Juventus push Vidal closer to Arsenal move

Arturo Vidal has been the subject of many Arsenal transfer rumours in the last few weeks, and the signs are increasingly obvious that he will be leaving Juventus in the near future. Vidal along with his midfield partner Paul Pogba have been brilliant for the Old Lady as the Italian giants have won yet another Serie A title and are preparing to face Barcelona in the Champions League Final, but it seems that partnership is set to end as the Juve sports department chief Giuseppe Marotta revealed Sami Khedira is very close to joining the club on a free transfer.

“We are very close to Sami Khedira and will announce it officially when pen is put to paper,” Marotta said. “We moved swiftly and tenaciously because he has everything we were looking for.”

I have no doubt that the highly talented Khedira would not be joining Juventus unless he has had promises that he would definitely be in the starting line-up, which can only mean that either Vidal or Pogba will be making way for the German international. But Marotta has made it clear which one will be staying when he said about the 100m-rated Pogba: “He is a player who had a positive transformation in a very short space of time. Juventus are accustomed to winning and to achieving their targets,”

“Pogba is not just a valuable asset for the club, but is also a player who we need to achieve these objectives.”

So it seems Vidal is definitely on his way out of Juve, but will he be going to Arsenal? Fingers crossed….

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  1. Smart move by Juve, Italian teams not full of money so if they sell Vidal for 30mil and get Khedira for 0 they might be able to avoid losing Pogba in this window and wait until after the Euros.

    Hope we get Vidal.

        1. I think Charlie was talking about the European Championship 2016. A.K.A ‘The Euros’

          1. Indeed, if Pogba is sold after a good showing there Juve will receive a crazy number for him.

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    1. For the same reasons stated the same move would have been good for us too but unless Wenger is looking to play Vidal as a defensive midfielder and partner him with Le Coq why are we looking at this guy? surely Khedira on a free would have been smarter and then spend more on the Beast of a striker we need. I fear it will be Walcott and giroud up front next season as that’s a cheaper option and we wont spend too much this season as per AW’s previous ambiguous statements regarding the transfer window.

      1. Martinez has apparently confirmed he will be leaving Porto.

        Hopefully AW does see the need and goes for either him or other quality CF.

        I fear it may be another very long transfer season though..

    2. There is no chance we will be getting Vidal, I just can’t see it happening, I would love to have him but it sounds too good to be true.

  2. Vidal is a must for us ,Vidal next 2 De’coq would destroy the EPL ,let the likes of Arteta and flamini leave ,upfront new striker and we are good 2 go OT: if Gnabry gets enough chances he will blossom ,his Germanys next start …….Poldi, Sanogo ,Campell GTFO !!!

  3. Nope i dont think so. No space in the MF for any other big name anymore. This is Sami Khedira saga all over again with his agent spreading the rumors, media connecting the dots, announcement going to happen after copa del rey (it was World cup for Khedira remember ?), fellow country mates talking abt him etc etc. I would recommend the fellow gooners to duly ignore this rumour as its not gonna happen. Does not make any sense. As simple as that.

  4. Checking the odds this morning we’re in pole position for Vidal IF he leaves Juve. The 2 players most likely to join us are Martinez and Cabaye. United to get Schneiderlin and Cech and Liverpool to get Milner.

    The worrying one is Wilshere at 4/5 to join City.

    But remember these are only odds, bookies are covering potential losses by slashing the numbers on the most likely destinations just in case players are moved.

  5. Obviosly vidal has no place in our ths vry talented midfld…who exctly arsene goin to bench?? Cazorla is far more effctiv than ths vidal(they ar al box 2 box), ramsey, wilshre arteta ar al watn for ths so cal prefr position, besides we ar’t chlsea anymre le quik nd vidl cnt cnt play in our team at same time coz physicaly they ar gud bt technicaly wat???…wat we mstly ned is
    shnedrlin(to comptate with le quik)
    a proven nd giftd strike(perhaps lacazzate or benzema cn surely do the job).

    The prblm is mst of us arsnl fans undrstimate the player we’ve got.

    1. I think the real problem s that our squad is too big. We could realistically lose 3 players in midfield and 3 in attack before we bring 2 players. Plus send 3-4 on loan….that’s how big our squad is at the moment.

      1. Chelsea used a basic
        11 players and the
        7 bench players. = 18.
        Arsenal has about 32 players in the senior squad.
        We need a basic 18 of top top players and
        5 reserves 2 utility defenders 2 midfielders and 1 striker.

        Ospina Szcz
        Bellerin Debuchi Mertz Kos Gabriel Chambers Gibbs Monreal
        Coqu,(New DM) Wilshere Ramsey Ozil Cazorla Arteta
        Walcott Ox Sanchez Giroud Wellbeck, (New Str)

        Deadwood. Diaby Flamini Rosicky
        Sanogo Campbell Podolski Ryo
        Martinez Gnabry Wellington Zelalem
        Bielik Akpom Crowley Niles Hayden

        1. OMG you make this up!!!!!
          Half the players you include in your lists WERE ON LOAN!! Have a look at Chelsea’s loanee list. It makes our squad look minuscule in numbers.

      2. Sell/offload Diaby and Flamini, and if we really have to – Arteta. This will make space for the new players we need. I know it’s easier said than done, but realistically those 3 players are either too injury prone or over the hill. We cannot be sentimental anymore, especially over Diaby. We want to be champions, we need to start acting like it. Would Mourinihio or any other top manager keep these types of players around? No. I really like Arteta, but let’s be honest I would pick Vidal, Schneiderlin, Bender or any other top DM over him any day.

    2. Vidal “warrior”, we need leaders and fighters in our team, look what Sanchez did to our team, i can only imagine same impact for Vidal, we need leadership and Vidal has it, i would be over moon if we get him, and obviously Coq and Vidal would interchange !!!

      1. @AlmiR
        This is exactly what we need more of”warriors” Not just technically gifted players with zero fight in them.

  6. If Wenger pulls this off, i would be amazed, still i cant see us buying him, but if we buy him we will have the strongest mid in the world, we would have 2 top dm, 2 top cm and 2 top am LOL

  7. I think SK is likely to be near a juve move if Moratti is making it public. The guy doesn’t usually run his mouth off unless things are real.

    So if they have SK, PP & AV They are nicely set for depth and strength in midfield. I think they won’t necessarily want to loose AV but if anyone is gonna leave as a result it will be AV and not PP. if he fancies the premier league then it’s a done deal for us what with the connection.

    On a side note could we not go for sweinsteiger? Apparently (according to the Metro!:) Man U are looking at him but if they can’t nab him they will approach Schneiderlein). He could certainly put some steel and drive into our MF!

    1. LVG, More money. United have more pull if they are in fact in for Schweini.
      I’d personally prefer Vidal over Schweinsteger. More years in him, more physical and a stronger engine.

      1. And i say LVG as in the fact that he’s managed him previously. Not because I think he has more pull as a manager than Wenger

      2. To be fair I would be happy with either joining. Both leaders and commanders of the midfield.

        Maybe Per & Ozil would be able to persuade him (as long as he doesn’t listen to poldi:)!

        1. I do wonder though with the Ozil and Sanchez transfers….
          Both of them referenced their conversations with Wenger, and when both joined we weren’t a finished polished team. I do wonder if they have any input (as in the right to suggest potential targets) at all when it comes to transfers. Vidal is IMO the most complete midfielder in the world, Sanchez has played closely with him. If the rumours are actually based on fact and not fiction whether or not Sanchez played a role…

          1. I think if AW does rate/see a need for him he would certainly use Sanchez to feel him out and act as a dialogue facilitator.

            I know I would.

            Let’s hope it’s the real deal and not just transfer fantasy porn.

            1. This particular brand of transfer porn has definitely got me my fix… I’m so hot right now

  8. I think the first question is “do we need another DM or a player who can play that position?” The answer according to most fans and pundits is “yes” because Le Coq cannot play in every game or survive a season injury and suspension free. Ok we have Arteta but he is not a powerhouse ball winner. Flamini is past it. The next question is would Vidal fit the bill? Absolutely in my opinion to rotate with Le Coq and sometimes play alongside him (remember Viera and Pettit combo). Is he coming – don’t know – but if not we need someone with similar qualities.

    1. Veira & Petit!! Ahhhh now I’m getting excited. Would be good to have this kind of
      Power and drive in midfield to beat the opposition MF into submission when needed.

      That would see us spank the likes of Chelski, Man Poo/shitty.

      1. @ArseOverTit
        Man Poo!!!!!!! Now that’s about the funniest thing Ive seen for a while ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha seriously that appealed what my American friends would call “My inner child” lol

  9. Release Flamini and Diaby
    Sell Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo
    Send Zelalem, Gnabry, Akpom, Hayden on loan

    Sign Vidal (or Schneiderlin) and Lacazette (or Martinez)

    Win More Trophies 🙂

  10. This vidal thing is happening way too early in the window to be true. Let’s get a tallish cdm,a geoffrey or gianelli or none at all. Vidal too good for us.

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