Juventus not giving up on Alexis Sanchez?

In a rumour that just will not go away, apparently Juventus are still waiting to make a move on Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez, with the Old Lady monitoring the player’s happiness in North London.

There has been some concern surrounding Alexis Sanchez’s future at Arsenal, with reports earlier on this summer suggesting that he was unhappy with the club’s level of ambition. Sanchez coming from barcelona, was obviously used to being the favourites to win basically every competition they played in and he has come to Arsenal and experienced a different level of competitiveness. Although those rumours of unrest seem to have died down a tad whilst he’s been away with his National team for the Copa America, it doesn’t mean that the rumours are completely put to bed.

Arsenal are still waiting to see commitment from Sanchez in the form of the Chilean international signing a new contract at the club. Last season was only Sanchez’s second year at Arsenal, but the Gunners will be keen to tie him down to a new 5 year deal on a new bumper wage package, to ensure that he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

In all honesty you cannot blame Alexis for considering his future at Arsenal, the guy is hungry for success and plays with passion and commitment every game. I’m sure all Alexis wants to see is a little more evidence of the club’s ambition, especially in the form of big name signings.

According to today’s Daily Star, Juventus have been monitoring his situation for a while and since they have just lost Álvaro Morata to Real Madrid, the Old Lady will now be on the lookout for a new front man. There don’t seem to be any real developments yet however. One key advantage Arsenal may have if the Serie A winners do come calling, is that Alexis has already plyed his trade in Italy earlier in his career, so to return to a league where he has already played, may not be in the player’s biggest interests.



  1. I don’t know how reliable this pizza muncher is? ?
    But he is at it again.

    Emanuele Giulianelli @EmaGiulianelli

    Despite Chelsea pressing, Arsenal have agreed personal terms with Lukaku. An offer will be submitted.

    1:53 PM – 24 Jun 2016

  2. Unfortunately, we can only hope and presume that all our star players are staying and to be honest, I don’t think that even Wenger is 100% sure with this situation.

    I just hope that wenger is genuinely planning on bringing in two more quality signings and that he isn’t just stringing the fan’s and our player’s along.

  3. we won’t be signing a striker so please lets stop, i want one as much as any of you guys, but wenger stated Giroud will be the main striker and he even wanted Vardy to play the wings so imo wenger is looking for welbeck replacement. i can see more protests at the stadium, i hope i am wrong

    1. you’re not. In the back of our minds we all knew this coming into the summer. We’re all used to disappointment by now anyways.

    2. Wenger said that we will be signing a forward and that Giroud will be our number 1
      He never said we aren’t signing a striker
      We tried to sign Vardy

  4. And according to Sky Soruces Vardy said no to us partly because he doesn’t like the possession style of football we play, and prefers counter-attacking under Leicester. Something a large portion of us fans have been saying ourselves. I’m glad Vardy cares more about his own ambitions over money. Again begs the question why Wenger ever wasted his time trying to get a player that knew himself wouldn’t work out here. It was obvious from the beginning he wouldn’t fit our style of play.

    1. Wenger wanted Vardy to play on the wings as a replacement for Walcott. A goalscoring winger and not as a center forward,that’s why he chose to stay put.On the wings he would have had to compete against Ramsey,Campbell,Iwobi,Oxlade,Gnabry,Wilshere,Walcott etc. and if he was consigned to the bench it would hamper his England future. Sensible move by Vardy.

  5. Us fans are concerned that club lacks ambition. Statements by kroenke and jack wiltshire on arsenal.com seem to confirm it.. Us fans are concerned that top players believe the club lacks ambition and will want to leave. Articles about juve, italian champions for the last five years are interested in alexis and we are predisposed to believe it.

    Alexis is under contact to us for another two years, we do not need the money so we can just say no.

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