Juventus confident of striking cut-price deal with Arsenal for international

Juventus are claimed to be confident of agreeing a deal for Gabriel Magalhaes for less than Arsenal’s supposed asking price.

The Italian side are currently believed to be eyeing a replacement for Matthijs De Ligt, who is the subject of interest from both Bayern Munich and Chelsea. Gabriel is said to be high on their wishlist of potential defensive signings, and the Old Lady are claimed by AlfredoPedulla to have made new contact with our side over a potential deal on Sunday.

The report claims that the Gunners are in want of 40 million euros for the defender’s signature, adding that Juve believe they can strike a deal below that price.

We could well have his replacement already lined up, with Ajax’s Lisandro Martinez having been strongly linked with a potential move this summer. Both us and Manchester United are believed to be firmly in the hunt for his signature, while Pablo Mari and William Saliba have both returned from their respective loan deals to potentially bolster our CB options ahead of the new season also.

I wonder if we could refuse the Brazilian’s exit if Lisandro is to snub us in favour of the Red Devils, with little talk about any other left-sided centre-back targets being linked at present.


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  1. Why on earth would Arsenal sell a PL proven Brazil international CB at a discount to a team that has repeatedly shafted us in the transfer market?

    … and then get extorted into paying over the odds for an unproven replacement?

    Oh that’s right, because they’re Arsenal.

  2. People need to calm down and realise the situations with Saliba and Gabriel. For the same reasons, they are young and a world cup year, both just broke into squads. From other points of views and both different, both players are worried about their futures and trying to look after their OWN interests. Saliba, whatever you read, is very unsure about his future at Arsenal and Gabriel isnt 100% settled in England. Whatever happens this summer for both will happen, just wait and see what does.

    1. what a load of b*****ks. “Both players are worried about their futures” Shelf stacking at Tesco’s the alternative after their multi-million pound contracts expire? Dummy

      1. Im sorry, everyone has worries, not only shelf stackers at Tescos. Believe the facts or not but that IS the situation and why you are reading about both. Where is the White articles, there aren’t any. It isn’t BS but you Believe what you want to if it makes you feel better.

    2. Bro..You really need to think before you write.. This is next level clasping at straws to bring across a far fetched idea

      1. Ok Mark, i have no idea about the ” think before you write ” suggestion, that is BS. This is an opinion site!!!!!
        I am writing about some info i was given in April and wrote exactly this on JA about Gabriel wanting to leave, long before it became knowledge in the media. I was told the reasons and since reports have come out to back it up. Why shouldn’t i write what i think or think i know. Now i am not asking you or any other idiot to believe it. I am telling it as i believe it to be. If you don’t want to believe it, i dont give a monkies, or anyone else for that matter. But dont shoot the messenger, just jog on and believe or think what you like without the BS. I have given some useful info to this site, which you can read and believe or read and not, or not even read but please don’t tell me to think before i write, that is getting as bad as the geriatric bully boy on here and im sure you dont want to be grouped with him. Its a free site.

    3. How on Earth is arsenal contemplating on letting Gabbi go? He was one of the arsenal best players last season and as such arsenal should continue their rebuilding process with him.

  3. It makes no sense whatsoever to agree to sell a Premier League ready international Centre Back for less than £30m when Arsenal have just been outbid to the tune of £43m for another CB who may or may not be as good.
    If Juventus really want him then the going rate should be in the region of £50m plus…otherwise they can keep their money and perhaps try to convert their new free transfer “show pony” to that particular role….

  4. Juventus are far better than us at transfer dealing, just on its own, how well have they done out of Pogba. They plan very well, what they are doing in and out.

  5. Absolute garbage article! Gabriel is head and shoulders above Martinez anyway literally 😂😂😂

  6. I think this a great idea. We should sell Gabriel and Saliba for 5mill each. We can then buy Martinez for 50mill. Martinez at 5’9″ and Torreira at 5’5″ will form the most formdble CB pairing in the league terrifying the likes of Haaland and Nunez.

  7. I wonder why some news pieces just don’t get ignored and treated with the utmost contempt they deserve. First, no news agency of any sort of repute have come up with such stupid stories and neither has any of the oracles in Fabrizio Romano, David Ornstein or other insiders such as Goal.com’s Charles Watts or Chris Wheatley stated anything of that sort.
    That means the news is as fake as they come!
    Secondly, why would Arsenal, for heaven’s sake even dream of selling their best centre back and moreover for a cut-price fee? Why?
    I would suggest that this website needs to sieve news and avoid some such as this that would ruin it’s reputation

  8. This deal wouldn’t make sense from Arsenal’s point of view, it would only happen if the player engineered it.

    Sounds like more clickbait made up by… whoever Alfredo Pedulla might be.

    I try to ignore the scribblings of these so-called “transfer experts”. It stretches credibility for me to believe that every transfer operation in the world has one or more snakes in the grass providing inside information to some bunch of self-styled experts.

    It’s more likely that their output is a combination of:

    1. Stating the bleedin’ obvious as if it’s news (e.g. “Arsenal are believed to be in the transfer market for cover for the injury-prone Tierney”).

    2. Regurgitating clickbait “news” from elsewhere. E.g. “it is claimed by AlfredoPedulla…”.

    3. Plausible but made-up assertions that can never be disproven. E.g. if Martinez ends up at MU, will anyone be able to prove that Arsenal were never interested?

    Sadly, so much of football these days is about the soap opera, not the game itself.

  9. No wonder Jon Fox get disgusted, would rather Gabriel left for free at the end of his present contract.

  10. No need whatsoever to sell him. At least not anything less than 50m.
    Even selling Tavares is stupid too.

  11. I just read an article that we set his price at 40 million. If true, and it could be given how poor we are at selling our players, it would be a small crime.

    I understand we might have to sell the occasional starter. If we sell Gabriel and we get 60 million or so, it could finance the balancing of our squad. This would only be the case if Saliba was ready, which we are not sure of and or if we get Marinez who can play both as center back and full back.

    But to accept just 40 million for Gabriel and then paying 50 for Martinez to be backup to Saliba and Thierny makes zero sense to me.

    I hope this is just a nonsense rumor.

  12. This is rabish news funded by Juventus. Gabriel is 120 million buy or leave , we still remember Vlahovic isues so you go and buy from Fiorentina not Arsenal.

  13. Thankfully – with the sole exception of Reggie, who seems to imagine he knows something the rest of us do not know – I am with all the other Gooners who dismiss this bogus rumour as the total nonsense we all know(apart from Reggie) IT PLAINLY IS.

  14. This is nonsense stupidity in high degree,on which planet? You do away with Gabriel !! Then who is Arsenal and what are the project and the direction of the team.I can’t believe this and it’s hard to take.

  15. We wanted Arthur Melo from Juventus in January and they refused opting instead to do business with Spuds for Bentacur and a wide forward and that’s what made the difference in the race for top 4, Juventus should check with Spuds to donate for them a defender on the cheap.

  16. I know that gossip is supposed to be gossip but this article is taking a p!ss when compared to real gossip.

    So the club values our best CB at £38 million but is even to lower that price tag for dear Juventus? What?

    Sorry I am not trying to be rude or anything but do people that write such stuff do it just for the sake of trolling or they actually believe what they write?

  17. The one thing the transfer market should teach is that reports as B.S. until the medicals are completed and contracts signed, and no player is ever “un-sellable.”

    At Arsenal, Gabriel Magalhaes seems like he’s settled in with ben White in a solid pairing; but in truth, the duo was less effective last season than Holding and Luiz were the year before.

    William Saliba is, as so many point out, under contract to Arsenal for two more years and has returned form his loan to compete for a role in the team. Pablo Mari, also loaned last season, is also back, though has been plain about his desire to move in order to play regularly. Arsenal again have 5 center backs to staff 2 jobs.

    The weakest of the 5 would be Mari and he seems a lock to go, but if Saliba is seen as ready and refuses to sign a new contract until he sees how he will be used, it is not impossible to imagine Arsenal selling Gabriel, slotting Saliba into his spot, then keeping Holding and Mari for depth and rotation.

    Juventus are looking to add quality defenders and Magalhaes is definitely that.

    Like all transfer gossip, however, certainty only comes with the close of the window.

  18. First of all, Gabriel is the only left CB( regular) we have, secondly, we are not i in good terms with Juve when it comes to transfer.
    Lastly, Arteta will never sanction such deal at all, hence it is a blatant lie and rumour unless they will do a swap deal of Vlahovic with 70m with it…..

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