JustArsenal’s Euro 2024 Predictions – Quarter Finals – Can England cope with Switzerland?

Dan’s Euro 2024 Predictions Q-finals

Spain 1-1 Germany

Perhaps the two most convincing sides so far?

Spain have done this before though in competitions. They play free flowing football in the group stages before becoming unstuck in knockout football where they dominate but can’t unlock a defence.

Hence why in their last three major tournaments they have been knocked out on penalties having passed the ball sideways around for 120 minutes.

The difference now is they have an alternative. Their plan B (their wingers) have been so good it’s become their plan A.

Yet this is Germany in Germany!

Most of us grew up with Germany not always having the best players but finding a way to get over the line.

If it wasn’t for home advantage, I would pick the visitors, but I can see a tie where they can’t turn possession into goals and get caught cold in extra time or on spot kicks.

France 1-0 Portugal

If want to base life on black and white, then no it’s not ideal for Portugal ‘s captain to be crying after missing a penalty when there are still 15 mins of a game left that is 0-0.

No, it can’t help the rest of the squad to see their leader upset.

Yet to clarify Ronaldo didn’t break down on purpose. He didn’t decide halfway through extra time to make it about himself so made tears appear.

Was it unusual? Yes

But that’s kind of the point!

Name the most talented players you have ever seen and think how long they spent at the apex of the sport.

What makes Ronaldo and Messi so special is for nearly two decades they have the mentality which is unrivalled.

Having won Champions League’s, multiple Balon D’ors, trophies for their countries, become millionaires, where do they find the motivation to care as much as they do?

Yet both are spending their summers on international duty still trying to achieve even more.

Most players nearly 40 would just be grateful to be in the squad, content to get off the bench for a few minutes to add to their caps.

For Ronaldo, he’s desperate to be the only man to score in 6 European Championships and for every chance he missed against Slovenia, I think he knew his best chance of that happening was fading, hence why he got more desperate.

Is that self-involved?

Of course.

Yet, take away that aspect of the 39-year old’s personality and you never get all the glorious things he’s done in his career including the only trophy his nation have ever won.

He’s the last Portuguese who needs to hold up his hands and apologise.

I think his thought process was the first few games was a golden opportunity to break his own record.

Now that it’s a quarter final and the opponents are France, I think his priority won’t be about who scores, but finding anyway to get to the semi-Final.

Put it this way, he won’t be shooting at free kicks from ridiculous angles against the French like he was doing Monday night.

France incredibly are in the last 8 despite being the only team not to score in open play at Euro 2024.

Back in his homeland Deschamps continues to be questioned for being too conservative and not getting the best out of his attack.

What he can do is make his team hard to score against. They are yet to concede in open play

England 1-0 Switzerland

The biggest compliment I can give Switzerland is England that will have to play better than they have in Germany so far if they want to be in the semifinal.

I said this before the Italy tie, a lot comes down to if Murat Yakin remains positive or goes back to his conservative self?

The longer the game is level neither coach is the type to take chances and risk losing the game.

I still maintain there is a line between criticism and hysteria. Pundits, especially ex-players, have a duty to not be reactionary.

I like Gary Neville, but him demanding Southgate make 5 subs at half time last Sunday because his team were trailing 1-0 is what I expect off a YouTuber, not someone getting paid to talk about the sport.

For the next 45 mins I had to listen to commentary demanding substitutions.

If the English manager had listened, Bellingham and Kane wouldn’t have been on the pitch to score, proving their boss correct to leave his best talent on.

There are teams who have won trophies with a solid defence and rely on a moment of magic from an individual.

Law of averages though, you’re not going to keep getting away with playing poorly. Eventually that catches up with you.

Netherlands 2-3 Turkey

Let’s make it clear, it’s not just England who will be thinking they will never have a better chance to get to the Final.

Both of these two nations will feel if they play how they did in the last round they don’t have to fear anyone (including the Three Lions).

The Netherlands struggled against Austria in the Group stages and Turkey play a similar style.

In my opinion Turkey have been involved in the most entertaining games and Saturday will be another one.

They give so much energy though, that if it goes to extra time though the Dutch become the favourites.



Q Final

MTG Vs Ackshay

Me Vs Antivirus

JRA Vs Jon

Okobino Vs NOAS

1 point for correct result

3 points if Score line is correct (based on 90 mins).

If level on points you will be separated on who got the most correct scorelines this round.

If still level, you will be separated on the most correct scores in the entire tournament.

In the unlikely event things are still even whoever had the most points in the group stages is put through.

If all of the above remain identical you will be separated by who finished higher in Just Arsenal’s domestic table

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  1. Thanks Dan and good luck to everyone.

    Spain 2-1 Germany
    France 1-0 Portugal
    England 0-0 Switzerland
    Netherlands 2-0 Turkey

  2. Spain 2-2 Germany
    France 2-1 Portugal
    England 1-0 Switzerland
    Netherlands 3-1 Turkey

    So hard to call what has been a very random tournament so far but it’s been great for a neutral like me.

    Dan can we have side bets on how many free kicks Ronaldo will miss to settle ties instead of correct result? 🤣🤣

  3. Southgate is pressing the panic button by yielding to pressure and resorting to a back-three option for England against the Swiss.

  4. Spain 2 -1 Germany
    France 1 -1 Portugal
    England 2-1 Switzerland
    Netherlands 2-1 Turkey

  5. Spain 1- 2 Germany
    France 1-0 Portugal
    England 0-0 Switzerland
    Netherlands 2 – 0 Turkey

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