JustArsenal needs its loyal readers to help us build a great community

Starting a new forum is always difficult, you need to get people posting and for a community feeling to spread and that is not always easy and we need you, JustArsenal readers, to help us build up our new forum.

The motivation behind the forum was simple, a way to bring people together to discuss in a friendly and passionate manner all things Arsenal.

The comments section on JustArsenal is fantastic, we love how you guys respond to the articles that we publish, however, we felt that it was restrictive in that your comments are based on that one article and there was a tendency for those comments to be diverted onto other subjects unrelated to that particular article.

We still want you to post your comments in the same manner and passion that you have always done but to also do that on the forum.

As an example we can post up a transfer gossip story and the comments will reflect that but there is always more to a piece of gossip than just the speculation itself and the forum gives you the opportunity to discuss all the other stuff relating to that piece of gossip, transfer budget, other players we should look to sign, who should be sold and so on. The comments section is too narrow to handle all that in an organised manner.

It is also the case that on occasions we can do a transfer gossip article and some posters will put up team news or score prediction and while we love that, they are not really appropriate in a transfer gossip article.

On the forum, you can respond to a ton of posts, start your own topics, change your avatar at will, have your own signature and much more.

So, if you have the time and inclination please come over to JustArsenal Forums, leave comments and suggestions, and help us build a vibrant community dedicated to all things Arsenal.

Thank you

Pat and Martin


  1. gotanidea says:

    Had I wanted to post on a forum, I would have posted on another Arsenal forum that has existed before Just Arsenal Forum appeared. I just want to post on an Arsenal news site and I believe the others would have similar reason(s)

    My only advice is to improve the quality of articles on this website, instead of spending the administrators’ time and effort on other sites. Some of the articles were great, whereas the others were simply clickbaits

    I know it’s not easy to create a high quality content, but I really appreciate the admins’ effort in posting frequently. That’s why I keep posting as well and I just don’t have time to comment on another site

    1. GunnerJack says:

      My own thought on this is that Admin already posts too many articles to start with and many are much the same. A couple of articles per day would be more than enough for me, unless there was some urgent breaking news of course, but maybe ask others what they think.

  2. Are things changing? says:

    Just posted a number of replies. Sip

  3. GunnerJack says:

    I find it confusing. For a start there appears to be two forums: the ‘Just Arsenal Members Only’ forum and the ‘Just Arsenal Forum’. What are the differences and which do we use? What’s wrong with just one?
    On Wed someone called JacketyJack said on one of the forums ‘I cannot get out tonight and don’t have any subscriptions to cable TV so any links will help’. I went to hit the ‘Reply’ button to post a couple of links only to find there wasn’t one!
    However just below there was a post from Admin Martin which had a suggestion for him and on this post there WAS a ‘Reply’ button!? However as Martin’s suggestion only applied to people in the UK it was no good for people anywhere else.
    Hope J-Jack managed to find somewhere to watch the game – then again, maybe he’d only regret it!
    I think I’ll just stick to this forum, especially as I won’t be posting much until at least the friendlies start. Not interested in all the hundreds of players we’re going to sign.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    I gave it a second look just now to see if it’s something that might grow on me, looked up what people were saying, I’ve visited other forums too but can’t make head nor tails of them. A lot of topics which seems mostly the average user is making, and coming across like tweeting for the most part. If your someone who likes forums then it might be me that is not getting it or not making much sense, I’ve tried before with them but always found that a thread with a quick sign in at the bottom was more my speed.

  5. Admin Martin says:

    Thank you for your comments and observations, I will be available in the forum for any questions that you may have and will endeavour to answer them as best I can

    1. gerry burke says:

      sounds like a comment straight out of the wenger book of lying comments .

      1. Are things changing? says:

        ??? That seems like a needlessly aggressive comment? Did I miss something?

  6. Le Coq Monster says:

    I find it confusing aswell.
    Had a look and what is the difference to writing on the forum as to writing on here ?

    Agree that there are too many posts and I find that I have to keep going back onto posts to look if there are any replies. One post a day is enough for me, it should be about quality content rather than quantity and I`m sure bloggers can put up a comment about any new news of transfers etc`on one post. It would also be less work for admin.
    I`m not knocking admin because he does a great job in doing so many posts, but if he was trying to scale down it makes sense to do less……….sometimes less is more.

  7. Sean Williams says:

    My worry is that you rarely bring Stan Kroenke to task. That tells me you are either dishonest or whimps. Are you an American based site? That may explain why you never directly and strongly criticise Kroenke. If you want to speak about and on behalf of Arsenal supporters then understand the strengths of their reasoning, feelings, and emotions. They are hurting at the moment. A successful Arsenal boosts it’s supporters lives. If you are Arsenal supporters at Just Arsenal do not wimp out and please point your finger. Kroenke is a lowlife. As far as Arsenal supporters are concerned that is a fact not fiction from our beloved club’s side. Don’t be scared to criticise the man. You are on the side of Arsenal supporters. Aren’t you?

  8. Gir says:

    Tried the forum out and absolute rubbish, keeps on saying my password is wrong yet it is exactly right. Reset again and same nonsense.

  9. gerry burke says:

    cannot figure on how to access the forum, it keeps on telling me that a password has been sent, but nothing . i am sure this is just teething problems during the initial setup. so i will wait until everything is running smoothl

  10. Admin Martin says:

    Le Coq Monster – There are many differences between a forum and comments on particular articles, for starters, you can start your own topics and discuss Arsenal related subjects that we may not have covered.

    Sean Williams – I would respectfully suggest you use the search option and you will soon see the amount of Kroenke articles we have done, but regardless, surely this is the exact sort of topic to bring up in a forum where a healthy debate can take place. Additionally, we are not wimps, dishonest or an American based site, I doubt you could get more North London than me.

    Gir – Because you cannot access the site via a password issue does not make it rubbish, I am sure there is a reasonable explanation that can easily be resolved, please email me at admin@justarsenalforums.com with your username and I will sort it out for you.

    gerry burke – If you can also email me at admin@justarsenalforums.com with your username and the email you registered with I can have a look and resolve the issue.

    There will be teething problems and I do apologise for them, we are doing our best to create a great community for you all and this is early days and your support would be greatly appreciated.


    1. ken1945 says:

      Admin Martin, can I ask if you are the same’martin” who postson justarsenal?

      I have received an email asking to put in my password via a website that contains about fifty different symbols!!!

      This email appeared in my spam box, maybe that’s why others are having problems?

      Agree 100% regarding the number of articles being too many.

  11. Pat says:

    Some of the articles are quite uninteresting or repeated, or just some unfounded rumours hence I read but do not comment because I just simply don’t have any sensible response. I don’t think it is a bad thing for us to drift into something completely different from what the article is saying. I also like coming here because of friends I formed on this forum. Maybe admin should just let us write what we want so far it is healthy and acceptable to others.

  12. Admin Martin says:

    Yes, I also post on JustArsenal

    Can you please forward me the email to admin@justarsenalforums.com so I can have a look.

  13. ozziegunner says:

    I must congratulate Admin on managing this site, but agree with other posters that I would rather see fewer articles, less repetition and more informative articles.
    I also am not a fan of the new format, as on my Android the comments shift to the right and become elongated top to bottom.
    I wontbe worrying about the forum and will just stick to this site. I already waste too much time here (LOL)
    Keep up the good work.

  14. jomki says:

    A fantastic idea. Your articles are well informed and well written i really enjoy reading them..

  15. Boluwatife says:

    Hello admin, seeing lot of changes but pls let’s just stick to this. I can’t believe I’ve been on this site for 8 years + and I still love coming here.

  16. Sean Williams says:

    Admin Martin

    “Sean Williams – I would respectfully suggest you use the search option and you will soon see the amount of Kroenke articles we have done, but regardless, surely this is the exact sort of topic to bring up in a forum where a healthy debate can take place. Additionally, we are not wimps, dishonest or an American based site, I doubt you could get more North London than me.”

    Thanks for responding Martin. Like you then, I am a true gooner. I have lived around the corner or within short walking distance of both Highbury and the Emirates most of my life, and like most supporters my daily equilibrium is very connected to the welfare and status of Arsenal. It shouldn’t be like that, but it factually is. It’s always nice to see allegedly reasoned articles with good arguments. Trouble is that most supporters are almost conjoined to Arsenal like Siamese Twins. Their feelings and emotions are bound up with the club and………rightly so. That’s just reality. So we need to be like the French and European resistance during the second world war war. We need to be emotional with Kroenke. In 90% of situations we need reason, calmness, clarity. With a bad, greedy man such as Kroenke, reason does not work. So we have to fight the man or we will be a nothing team for many, many years. Kroenke is starving our club, hurting our club, hurting us by his delusions and greed and has no right to own our club.

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