Juventus is willing to raise their offer to sign Thomas Partey

Juventus is actively pursuing a move for Thomas Partey during the current transfer window, as the Ghanaian midfielder’s future at Arsenal remains uncertain.

Since his arrival at Arsenal, Partey has been a crucial player for the Gunners, consistently delivering impressive performances. However, the addition of Jorginho to the squad last season has opened the possibility for Arsenal to cash in on the former Atletico Madrid player.

In turn, Arsenal has shown interest in potential replacements such as Romeo Lavia, indicating their preparedness for Partey’s potential departure. The club is now focused on finalising his exit in order to facilitate the recruitment of a suitable replacement.

Juventus has emerged as the primary suitor for Partey in recent weeks, with the player himself expressing a desire to join the Italian side. According to a report from Sport Witness, Juventus is prepared to offer €18 million for his signature. However, the club remains open to improving its offer should negotiations between the two clubs progress.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Partey has been a key player for us since he moved to the club. However, the midfielder is one man we can do without now that we have Jorginho.

Selling him this summer is probably a good idea because we can get a good fee for his departure.

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  1. If Partey wants to leave as result of legal issues we could do a swap with Juventus with Vlohovic coming our way plus a £50 mil to the old lady

    1. we should not go anywhere near VLAHOVIC We should not sell patey for less than 40 Knowing SAUDI interest

  2. €18m for one of the best holding midfielders on the planet 🤣 wouldn’t be surprised knowing how dreadful we are at selling players

  3. This article has to be a joke or Arsenal is if they are thinking of selling Partey for less than 70 mil. One of THE best midfielders in the prem.

    1. Yes, I agree it seems crazy, but he is not a Spring chicken any longer and his value will rapidly diminish.

      1. He’s 30 years old ,prime age for atleast another 3 seasons ,I don’t get this talk of all Arsenals new Signings need to be 22 or whatever guff some fans try to tell us to give excuses to the management that the process will take a few years .
        By the time the process as come to age half team will be mid 30s then we will be starting all over again
        If a player is good enough which partey is by a country mile then age is just an excuse .

        1. Exactly man.. Be it 15 years or 35 years, so far you are playing well day in day out, that’s fine. Our fans love to see new players coming in every transfer window but we can’t be patient with players to gel before giving up on them of the times.

          To build the team that came second in EPL last season was not easy, it took years and during this period I know how many name those players were called by our fans.

          Thomas Partey should remain, there is nothing wrong having a quality depth now that we have champions league and other competition.

          1. Sorry, I was to say our fans love to see new players coming in every transfer window but we can’t be patient with players to gel before giving up on them of the times.

          2. You are right Tunyzone, This talk that any new signing means replacement of another talet is pure recklessnes. We need at least two quality players per position, otherwise an injury to one or two crucial then there comes a season crumbling.
            Partey at 30 years should be staying and can do well even up to 35.

  4. 17 million I’ve read but that’s how Arsenal do business ,getting rid of a player who was one of our best performers last season and replacing him with someone who is halve the player for 100 million,the Arsenal way .
    But maybe he’s fleeing because of the accusations he’s probably looking at .

  5. If he was in another club, Arsenal will offer 30M for him.
    Really crazy to offload Partey and Xaka at the same time.
    Arsenal’s best transfer scenario was to buy Just Rice and Caicedo and forget about Kai Havertz.

  6. To say out loud or even imply that Jorginho is just as good as Thomas Partey, rank in the top 10 of the most laughable, misleading and ridiculous statements ever. Bull manure!!! Trying my best to be polite.

    On top of that, gutting the entire core of the midfield – Xhaka and Party – in just one season would be suicidal for team chemistry and morale.

    Need to dance with the date who took you to the Partey.

    1. I understand and agree with your comments, but Jorginho is a solid back up player. I think he has turned out to be an astute signing. That said, what Partey brings when he is fit and form is not being matched by Jorghino, and he can only be considered a back up. A back up way better than Elneny and Sambi IMO, and someone worth keeping for another season. I am not sure what has accelerated Partey’s departure, but it seems very real.

      1. Agree with you too re. Jorginho as a capable back up. One more quality DM and we should be OK. And hell, not overpriced, overrated Rice.

  7. Why are we asking so little for folarin and Eddie who both more than proved themselves? Bellingham huge money and havertz who did very little last year will cost more than we will get for our two .we always sell far to cheap

  8. I don’t think it’s a good idea to sell both xhaka and partey at the same time. Swapping with Arthur who is injury prone I don’t support

  9. Keep for 1 more season to compete in PL and CL. He can help Rice and Lavia, then sell next year for the rumored 18 million.

    Jorginho isn’t a bum, but not at Partey’s level. To suggest he can fill in for Partey without a drop-off is just bonkers. A game or 2 is one thing, to be a midfielder we rely on is another.

  10. I agree with others who say that IF we are serious about selling PARTEY , then we must not, absolutely not, accept silly low money.

    Id start at £45mil and not take a penny less. I’D FAR RATHER KEEP HIM ANYWAY.

    But we WILL, ‘cos thats what we always do when selling anyone any good. We practically give them away. . GROAN!

  11. I am not sure Jorginho played without one of Xhaka and Partey last season and now we are seeing the possibility of him playing in the midfield as a most realistic replacement for Partey and Xhaka if they will be gone.

    At the moment, Rice is not an Arsenal player but if we can get him maybe the combination with Jorginho will be close to what we have last season but if Rice is not coming is better we keep Partey because Jorginho alone can’t survive.

    Partey, Jorginho and Rice will even take us to another level, so we better keep him except he wants to leave.

  12. Scary thing is, i am reading Juve are keen to do a swap with the dud that is Arthur Melo. They are winding us up aren’t they. This is just BS.

  13. Why should Arsenal be contemplating of selling Party? A lot of misery in this football club called Arsenal. Selling Party for £17m and buying Rice for above £100m! What are the football and business sense in this?

  14. £17m may not be to everyone’s liking, but if the allegations about Partey are true and he ends up doing time, then £17m is better than zilch.

    1. HD
      These are all the unknowns and whilst I wouldn’t think twice about TP continuing at Arsenal, the other issue may well become something major and what then?

      Others don’t see his age being against Partey but he is almost on the cusp now of keep or sell

      1. SueP, imo there must be something in those allegations for the club to even think about selling Partey.

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