Justarsenal new server change – good news and bad news!

Okay everyone its finally happened. Just Arsenal News has moved to a new server. The good news is that It is muchmuch faster and more capacity, but the fact is that because it took two weeks for us to test and confirm everythings okay, there will be a few posts that are missing.

Not new ones but about 50 (out of 17000) old ones. Naturally I am a little worried about how Google etc will react but as the site will be so much faster I’m hoping they will stay onside.

The BAD news is that we are likely to lose about 2 weeks worth of comments from you guys, but I am hoping you will appreciate that it will be worth it in the end as the site will load so much faster and you will have less problems logging in in future.

If you are reading this post you are on the new server and everything is hunky dory…..

Please let me know of any problems if you encounter any?

Love to you all and fingers crossed!



  1. ????????
    Congratulations Admin ??
    This upgrade is equivalent to moving to the Emirates,
    Lets just hope that it doesn’t effect the performance,
    where it matters most! ?

  2. @ Admin

    Just to let you know that a security warning pops-up for this site now. ? I just hope that it doesn’t put anyone off?

  3. Off topic,, I think zizo should replace Wenger. I believe he would leave Madrid after this season. Madrid don’t normally have couches for a long period.

  4. Good news for us and good job for admin. For that reason I got the loading and opening processes faster than before recently. Thank you admin. I hope this improvement will continue on Wenger’s CB & CF searching engine as it requires upgrading.

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