JustArsenal’s Euro 2024 Predictions – Can England scrape through to the last 8?

Dan’s Euro 2024 predictions (last 16)

Italy 0-0 Switzerland

Monday can be viewed a couple of ways. Some will rightfully say Italy had zero quality in the final third till the 98th minute. Others will point out that historically getting a result when not playing well is part of the Italian DNA at competitions.

This really comes down to how Switzerland approach this occasion.

Play how they did in the Group stages and them winning wouldn’t be an upset.

Yet back in his homeland Murat Yakin was being questioned for being too conservative and not ambitious enough.

It’s fascinating to see how he approaches this weekend.

Does he revert back to being hard to beat or does he go for his opponents throat?

Germany 1-0 Denmark

The question mark pre-tournament was do Germany have the mentality to cope with being hosts once things were not going well?

So strangely I think their youngsters will benefit from the experience of trailing to Switzerland and being able to hold on to top spot in Group A.

Denmark are one of two nations to manage to get to the last 16 without winning a game (making a mockery of UEFA’s format).

So that tells you how they will approach Saturday. They will be well organised and hard to break down. The earlier the home side do that the more straightforward the evening.

Yet the Danes are a hard nut to crack, and I can see their hearts being broken late.

Germans not playing well but finding a way to win in knockout football is what many fans have been brought up on.

England 1-0 Slovakia

I still don’t get why some of my peers have rocked up to this tournament shocked that Southgate is playing conservative football.

Have they not watched the Three Lions play in the last 8 years?

Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion based on a team as a collective and individuals, yet there’s a line you can cross where you are being hysterical.

In the last week I have heard debates of should Kane, Saka, Foden, Rice and now Bellingham be dropped!

I do feel that is where pundits (especially ex-players) have a duty to offer perspective and not constant doom and gloom.

The reality is England are unbeaten, topping a group which ensures (on paper) we are on the kind half of the draw.

My hope is the potential pathway to the final gives the dressing room an injection of confidence and some hope.

Do we have to improve dramatically for that to happen?

Of course,

Yet it will still be by grinding out results.

Spain 3-0 Georgia

Spain have easily been the best side in Germany so far, the only side to win all their group games.

Be warned though they started previous tournaments like this recently and then in the knockout stages got knocked out when they didn’t have a Plan B, when their Tika taka passing wasn’t working.

These days the Spanish have an alternative in their wingers.

Not that it’s in Georgia’s nature to park the bus.

This might sound strange for a game in the last 16 but Sagnol will treat this like a free swing and tell his players to just go for it.

Physically and emotionally, they have nothing left after the energy they put into their first ever victory at any competition. Statistically based on FIFA rankings, Georgia defeating Portugal is the biggest upset in the history of the Euros.

The squad was already awarded the medal of honour just for qualifying. Imagine when they return home

France 1-0 Belgium

The grief England get for topping their group!

I couldn’t believe my eyes on Wednesday when at 0-0, KDB was keeping the ball into a corner content to take a point to seal 2nd place in their section fully aware that means a game against France!

The captain even punched the air at the full-time whistle!

Belgians didn’t know to celebrate or boo?

Surely someone from their PR department could have advised Domenico Tedesco that blaming a 0-0 draw on traffic isn’t what frustrated supporters want to hear?

Even if that’s what the manager believes – maybe keep it to yourself

Imagine Southgate saying that?

Tired of consecutive World Cup finals, apparently some in France feel Deschamp is too conservative. His case not helped by France the only country in the last 16 yet to score a goal in open play.

At least though France play as a unit while Belgium play like they are still relying on individuals to do something magical.

Do the Red Devils believe they can get through this tie?

Portugal 2-1 Slovenia

Like Denmark, Slovenia have managed to qualify for the knockout stages without yet winning at the Euros. A country in the last 16 without ever winning in the history of the European Championships again makes a mockery of UEFA format.

Like most underdogs it comes down to how they approach the occasion.

They knew a point against England was mostly likely enough to qualify from their group so simply played for a 0-0.

Parking the bus on Monday would play into their opponents hands.

Martinez made 8 changes for the Georgia game. One of the three to still start was Ronaldo. While neither will admit it, clearly the captain had a word with his manager and suggested that Georgia would be the perfect opportunity to score at a record 6th Euros.

It turned into an embarrassment.

I still expect to see the 39-year-old start this last 16 tie

Romania 1-1 Netherlands

The Dutch have had days of pundits /ex-players critiquing the captain, team selection be questioned, and the manger being told his job is on the line on Tuesday.

So, it’s not just Southgate?

Ronald Koeman has taken the approach of admitting the performance against Austria was ‘awful’ and ‘appalling’.

Has there been a slight overreaction based on their opening two fixtures!

At one point finishing third could have meant facing an England or a Spain. They are fortunate to not qualify not in the top 2 of their group and yet avoid France, Germany, Spain or Portugal till the Final.

Romania though are a bit of a banana skin.

Media and fans in the Netherlands will expect a response against a Nation with 2 wins in the history of the Euros

Yet the Romanians can be well drilled, a togetherness where everyone knows their roles and will most likely perform once again in front of their brilliant yellow wall.

The pressure is on their opponents, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Austria 2-2 Turkey

The two dark horses of the competition?

You could argue have any other country played better football in Germany then these two?

With their Gegenpressing ethos no nation at this tournament have a clear identity like Austria.

When you play under Ralf Rangnick you have to be super fit. It will be interesting if his squad can cope with the schedule it will take to go deep in the Euros, especially if they end up playing extra time.

Given the group they topped the Austrians now have a focus on themselves and probably start Tuesday as favourites to advance?

They are not used to being in that position and might secretly prefer being underdogs


Predict all 8 fixtures

90 mins count only

So, any game you think will go to extra time or pens, predict a draw)



Kenya Vs Ackshay

Drayton Vs Me

Ralph Vs Antivirus

Sue P Vs JRA

Jon Vs Terrah

Okobino Vs Admin

NOAS Vs Baron




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  1. Italy 1 Vs 2 Switzerland
    Germany 2 Vs 1 Denmark
    England 2 Vs 1 Slovakia
    Spain 2 Vs 1 Georgia
    France 2 Vs 1 Belgium
    Portugal 2 Vs 1 Slovenia
    Romania 1 Vs 2 Netherlands
    Austria 2 Vs 1 Turkey

  2. If Southgate listens to the Manu TV pundit panel and plays our second top goal scorer in defence, then England will become the laughing stock of the world.

    If I was Saka, and the England manager insulted me by asking a two times player of the year to play in defence, I would copy White and pack my bags and be on the first plane home.

    I don’t think Saka is a mug and he won’t be humiliated. It maybe a racist thing with the Manu panel of Neville and Roy Kean, as I remember them having a problem with Patrick Viera,I just don’t know but it is a humiliating thing.

    If Saka plays the mug and gets roped into playing in defence, then he will be the first player they blame for England not keeping a clean sheet.

    Saka, you may need to pack your bags and follow Whites example, of no confidence in the England manager.

      1. It would be a cardinal sin to play Saka at left back whether it’s for club or country.

        The Big German did get on the score sheet in that fail experiment by Nagelsmann, his superior aerial prowess and physicality may have influenced the German manager in playing the Arsenal man in that weird position.

  3. Italy 0-0 Switzerland
    Germany 2-1 Denmark
    England 1-0 Slovakia
    Spain 3-1 Georgia
    France 2-1 Belgium
    Portugal 3-1 Slovenia
    Romania 1-2 Netherlands
    Austria 2-1 Turkey.

    Kudos Dan 🙌
    Great job.

  4. Switzerland 1 – 2 Italy
    Germany 3 – 1 Denmark
    England 1 – 0 Slovakia
    Spain 2 – 0 Georgia
    France 2 – 1 Belgium
    Portugal 2 – 1 Slovenia
    Romania 2 – 1 Netherlands
    Austria 3 – 2 Turkey

  5. Italy 2-1 Switzerland
    Germany 2-1 Denmark
    England 2-0 Slovakia
    Spain 3-1 Georgia
    France 2-1 Belgium
    Portugal 2-1 Slovenia
    Romania 1-1 Netherlands
    Austria 2-2 Turkey

  6. Switzerland 1-2 Italy
    Germany 2-0 Denmark
    England 3-1 Slovakia
    Spain 3-0 Georgia
    France 1-1 Belgium
    Portugal 2-0 Slovenia
    Romania 1-2 Netherlands
    Austria 2-0 Turkey

  7. Italy 0-0 Switzerland
    Germany 1-0 Denmark
    England 2-0 Slovakia
    Spain 2-0 Georgia
    France 1-0 Belgium
    Portugal 2-1 Slovenia
    Romania 1-2 Netherlands
    Austria 1-0 Turkey

  8. Italy 1-1 Switzerland
    Germany 2-0 Denmark
    England 3-0 Slovakia(more in hope than expectation)
    Spain2-1 Georgia
    France 2-2 Belgium
    Portugal 2-1 Slovenia
    Romania 0-1 Netherlands
    Austria 2-1 Turkey

  9. Italy 0-0 Switzerland
    Germany 1-0 Denmark
    England 2-0 Slovakia
    Spain 2-0 Georgia
    France 1-0 Belgium
    Portugal 2-1 Slovenia
    Romania 1-2 Netherlands
    Austria 1-0 Turkey

  10. Switzerland 1 – 1 Italy
    Germany 2 – 1 Denmark
    England 1 – 0 Slovakia
    Spain 3 – 1 Georgia
    France 1 – 0 Belgium
    Portugal 2 – 1 Slovenia
    Romania 1 – 1 Netherlands
    Austria 2 – 1 Turkey

  11. Italy 1-0 Switzerland
    Germany 3-1 Denmark
    England 3-0 Slovakia
    Spain 2-1 Georgia
    France 0-0 Belgium
    Portugal 1-0 Slovenia
    Romania 1-1 Netherlands
    Austria 2-1 Turkey

  12. Italy 1-1 Switzerland
    Germany 2-0 Denmark
    England 2-0 Slovakia
    Spain 2-0 Georgia
    France 1-1 Belgium
    Portugal 2-0 Slovenia
    Romania 1-1 Netherlands
    Austria 3-1 Turkey

  13. Jon ……

    Italy 1 Vs 1 Switzerland
    Germany 2 Vs 0 Denmark
    England 2 Vs 0 Slovakia
    Spain 3 Vs 0 Georgia
    France 2 Vs 1 Belgium
    Portugal 2 Vs 0 Slovenia
    Romania 1 Vs 1 Netherlands
    Austria 1 Vs 0 Turkey

    1. Italy 1 v Switzerland 1
      Germany 2 v Denmark 1
      England 2 v Slovakia 0
      Spain 2 v Georgia 0
      France 2 v Belgium 1
      Portugal 2 v Slovenia 1
      Romania 0 v Netherlands 1
      Austria 2 v Turkey 2

  14. Good luck okibindo. Youre lucky im useless lol.
    Italy 1-0 Switzerland
    Germany 3-0 Denmark
    England 2-0 Slovakia
    Spain 4-0 Georgia
    France 2-1 Belgium
    Portugal 3-1 Slovenia
    Romania 2-0 Netherlands
    Austria 1-1 Turkey

  15. Peeps if you end joint on points you are separated by most correct scores in that round
    If still same most correct scores in group stages ( rest of tournament)
    If still same most points in groups stages
    If still same , higher position in domestic table

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