it has got to the point where every post is Wenger out.

    I appreciate that every post can be related to wenger out, for example, “shoud Ox get a new contract” can be answered that Wenger has been unable to develop the Ox so wenger should go etc. However it gets very boring that every topic gets turned in to a discussion about Wenger out.

    Also it is noticable that any comment which is slightly positive about arsenal is interpteted as a wenger appologist. For example I commented that when we played bayern at home this season we beat them 2-0 as opposed to athlitico who beat them 1-0. For this statement of fact I was thumbed down and accused of “drinking more wenger cool aid than most of his deluded followers …”. When I replied and said this was unacceptable abuse, that was thumbed down as well. I did get some thumbs up.

    The thing is that I believe that Wenger should go but also believe Wenger has done a lot for the club and should be respected. This is probably a widely held view but on this site any such comments are villified by some sectors.

    1. Just because you get a thumb down or someone doesn’t agree with you, or perhaps even calls you an idiot ‎or retard (both not nice, but see my post above from the other side of the fence) we shouldn’t take notice of it.

      We are just writing after all. No real harm done.‎

      Of course cyber-bullying and blue word insults should not be tolerated but too much interjection ‎of the natural flow of a forum is IMO a bad thing.

      Wenger should be respected for his past achievements but that was really over 10 years ago. I’m more worried about our clubs future than Wenger’s past.

      1. Perhaps I am old fashoined but we are all arsenal fans on here and there should be no abuse directed at another arsenal fan.

        Of couse thumbing down a comment someone disagrees with is generally fine, it all depends what the comment is. If the comment is someone complaining about being abused then the thumbs down is saying “I agree that it is OK to abuse another arsenal fan”. It was those thumbs down I was referring to.

        All I am saying is we should respect other arsenal fans views and be polite to each other.

      2. it IS bullying though and it HAS stopped a lot of people commenting or even coming on the site just because they know anything they say will be shouted down and they will be abused.

        And even though I think it’s time up for AW I do not like to hear the vicious abuse he gets on here.

        So come on guys thumb me down

        1. Well said Bob. As I said above, we are all arsenal fans on here and should respect each others views and be polite.

  17. Hopefully this will get some of them to think more creatively in how they come across. There are some in here who have been writing Wenger out on every article give or take. The thing is that after a few months we would get it by now, we know by now. So someone doing this for years makes it redundant, and very annoying. Now lets have some real thinking behind it and not another bloody quip. And how about you relate it to the article in hand is all the Admin is saying. I can be Guilty of this myself, you read the Article but then you read some comments and before you know it?

  18. I really appreciate this step by admin. People need to discuss things and it should be linked to given article. So fellow gooners can read/learn things. Else what is the point of article if comments are just out of context. I don’t do much comments but I am here to read the articles and reaction of Arsenal fans; to see how they feel about the news, match, transfer, injury, season and a lot more as I do.

    @Admin: May be it is the time to create a Pinned article which is only for insults and wenger out slogans. So when we feel frustrated, just write out your heart. :p

    @Rest of the gooners: I believe in Freedom of Speech on this site; but it is appreciated a lot if done on right post and without adding insults or too much moaning on things you didn’t like.

  19. Admin’s comment never gets hidden………..no matter how many thumbs he gets L()L


  20. i would have to agree with adm on this!!i use to come on the site everyday but these days not so much especially the day after a loss (not because we lost but because i know the kind of things im gonna have to read!!)some peoples blind hatred for wenger no longer make sense like adm says no matter the article they keep on writing the same things over &over and top of that adding personal insults towards our manager which very sad to see(it usually is the same people but i won,t mane anyone)anyway sadly this site has become very depressing for some us and stop us from enjoying this site the way we used to,thanks

  21. Such arguments wouldn’t be there if it weren’t Wenger destroying our team….

    He should go…..Wenger OUT!!

  22. I’m with Admin’ on this.

    Almost every single article is infested with “Arsene out”, it’s boring and disrupts proper debate on other issues. Is this all these repeat offenders can contribute to the site, it makes me wonder what goes on their minds. Throw in the other major gripe of mine which people keep sticking in which is the random fantasy team naming players who they think should be signed, and never will be, why bother, it means nothing.

    If I were running this site my finger would be hovering over the BAN key a lot of the time.

  23. The simple solution would be, for all those who feel the need to rant and rave “Wenger out” 24/7, to start their own site.

  24. Fellow gunners: some of you may remember me,since 2005 to 2014 i used to publish my opinion against the sickening ego of Mr’ Wenger,and the incompetence of the arsenal board . I blamed the arsenal fans,for not doing enough,in order to change the negligent manner of Wenger and the board. I use to end my criticism by saying- “with wenger and the board, we will never win the championship again”. Most of the arsenal fans,were vigorously against my opinions and argue me to go and support united or spurs… Since 2014,i didn’t raise my opinion any more,i lost hope,like some of you now. 2 days ago,i saw a tiny shade of light at the miserable tunnel of our football club. fans start to gather some hope and decided to FIGHT for our club!!! Every arsenal fan all over the globe need to understand that these coming Saturday is the pinnacle moment in our club future. These Saturday,we need to gather in and around the stadium,with or without ticket, we all need to raise our voice against the people that ruin our club. We need to raise our voice and say-enough is enough. We need to raise our voice and demand-bring our hope back. We need to raise our voice and demand-bring the passion back. We need to raise our voice and demand-BRING OUR CLUB BACK!!! We need to raise our voice,in order that in a few years time,each and every one of us could say-i have contributed my part for getting our arsenal back. I intend to publish these message through the net,in order to raise the need for action,i urge you fallow gunners to do the same. I hope that i succeed to express my passion for the club,with my cranky English.

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