JustArsenal Euro 2024 Predictions – Can Southgate’s much-criticed England make it to the Final?

Dan’s Euro 24 Predictions

Spain 0-0 France

This Euros will be remembered for the entitlement of some supporters all across Europe.
I heard fans of old criticise teams when they get knocked out of tournaments, but not when they are advancing round by round.
Spectators, media, pundits, YouTubers, etc, all feel they are entitled to a certain style of football. Hence why Deschamps is being questioned despite being in the last two World Cup Finals!

It would be easy to follow the thread that Spain are favourites on Tuesday based on playing the most attractive football in Germany.
Yet while you sense English players are yet to reach their potential this tournament, France are simply following their manager’s tactics.
Les Bleus are yet to score a goal in open play in this competition, but they also haven’t conceded one either.
That’s by design.

Whether that should be their approach with the attacking talent they have is a debate for another day. Yet it seems some need reminding there is more than one way to win a match and that there is an art to defending.

UEFA’s silly rules mean Spain have players who were booked in the group stages then in the quarter final,s and that’s enough to be suspended for a semifinal! Pedri will be injured.

Substitutes have played a massive part in the last few weeks. If their wingers can be kept quiet (big if) do the Spanish have the squad to change things in extra time?

England 1-0 Netherlands

In every single round the majority of English fans seem to be saying the same thing.
We have to improve collectively and as individuals else law of averages it’s going to catch up with us.
Yet the fact remains we are two games away from being the Champions of Europe. So, it needs to be pointed out that club and nations have lifted trophies by setting up hard to beat and relying on a moment of magic to win games.

It’s not the style of football Three Lions supporters want to see, but I still don’t understand after watching England play under Southgate for 8 years why so many are shocked we have rocked up to Germany playing conservatively?

A lots been mentioned about what the manager can’t do, but it’s only correct I highlight his strengths.
He’s made players want to play for their country, creating resilience and spirit. In my lifetime not many times did England come from behind to win in knockout football.

I certainly don’t recall penalty shoot outs when all English takers had so much swagger.

The likes of Poland, Austria and Turkey have shown you can make chances against the Dutch.

Pundits and media (bordering on hysteria) are now suggesting Harry Kane should be dropped.

A semi-final is not the time to be dropping your greatest ever goal scorer.

It’s crazy but we could be in only our second Final since 1966 (both under Southgate) and still be saying we haven’t played well.


Going into the last Quarter Final only a 2-1 Netherland’s win would knock me out.
Hopefully the Dutch won’t break my heart on Wednesday all over again.

Our Final 4 are.

MTG Vs Antivirus
Jon Vs Okobino

3 points for correct Scoreline
1 if result is right.
If scores are even, you will be separated by,

Most correct results this round.
If still level, most correct results in whole tournament
If still same, highest points in Group stages
In the unlikely event all of the same are identical winner will be based on who was higher in our domestic table


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  1. Need to drop no goal contribution Foden to the bench and replace him with one of the benched players who have so far performed better. Southgate needs to be brave and drop Foden who has given the ball away too many times putting England under pressure. The STATs don’t lie. Be brave Southgate you know what must be done for the good of the team, he has had his chance and has not produced club form to England. Many other players in the past have been great club players have not been able to step up. He doesn’t gel with England like he does for Manchester.

  2. Good luck to the final 4, I’m predicting a 2-0 win for England v Netherlands and then we lose to Spain in the final.

  3. Well Dan, you have given your predictions in the article, so if he doesn’t realise before the game tomorrow then, you should take his place imo. He will have to forfeit and you were his opposition.

    Any other opinions out there?

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