Juventus and Barcelona now know how much Matteo Guendouzi will cost them

The Times is claiming that Arsenal has set a £40m price tag for Matteo Guendouzi as the Frenchman continues to remain outside of Mikel Arteta’s plans

The 21-year-old hasn’t been seen around the Arsenal first team since he had a bust-up with Mikel Arteta following his poor attitude in Arsenal’s game against Brighton.

He also missed out as the Gunners beat Chelsea 2-1 in the FA Cup final to win the trophy for the 14th time.

He has been linked with a move away from the Emirates with earlier reports claiming that Barcelona is willing to swap him with Philippe Coutinho.

The Gunners, however, remain convinced that he will grow up and fulfil his potential, but Mikel Arteta needs to strengthen his team and there is no point waiting on him to mature when he can be sold and used to fund a move for a player that is willing to make a telling contribution.

Italian Champions, Juventus have also been linked with a move for him and the Independent claims that Arsenal has approached them for a swap deal, although the Juve player hasn’t been revealed.

It remains to be seen if any team will be willing to pay that much for him, but the Gunners can afford to keep hold of him, especially if he gets his attitude right.

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  1. Lets get younger and hungrier player with resell value and reasonable wages. Players that more easily accepts and fits into Artetas philosophy.

    That way we solve more problems and we do not get new problems. Like with Willian, he is a very good player, but what do we do in 12-18 months if he gets injured or is replaced with a younger, better player. Then we have the Ozil saga all over again.

    Coutinho is a bit younger than Willian but he comes with a high wage and it is far from certain he will deliver.

  2. Only Arsenal will see Gouendouzi as a bad person, but teams like Barcelona, Juventas, PSG, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid highly value him. Being a manager of any business, you can’t expect all people to be the same. It really shows lack of managerial experience. Arteta will rather keep Xhaka for insulting Arsenal fans and sell Gouendouzi for disrespecting Brighton player

    1. Arteta isn’t keeping Xhaka because he insulted Arsenal fans. If he keeps him, it’s because Xhaka apologised, put his head down. did everything Arteta asked of him and put it all on the line for the club. Can you say that about Guendouzi? No, I didn’t think so. In my opinion, Guendouzi’s behaviour is far more insulting to the club than anything Xhaka has ever done. Arteta is spot on.

    2. By the way you are right.
      Viera/Kean tussle did not get Viera frozen out of the tea.
      Gouendezi Showed his passion for Arsenal.

      1. What passion? Not being able to control yourself isn’t passion and it’s not in the same category as Vieira/Kean who were actually top players. Guendouzi doesn’t win games for us like those players do, and tbh I dont see the potential that everyone raves about either. He’s been very average outside of the first few months he played for us. Arteta banished Ozil and Guendouzi, two supposedly great players, and won silverware without them. Well done, Mikel. I’ll trust him over an arrogant 21 yr old.

    3. Xhaka is better than Guendouzi lol. And I’d say that even earlier in the season too. Guendouzi is not good enough to be arrogant. I dont care if he succeeds somewhere else, it’s not going to happen at Arsenal.

  3. If we get £40 mil for him it’s worth selling and upgrading him.what has he done to warrant such a prima Donna attitude- he may become a good player in the future but we need better now

  4. And I am sure no one knows what happened behind the scene- it just can’t be the Brighton incident, there has to be something more serious

  5. Pls top gunner you know that arteta came into the club giving everyone a second chance but gouendouzi had probably broken a couple of rules so he had no choice but to set an example to others

  6. If we can sell him @ £40m is a very good business for us, just get szoboslai who is also young @£25m and another person of his like or like martinelli from division 2 or another small team. We need to buy prospective young talent like Dortmund and sell to balance the book and challenge for titles like Chelsea.

  7. So keeping worthless player like Xhaka will win trophies for Arsenal? Xhaka is the master of back passes and he won’t dictate the tempo of the game. He doesn’t shoot and he lacks dribbling ability. Can anyone mention one skill that Xhaka is good at

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