Betting on Arsenal v Chelsea pre-season match 2021/22

What’s Next: Arsenal vs Chelsea

The countdown for the Premier League 2021/22 started as Arsenal vs Hibernian kicked-off the pre-season friendlies last July 13. With three games in, Arsenal is seeing a rise in their performance. It started slowly with a 1-2 loss against Hibernian followed by a draw with Rangers. 


Yet Arsenal changed course and completely dominated Millwall in the third match. Calum Chambers made the first goal, followed by Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, and Folarin Balogun. This match could have been Arsenal’s first clean sheet this pre-season if not for Murray Wallace pinching a score at the last minute. The game ended with Arsenal 4-1 Millwall.


To support better mental health, the Premier League trio of Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs will face each other as a part of The Mind Series campaign. They will split the funds raised to promote mental health awareness across the UK.


The matches are as scheduled:

  • Arsenal vs Chelsea: August 1, Emirates Stadium, 3 PM, Sunday
  • Chelsea vs Tottenham: August 4, Stamford Bridge, 7:45 PM, Wednesday
  • Tottenham vs Arsenal: August 8, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, 2 PM, Sunday


The government lifted the restrictions for large outdoor events, but it remains unsure if everyone can attend as unvaccinated fans might not be allowed to enter. With this, more people are reluctant to visit retail locations and will remain glued to their screens. This is a sign for casual punters to consider other ways for their betting exchange activities.


Using a bet broker for Arsenal F.C upcoming matches

A football betting broker acts as the middleman between the bettor and bookmaker. Most aggregators provide single-account access to various bookies and real-time odds. Because of this, there is no need to move funds or monitor several accounts because everything is in one place.


Placing bets on Arsenal F.C just got easier with casual betting. In casual betting, the punter just bets according to his favorites and his hunches. It enables new punters to enjoy the game without going into technical details. Of course, football trading platforms like VOdds always make sure that you are in the loop with the best online betting tips and trading risks.


Another benefit of using a broker is getting access to diverse Asian bookmakers that are hard to reach outside Asia.

Asian bookies and how can you take advantage of them


Asian handicap betting recognizes that one team has the virtual lead over the other (based on track records, player’s health, etc). A punter can handicap one team and the chance of a draw is eliminated.


Let’s use Arsenal vs Chelsea’s upcoming game as an example.


  • Arsenal has the deficit as they have more wins compared to Chelsea.
  • In the simplest case, the odds will be Arsenal with -1.5 and Chelsea with +1.5.
  • If you bet on Arsenal beating Chelsea in these odds, Arsenal must win the game by 2 or more goals.
  • You’ll lose your bet if Chelsea wins, gets a draw, or Arsenal wins with only 1 goal.
  • If you bet on Chelsea, you’ll win if Chelsea wins, draws, or loses by 1 goal.


New players also have big effects on the odds. Consider the performance of Mikel Arteta’s new recruits, Albert Sambi Lokonga and Nuno Tavares, on your next bet. Especially keep a close eye on Sambi Lokonga who is dubbed as a quality baller by Yannick Bolasie. The 21-year-old has high prospects of playing regularly as the only new midfielder signed for this season.


Sports betting, especially on Asian handicap markets, can be overwhelming to newbies. Register an account on a licensed sports trading platform without a long-term commitment. Make sure to grab their special bonus during Premier League 2021/22 today!

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  1. As long time pro bettor, I warn unwary fan against getting involved in betting at all. Bookies offer all sorts of incentives but they are always done with just one aim. To get the unwary punters money in their grip. An extremely tiny per cent of those who bet ever make money. Way less than one percent. WAY LESS!

    IF you are able to bet for fun with small bets only and can control theurge to get in deeper, then like drinking, it can be pleasurable.

    But do be aware of the dangers of being sucked in . I am sorry to see this fine site now luring its customers into betting, simply for JA’s financial benefit(passed on by the bookies).

    I know what I am doing and have vast personal experience and studied odds and the science of betting many moons ago and I still lose , sometimes heavily, though not overall.

    But please, if you are unwary , do take great care and remember how gambling has broken so many lives, even some of our famous ex-players.

    I will be extremely heartbroken and angry if this well meant warningand sincere warning is removed by Ad PAT.

    PS IF you intend to ignore all I say and are new to gambling, then at least study how odds and percentages work first.

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