Juventus consider two Arsenal stars in potential swap deal

Juventus are claimed to be considering the possibility of swapping Arthur Melo for one of Arsenal’s Thomas Partey or Gabriel Magalhaes.

The Gunners failed with an attempt to land the Brazilian midfielder in January, with the club claimed to have attempted to strike a loan deal, before the club vetoed Edu’s attempted signing.

We are claimed to have retained our interest in his signature however, but a straight cash deal isn’t expected to be an option and Juve are now claimed by TMW to be considering whether a deal to swap either Gabriel Magalhaes or Thomas Partey could be possible.

I don’t actually believe we would entertain a deal that would allow Partey to leave and be replaced by Arthur, by with William Saliba already set to return to the club after his loan with Marseille this season, Gabriel could well be viewed as a player that be made available at the right price.

I’m not sure we should really consider allowing either to leave, and I honestly don’t want to see the 25 year-old in an Arsenal shirt either. Arthur has failed in Italy, bringing very little consistency at any point during his time in Turin, and I believe there is much better alternatives available this summer.

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  1. talk of these sort of underwhelming and lopsided dealings reminds me of the old adage “too stupid to live”

  2. This sounds like a great deal. Yellow Mellow for Partey or Gabriel.

    I am surprised we haven’t offered to include Saka in the deal.

    If we make this deal I can only assume Melo’s agent has some very large brown paper bags to distribute around the Emirates.

    As for Edu, we are being also taken to court over the 19 year old Brazilian that he is trying to sign.

    Are we back to the Willian and Luiz days, buying dubious Brazilian players?

    I have read in several publications, that we are after Morata.

    What a great asset he would be. He couldn’t cut it at Chelsea. He couldn’t cut it at Atletico Madrid, and now he can’t cut it at Juventus!!!
    Sounds like just the player Arteta needs up front.

    Morata will undoubtedly become the first piece of dead wood that our new manager will get rid of when he takes over in January!!!

    I can only hope the above is just part of a bad dream I am having.

  3. The only Brazilian midfielder, that I would like us to sign is Douglas Luis, but knowing Arteta and Edu, it’s just wishful thinking.

  4. This is all just fishing by the Italians and, frankly, screw them. Melo doesn’t even start that regularly for Juve but all of a sudden we should be swapping Partey and Gabriel for him? Get lost. We want one of theirs and it’s “eleventy billion euros please!”. They want one of ours and it’s “We’ll swap you for our under 9s reserve right back”. Please come back when you’ve actually got a pot to piss in.

  5. Gabriel & Partey will both be here next season with Saliba returning, that is what we know unless either player comes out and says differently.

    Im not fussed on the Jesus deal if im honest, just dont think hes what we need where as we need a real no9 like Nunez who we should be going all out since we are keeping Eddie. Money can convince the player!

    Gnabry another with the ambiton for the Top of the table challenge with these sort of talent coming to the club.

    Teilimans would be my last target.

    Teilimans £25m
    Gnabry £25m
    Nunez £80m

    Would transform this team. Just a dream window though

    1. I get Gnabry is in his final yr but 25 mil is silly low. I’d think it’d be 80-100 normally since its final yr and some bad blood maybe 45 lowest.

  6. I would also take gavi from Barcelona, 17 yrs and he is a full international with the world before him, also, his contract expires in 2023 and there is a contract stalemate. 42M rated.

  7. I completely agree that neither of the players should be made available for any price. We are building something special here and we need them. Gabriel is prone of errors at time which cost us games but he’s developing and is still young.
    There are more capable CM out there who can be value for money. Even if the market has limited resources I wouldn’t go for Arthur period.

  8. Tell Juventus to get lost.
    I do not wish to have him at all. We need a physical DM who can read the game, tackle, and win aerial duels.

  9. Just another false rumour cos i beleive edu and arteta are’nt that dumb to sanction such a deal even if they rate arthur that much……i think this is just an anti arteta based claims.

  10. Melo is more deadwood people were eager to get rid of. He is surrounded by good players at Juve, and still can’t deliver.

    Red flags all over that, stay away from that rubbish.

    Swapping their bench player for one of our starters, purely Italian media fantasy.

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