JustArsenal Admin responds to “Which side are you on?”

This morning I received a comment from an Arsenal fan saying: “……..Those who gets admin’s warnings are those that are against Wenger only, which side is our beloved admin???

This was posted after there were two articles yesterday by writers who clearly want Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal, and one “right-to-reply” article from an Arsenal fan that believed that Arsene Wenger had earned the right to some respect after all he has done for the club.

Now if anyone wants to accuse me of being biased one way or the other please read the sentence above again. TWO articles that were anti-Wenger, ONE reply. I am asked what side I am on, and I am sick of telling everyone. I am an ARSENAL fan and have been before Wenger arrived, and will be after Wenger leaves. But while Wenger and these (some good, some bad) players are in charge of our fortunes every week, I will support them until they are replaced. At this moment in time the “deluded ones” are those that think they can get Wenger to leave before his contract ends. That is in 12 months time, and I refuse to listen to daily hatred towards the man that controls Arsenal’s future for the next year.

This site was created by me for friendly discussion about football and our beloved Arsenal, but when an anti- or pro- Wenger article is sent in I have to allow people to express those feelings, but that does not stretch to personal insults or swearing. I have to admit that it is usually the WengerOut readers that are more likely to be aggressive and insulting, which is why they are more likely to be warned.

But I DO get annoyed if we are discussing whether The Ox should get a new contract and someone writes “Wenger Out, he is rubbish” (paraphrased). It is nothing to do with the topic and I won’t have every article for the next year hijacked by Anti-Wenger sentiments UNLESS the article being discussed is about Wenger in the first place…..

It was a very emotional day in the comments yesterday, and there were lots of very in-depth and interesting comments from both sides. This is welcome. If someone simply comes on and shouts “WENGEROUT”, then that is not a welcome addition to any conversation, whether on here or in real life. I want clearly stated reasons for your opinions or they will be deleted out of hand, and my decision is final. Despite the lively discussions I only banned ONE person yesterday, and that was the one that hijacked the Oxlade-Chamberlain discussion. I clearly warned him first but he ignored me and was banned.

Everyone is allowed to express their opinion in the proper place at the proper time, but any personal insults (especially directed at me!) will be deleted and you will be warned not to repeat offend, or face a ban. Yes I want an open and friendly discussion, but this website is still MY baby and I will run it how I see fit.

You decide whether I am biased or not…..

Mr Admin

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  1. You are true with your comments, i am with you on this, i love this blog site and i never miss any of the article posted here 🙂

  2. As far as I’m concerned, JustArsenal.com is the champion of all Arsenal blogs!.. So Congratulations to you Mr Admin and to Bob and to all the fellow supporters who regularly write articles for this site! … Well Done ???

    1. I agree. this is the best site ever and I certainly don’t wanna get kicked out. I guess some fans are just frustrated you know but I personally promise to keep my comment in cech, pun intended. COYG!

  3. Well said Admin. I read your blog daily and have done for a while. I’ve also supported Arsenal since Villa won the premiership. Yes way back then. That was my first match at Highbury. Last game of the season. We beat them but they still won the league. Anyway point is I agree that recently Just Arsenal has become a vehicle for anti Wenger sentiment. Am I a fan of Wenger. Have been. Possibly not presently but am always an Arsenal supporter. I agree with Admin..he’s the boss of our team and I support the team….and they certainly need it. So lets get behind him and the team until his contract is up.

  4. As for being Bias… ?
    I suppose that depends on what mood your in, let’s just say that some day’s you’re more lenient than other’s! ?

    You deleted a comment of mine which predicted that Ramsey would be the first player subbed on against West Ham and how it must have hurt wenger to have bench him.
    By the way.. I was right about Ramsey and no doubt he will be in the starting 11 against Palace.

    Like I said in my above comment, JustArsenal.com is the champion of all Arsenal blogs but I have to add that it could get spoilt, if you wrapp your baby up in too much cotton wool.

    1. I agree Fatboy. I know some days my anger gets the better of me. e.g. before the game against Everton when some “fans” were predicting a 3-0 or 5-1 or whatever defeat for Arsenal, or saying they refused to watch the game. As far as I am concerned they are NOT Arsenal fans and I don’t want them here. There is not enough room in my life for all that negativity.
      I created the site for healthy discussion that I felt was missing from the hundreds of other Arsenal blogs out there, and I refuse it to be taken over by purely negative thoughts. We are all ARSENAL supporters and should treat each others opinion with respect…..

    2. I think your article came across as pro Wenger which is disappointing, obviously a moderator of a site like this should, in my opinion, try to remain unbiased around such a critical issue which is so vital to the health and well being of the club.

      1. It might be disappointing to you!
        My point (as you don’t seem to grasp) is that I am an ARSENAL fan, and Wenger is the ARSENAL manager. So I support him.
        You OBVIOUSLY do not. I am sorry but you will find that many people have different opinions to you (and me!) but we are all ARSENAL supporters.

        1. To Admin:

          I respect your right to support Arsene Wenger in a personal capacity (and to express it on this site under your personally chosen nom de plume) but I think you missed my point which was that as a moderator of a site such as this you need to remain unbiased to the extent that one should not be able to guess by any of your actions as moderator/administrator which side of a debate you favour.

          1. So read the post again. There were TWO articles that were VERY anti-Wenger yesterday and I believe everyone should be able to express their views (and the next one up is a probably another one) but like half of all Arsenal suppoerters I don’t have to agree with it.
            I may not like some of the opinions but I will defend anyone’s right to express it as long as they are not aggressive or abusive….

          2. I didn’t miss your point. I am not an administrator or a moderator. I created this site for mine and other Arsenal fans enjoyment and I will run it how I seem fit. If neither me or my readers are enjoying it then my whole raison d’etre is gone.
            Enjoy everyone!

            1. You’re doing a great service Mr Admin,
              Keep up the good work and don’t ever let the minority spoil it for the majority!

              Long live JustArsenal.com!!!
              Hip Hip… ?

        2. The question, though, Admin is would you prefer that Wenger remains in charge until HE decides to go or would you apply some pressure to him leave? AW has already stated that he will decide when it is time to go and clearly does not see his failings as such. The fault is with other factors…like biased referees, or good player and their clubs that refuse to join/sell to him. Why is he the only manager whose job is not dependent on results? To me your position to continue supporting Wenger because he is still the Arsenal manager sounds too much like burying your head in the sand (and I don’t mean that to be insulting). Obviously the Board has no will to force Wenger’s hand and unless there is external pressure, he will not leave, hoping that the next season is the one in which he can win the league and leave on a high note. I don’t hate Wenger, but I hate his decisions: substitutions, unwillingness to spend the kitty to plug obvious holes in the team like the CF, defense and solid backup for Coquelin.

  5. admin I like your site and I love reading views and expressions from the people of this site whether I agree with them or not.
    As for these pro wenger or anti wenger battles It has to be said that wenger is sometimes so frustrating.
    His actions comments and the results he brings with them cannot be accepted.
    It is to be considered too disrespectful to the fans as we feel he is more interested in pleasing the board and the players without considering how we feel and our ambitions.
    He has had the resources and opportunities to do more but he has decided to remain the back wheel on his own voalition.
    So its only natural for the fans to act this way

    1. I agreehe can be very frustrating at times, but he has got us in the position to be disappointed with 4th. He has done great things over the years and deserves respect for that.
      Ask a Tottenham fan if he would be happy with 4th….

      1. OT:
        What do you mean by he “deserves respect”, admin?
        Do you mean he should be untouchable and unaccountable …
        Now, for so many reasons we see he is not the right manager anymore … So, for us who don’t want him to stick around what do you think we should do other than demanding change?

      2. Admin, we are Arsenal, why do you want us to put ourselves in the level of the Spurs? We have all beautiful stuffs from the stadium to the brand above Spurs, why should we go ask the if they want our 4th position? we should do better than equaling ourselves to other teams, we should aim for the title, not just 4th coz Spurs can’t get it.. btw they are above us this season

  6. Big up’s Admin and the team from Zambia.

    As a global platform for Arsenal fans, this gives some of a voice and a place to blow out some steam or rejoice with like minded all in the name of Arsenal.

    Its the first site I visit, even just to read the headlines. Don’t put too much mind to the bunter, this blog acts as a rehab for most of us when Arsenal has one of those days like the Southampton away game or Chelsea games. I know you might have not intended for the site to be that way but that’s what makes it perfect and more effective, people can express their views and others can chip in and either agree or correct.

    We can all not speck one voice, but one thing for sure is we are love Arsenal, its the reason we are here in the first place. Once more, thanks for JustArsenal

  7. I am someone who believes it is time for Wenger to leave for reasons not necessary to discuss here and I also believe that there is no reason to insult Wenger. His effort and accomplishments over the past 10 years have earned him respect, even if they have not earned him more time in charge IMO.

    I have always been given free rain on this blog to post my views about all things Arsenal, probably because I don’t insult anyone and because I try (when I have enough time) to substantiate my opinion given people with different views a change to debate and challenge if they wish.

    I am very appreciative of all the obvious efforts Admin puts into this blog facilitating healthy debates and giving an outlet for differing views on our beloved club.

    Thank you Admin for making healthy debate about opposing views possible and thank you fellow respectful posters. Clearly off topic insults and mindless comments are a waste of every serious fan’s time.

  8. Admin of course the site/blog/forum is yours, its your creation but its a public forum the last time I checked and people have a right to say what they feel so long its within the remit of your rules and regulations….if I want to come on here and just say ‘Wenger out’ even.if the topic of discussion is not directly related to Wenger staying or leaving then I think its my choice and right, am the one wasting my air time and energy so I do not understand why that should bother you…i have never said anything like that but I have seen loads of iy on here and I just scroll past it, simples…you cm nit cherry pick who and what is stated just because you feel its not relevant to the issue been discussed…am all for banning folks who are abusive and get out of line but not allowing comments because you feel its not relevant is just plain wrong and dictatorial…..and can you please stop banging on about its your Bab and you can do as you like, we all know that but no need to make it.out like iys my ball and if am not selected am taking my ball home….

    1. I am saying that I want proper discussions and exchange of views. If I allow people to shout “Wenger Out!” on a post about pink elephants then it is not contributing to a discussion about pink elephants. You know if I allow someone to post “Wenger out on one pink elephant post, they will do it on EVERY post, and that is what annoys me, and I hope many other readers.
      There are enough “Wenger Out” posts for them to make their comments, but not on EVERY post. Do you understand my point? Why would you want to join a discussion on Pink Elephants and shout “Lions Suck”????

        1. I think those rules are known like for example moderation on every vulgar world or insult, but when few (who licks Wenger’s ***) are allowed to call others idiots and stupid, and still no admin comment to correct them and give them warning / last warning like you always do to Wenger haters, then we have to question where is the equality there.. But I do like your article, we appreciate for all the work you’ve put here to bring us fans together to share our views

      1. I think Admin has earned the right of being untouchable/respected as Wenger has done!!!! Lol

        We should launch a campaign against him 😀


  9. Arsenal’s fans have been moody at times and they are really getting agitated by the manager and not against the admin, like for eg you are seeing your team 2-0 up and then suddenly a misplaced and the game is on where within minutes of comfort turns into irritation and people start posting comments directed towards the manager. Yesterday people were upset due to the passion of manager and players of Athletico have and Arsenal don’t so this Wenger will continue till his contract gets renewed or not when they will silence.

  10. mr. admin , of course you are biased in favour of your guru wenger . that is abundantly clear in your extensive writings . you may like to think that you are balanced , but in fact you are not at all . on umpteen occasions i have seen you repremand many supporters here because they spoke out about wenger . you are a one eyed gunner, fair play to you for being loyal , but try not to disguise that fact so bloomin much .we are all entitled to our opinions , even me , although , i fear if you had your way totally , then my opinions would never be put up on this page . you seem to have me under moderation for the past year , and some of my comments do not even get on this page . this was an amazing page , sadly though , just like your guru wenger ,time has not been kind to you , you , and you alone sir , have turned this page into a us or them scenario. how very sad it is to see you pick on some people here , while others can get away with blue murder . after extensive research intop thi i conclude that you definately side with wengers boys in most cases . but that is okay , you are entitled to do that . but do not come on here on “your” page and pretend otherwise . thanks for publishing this , i am pretty certain that you will publish this in fact , just to show your brevity is not apparent .

    1. Haha you are right. But you are usually insulting me (well maybe you are here) and I am afraid I have a little objection to that.
      If this wax your website would you allow that?

        1. First four words was saying;
          “haha YOU ARE RIGHT”

          then you tell him to swallow his pride because the poster was right?
          oh my….

          I would suggest that you learn to read but how would you read me suggesting it >.<

          1. Hehehe Midiemma, You were the one insulting other people in the previous articles calling them stupid and idiots, I know you meant to call me illiterate here but you know what, I don’t care. Admin said he is right then went to ask if this was his website would he have allowed that? That’s the pride I was referring to and not in a bad way, it’s a bit ironic. But you, who knows how to read more than anyone here went deep and saw something unpleasant there. But u know what, I don’t care

    2. ” you are a one eyed gunner, fair play to you for being loyal , but try not to disguise that fact so bloomin much”

      I keep coming back because I feel that Admin is a supporter, someone who supports and hopes the people he is supporting do well. For me that is a supporter and not a fake fan who is a closet glory hunter!

      I see more AOB posts when compared to AKB though, these are posts made by people who was willing to share them and hope to add a thought to fellow Arsenal fans… well at least I think 😛 K seems to be pure Anti-Wenger and refuses to read anything other than what follows his opinion and that bugs me BUT isn’t that evidence that Admin isn’t sucking the cream out of Wengers ‘eclair’?

  11. mr. admin , i speak only my mind . if you find the truth to be offencive then i suggest you give your full attention to the pursuit of another endeavour . we cannot be all back clapping you every time you publish an article .you had a wonderful page here some time ago , but you let your ego get the better of you . you also look at everything through wenger coloured glasses . if this is insulting you then god help us all . what kind of a world are we living in if you call this offencive . would you be willing to give me one or two examples of me insulting you please sir . that way i shall gladly refrain form insulting you on your own page , do we have a deal , you got this ?.

  12. Mr. Admin we got and respect and fully understand your point is duly noted…..what saddens me as an ARSENAL fan is the argument between Fans because of the direction the Club has taken under the current ownership/management, WENGER has become a divisive figure within this team that we all love, and this did not happen suddenly the anger of some might go over the edge and is the result of years watching again and again WENGER’s shortcomings…..from one ARSENAL fan to another we all appreciate you putting this blog together, since I joined have not looked elsewhere, but we need to understand and tolerate each other including those who tend to radicalize their views, something that most of us feel but not express by watching our great team being ridiculed and minimize by football fans around the world. Thank you again and looking forward to better times.

  13. @admin I completely agree with you and this article. WOB are too emotional and irrational! Wether or not we want Wenger/Stan/players out of the team, there’s nothing that will change until end of season at least! Muppets talk of banners and protests but still want to win the league?! Lol messing with the teams morale can have a negative impact and cause our season to implode further! Spiralling in to new levels of embarrassment! (although I empathise with their anger/frustration)

    I’ve always backed AW but not buying a single outfield player was the last straw for me! How ridiculous!!!

    However, after 20 years he deserves to see out his contract. Plus we all make mistakes and deserve a chance to rectify them. Who knows what he has planned?! Although highly unlikely, he could go all fifa 16 mode and buy some top quality players and splash the cash, for one last hurrah at the league. It’s conceivable is it not?

    Come the start of next season, if we don’t have shiny new recruits then believe me, I’ll be jumping ship from AKB to WOB because how many chances does someone need to wake up?! We are AFC and the most injury prone team in the world! (pretty sure every player has been injured this season?)

    Until proven otherwise, let’s stay calm, not jump to assumptions based on past mistakes and let’s all share the love for the red and white shirt with a cannon. COYG

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