JustArsenal’s Euro 24 Predictions League – Final Group Tables and Draw for the knockouts

Hey peeps, as you can imagine counting all scores, working out tables and head to head scores takes me long enough without having to check if players are submitting scores after kick off.

Despite a friendly warning , players were trying to predict correct scorelines after the result.

I’m not naming names but those players have had their entire scores for that round not added. E.g. (if you cheated for predictions G3 part 1, none of those scores are valid but G3, part 2 would be)

Anymore of this or sending more then one lots of scores will lead to an automatic DQ

If you have been knocked out at this stage thank you for talking part ….

Here are the Final tables after the Group Stages. The Top 2 go through and the 4 best third place players

Group A
iGL 35
Kenya 22
Baron 22 ( Kenya beats Baron on head to head )
Tom 21
Sagie 17

Group B

Ralph 20
Ackshay 19
J Gunner 19 ( Ackshay beat J Gunner on head to head )
GB 16
Ken 13

Group C

Drayton 26
MTG 24
Admin 23
Stephanie 19
O Achiel 12

Group D

Jon 23
JRA 22
Antivirus 21
J legend 17
Dendrite 0

Group E

Terrah 28
Me 28 ( both also level on head to head so Terrah is above me based on position in league finish )
Matthew 25
Gunsmoke 24

Group F

Okobino 30
Sue P 25
BBC 21
Prince 19
Edu 9

Qualified in third place
Me 28
Admin 23
Baron 22
Antivirus 21

Round of 16 ( predictions uploaded Friday morning )

Kenya Vs Ackshay
Drayton Vs Me
Ralph Vs Antivirus
Sue P Vs JRA
Jon Vs Terrah
Okobino Vs Admin
NOAS Vs Baron

( After this draw will be random )

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  1. Good luck to everyone who progressed to the knock out stages, but I’m out already after missing a couple of posts, not that I was doing very well anyway😂. Many thanks to you Dan for giving your valuable time to to run this competition and for routing out the cheaters!

  2. You have certainly put a lot of effort into organising this competition, Dan. Much appreciated and thrilled to have made it through to the next round. Good luck everyone

  3. i thought i crashed out after a terrible wk3 predictions 2 pts out of 12 fixtures lmao. Tough luck J Gunner who was ahead since the start

    About cheating lol at least try harder
    Austria 3-2Netherlands as if that wouldn’t be suspicious as all

  4. Omg, looks like I was paired in the group of death, if there was ever such a group.

    Congratulations to those who progress and to the awesome effort Dan has put so far into the competition.
    Would be nice to see a woman lift this coveted mug though 😲

      1. The group of death always refers to the most competitive group in world of football.

        Dan am looking at the group standing, then realizing the bottom place competitor from group E, with 24 points would win group B & D with minimum fuss 😲

  5. Pheeewww!!!
    How ironic that i’d have to qualify to the next round via a format i dislike. And same applies to you too Dan. Lol.

    Once again, thanks for dedicating your time to this course Dan.
    It’s a thankless job. Your efforts are appreciated 🙌

    On to the knockout stages 💪

  6. Thanks Dan, having all the fun courtesy of all the effort you are doing. I hope England could go all the way however bad they have been. I’d be supporting Austria though, they took my heart! All the best to everyone who qualified

  7. Too bad I couldn’t make it out of a group of professional predictors, am not that good in predicting tournament football…may the best man win’

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