JustArsenal Euro Prediction Q-Final results and the draw for the semis revealed

So I only had my own dramatic quarter Final prediction nailbiter against Antivirus

I was in a situation where only a 2-1 Netherlands wins could stop me from a place in the semi final …heartbreaking .
As ever thanks everyone for playing and join us for our domestic game starting in August.
Here are the results and how the last 4 look .
MTG 7 Ackshay 2
Me 3- Antivirus 4
JRA 2-Jon 6
Okobino 6- NOAS 2
So in the next round ……
MTG Vs Antivirus
Jon Vs Okobino
Good luck peeps



  1. Damn shame I missed the euro league this time lol. All the best everyone in the semis….(Is Jon playing when he said he won’t participate in predictions previously? Lol)

    1. Sid,
      I’m not sure that Jon is Jon Fox
      Admin banned him for being a pain in the neck
      Personally, I mostly found JF an entertaining contributor. Not always in agreement but he was a character

  2. Well played Okobino, you slaughtered me so you’re my pick for the win!! Best of luck my brother/sister!

    Dan, thanks once again for your stellar commitment in organising and tracking these predictions, I look forward to the new season starting.

    1. Haha, NOAS you actually did well and luck was on my side this round. Thanks for the wishes!

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