Juventus boss Allegri keeping quiet on Arsenal link!

With the 2016/17 Premier League campaign well past the halfway mark now, the countdown has begun as to whether these will be Arsene Wenger’s final few months in charge of Arsenal football club.

There have been plenty of rumours flying around as to whether the Frenchman will be sticking or quitting come the summer, but that doesn’t stop the media from generating links as to whom may be on par to take over at the Emirates.

The likes of Diego Simeone and and Eddie Howe have been strongly linked with the job if Wenger is to leave in the summer, whilst Massimiliano Allegri has been made the number one candidate in recent weeks. Allegri who is embarking on a successful managerial stint in Italy with European giants Juventus, has been linked plenty of times with a move to the Emirates post Arsene Wenger, but for the first time, Allegri himself has told the media about the subject in question!

In a Sky Sports report, Allegri is quoted saying: “I won’t deny or confirm anything, I am in sync with the club, now we have to focus on winning. At this time of the season the media always says I’m leaving, even when things are going really well.”

It sounds to me as if the media rumours are beginning to take their toll in Italy, as well as in England. From Allegri’s statement, it seems as if he’s trying to stop the media from ‘derailing the train’ that Juventus are on towards the title.

The media is a well known contributor for attacking clubs to scrutinise them at every possible opportunity, especially the big clubs of the country. Wenger himself has experienced such media pressure in the past and it seems that Allegri is facing up to the same issue.

Whether Allegri and Arsenal bosses have spoken about a potential switch from Turin to London, remains to be a unconfirmed topic of discussion. Many fans seem keen on the potential move, but would Allegri be interested in a move to England, when he has so far concentrated on his professional management career staying in Italy?


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  1. Budd says:

    I highly doubt Allegri is on the radar for Kroenke. Don’t make any mistake, Wenger is having a direct line to Kroenke. The club prezzo (Gazidis) can’t do $hit otherwise probably he’d fired Wenger 3 years ago. Gosh, how the mighty fall.

  2. bran99 says:

    OT: Wenger is having a laugh, he says criticism don’t affect him. just like last season, this season he says the same. so people can scream, curse and everything, but to him nothing will make him bat an eye. it’s an insult to us fans coz why on earth when other managers are under-performing they get sucked but with Wenger, he even brags that nothing can affect him no matter how he performs? he knows that he is untouched and feared at Arsenal, and he does whatever and no one can dare do a thing about it

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