Juventus approach Arsenal with official bid for Alexis?

There’s still quite a while until the transfer window opens, but with Alexis Sanchez’s future still in the balance, speculation surrounding his contract situation is only going to continue.

We have heard plenty of rumours that suggest he wants out of Arsenal in the summer; as well as a few statements that suggest he is happy in North London. Whatever the truth is, we won’t truly know until he officially decides whether hold talks with the club over a new deal. But with under 18 months left, it’s vital the negotiations take place before the end of the summer.

Several clubs are apparently monitoring Alexis’ situation at Arsenal, with interest mainly coming from other Premier League clubs such as City and Chelsea, as well as in SERIE A with Juventus. It’s the latter club that has the media’s attention today, with reports in Italy stating that Juventus have now submitted an official bid to Arsenal Football Club.

The report was generated by Corriere dello Sport, but it has since been picked up by the media outlets in the UK. It states that Sporting directors Giuseppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici have made an initial offer of €30m (£25m), after months of showing an interest in Alexis.

£25 million is a measly offer in today’s transfer market, especially since the likes of Lucas Perez was signed for £17 million and Granit Xhaka for over £30 million! £25 million therefore seems like a very low amount for a player of his quality. Of course the offer is probably taking his contract length into account, with other clubs being aware they can test the waters with lower offers given the situation. However even with a year left (come the summer), £25 million for Alexis is still low for an initial offer.

Regardless of what Juventus offer at the moment, I’m sure Arsenal are likely to show them the hand; however if it becomes clear that Alexis has no intention of signing a new deal, then much like the RVP case, it would probably be better to sell with a year left, rather than risk losing him for free next year.

Fans in Chile planned a protest for Alexis to leave Arsenal and around 14,000 names signed onto the event. However come the day of the planned action, not even 0.1% of that number turned up, with 5-10 fans of Alexis deciding to speak out.

Here’s hoping that Alexis commits his future to the Gunners, because right now he’s got the club in a position of control.



  1. Tas says:

    Alexis’s fans in Chile must think he is in a hell hole, i suppose its true even AW said you have to “say your prayers” he should know his only on 8’500’000 GBP a year distressful salary no wonder his praying, is this what arsenal have come to, and what are other players thinking of Arsenal when we approach them, we need drastic change and quick,

    1. Tas says:


      1. Tas says:

        P.S. Alexis is good as gone unless we change our manager but not just any manager he has to be above all “ambitious and World Class manager” and not some puppet of Stan the man, and only then we can keep Sanchez and attract good quality players, but not many left outside the EPL and even those are almost spoken for

        any suggestions??

  2. Tas says:

    And if Alexis is leaving then its time for Welback and Lucas to be the strikers along side OG and Alexis play on the wing like he use to

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:


      1. Tas says:

        So they can be ready for the new season

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    £25 million is lower than the price we bought him for

  4. Twig says:

    I now understand why Ozil is never benched or substituted at Arsenal

    1. Vlad says:

      Is this article about Ozil?

  5. Pablo Picaso says:

    Sanchez this, Sanchez that, I for one am getting tired of all this!

    Those Chile fans have no respect at all, Sanchez was at Barca and he was surplus to requirement, Arsenal picks him up, dusts him, gives him A GOOD CONTRACT, and help him realise his potential and then all this. Wenger and his team have played a huge part in Alexis story and we the fans have been chanting his name and doing all we can to show him love.

    Lets have a little class here, if Alexis wants to leave, let him leave in a respectful way leaving our Arsenal is peace. We had greater players than him and we still survived even after they left. I hate it when some individuals try to take our club for ransom!

    1. Vlad says:

      Post of the day. I wish I could give you 10 likes.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I agree Pablo, but not sure about ransom, he might be worth what he’s asking. If it’s over 250, well then it’s unlucky for us but someone out there might pay it. If it’s a case of him wanting 250 or close to it, well then I can’t believe we have let this rumble on. Imagine Alexis playing second striker ..to a forward of Arsenal’s supposed class.

    2. ThirdManJW says:

      @Pablo Picaso

      To be fair, I think most fans will wish Alexis well if/when he leaves, because we know he should be winning the top trophies. It’s such a hot topic, because he’s one the best in Europe at the moment, and his loss will be huge for the club, because he’s our ONLY top quality forward.

      I also have to disagree with you about him holding the club to ransom. In fact, it’s the other way around, Arsenal are showing huge disrespect to Sanchez with their miserly offers. Why should he accept such a small pay raise that only makes him a little better off than the likes of Walcott, and Giroud? Sanchez is only asking for the going rate for someone of his ability ,and you cannot say that the offer is out of Arsenal’s range when they’re the fifth richest club in the world!

      Arsenal seem happy to pay huge wages to useless players sat on the bench, they’re happy to keep Wenger as one the highest paid manager’s in the world, despite how bad he has been over a long period, but they don’t want to pay the going rate for a WC player in Sanchez, who been almost carrying this club single-handedly on his back since his arrival. Do you not think somethings very wrong with that?

    3. Big T says:

      Naa here’s what they should do:
      1. Increase his wages.
      2. Ask him to sign a new contract with a 60 million release clause.
      3. If he refuses then Make him train with the youngsters and don’t play him until he signs.
      He is desperate to play every week so it will kill him to miss a whole season.
      If Arsenal want to run the club as a business then this is their best option to make more money out of the deal. He’ll be gone in the summer and we can use the money to (partly) buy someone else.

    4. Jimbeam says:

      Yes we had better players than Alexis, and we did survive after they left, but we did not thrive!!
      And that is the big big difference – survival is a top four finish and a top 16 exit in CL and maybe and FA cup – thriving is winning the double or the triple. We haven’t done that since our great players left.

  6. hecmanx says:

    Am obsessed with the thought of wenger leaving arsenal for good, his poor management that is what is causing all these uncertainty of our key players future cuz he is not ambitious, he is satisfied with finishing 4th and giving the incompetent board money

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Alexis, Bellerin, Koscielny, we need to build a team around these. I’d say Caz too but for his injury/age. Ozil in a previous article I said is world class, he is at the things he can do with a ball, but…(and so on). Mustafi is maybe the only one who has shown enough promise to start with those three week in and out. Oxlade has quietly/happily surprised in a few games centrally, but not in a first team kind of way. I think I feel most let down by our wide players, they see Alexis busting a gut, they have enough pace and stamina to follow suit, but they don’t even cover their own ass properly. CM we are just lacking the right quality.

  8. mark says:

    Sanchez will either go for a lowish price in the summer or on a free next year, because our manager is stubborn/blinkered and this nature will have him believe Sanchez wants to stay, when he probably doesn’t.

    Or maybe he does want to stay and I’m talking shite (hopefully).

    Maybe an FA cup will persuade him to stay..

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