Juventus ramp up pressure on Arsenal for Gabriel by offering Melo and Rabiot

It would appear that the Juventus head coach Max Allegri has decided that the Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes is one of his main targets this summer, and it seems that he thinks he can tempt Mikel Arteta to play ball by offering two players plus cash in exchange.

According to Calciomercatoweb, Allegri is preparing a first offer of 30 million euros plus Adrien Rabiot, who is in the last year of his contract with Juve, and also the Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo.

Last year, Arsenal were strongly linked with Melo right up until the last day of the transfer window and is thought to be very highly regarded by Edu and Arteta. And it is quite obvious that Arsenal probably need more recruits to play in midfield than we need central defenders right now.

Melo, at 25, seems the perfect age to join Arteta’s project, while although Rabiot is 27 he would bring a wealth of experience along with him. Rabiot has been linked to Arsenal many times, but has had a stint at PSG as well as Juventus and is a a long time French international, although he has been known to have disciplinary problems in the past.

Melo has also played extensively for Brazil and started his European adventure in the deep end with Barcelona before moving to Serie A.

Personally I would say they could both help out our youngsters and also be good additions to help Arteta make up the numbers for our still-light squad this coming season.

I also think that Juventus would not still be pursuing Gabriel so strongly if they didn’t believe that they had a good chance of success.

Do you think this deal would be good for Arsenal?


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  1. I’d rather we kept Gabriel Magalhaes, he’s not a bad player? He’s settling in pretty well.

    1. “Settling in pretty well”! TALK ABOUT UNDERSTATEMENT !

      Rather like my cat, who has lived with us for over fifteen years is also “settling in pretty well”!

  2. Hopefully not an ounce of truth to this horrible nightmare of transfer activity.

    We lose our best CB while taking out the trash for Juventus. Melo is overhyped and not worth a second look. Rabiot is slow, not much better than Xhaka, and easily expendable by Juve.

    Get a restraining order against Juventus.

  3. I will gladly take rabiot and Melo + 30m for Gabriel.

    Gabriel was our best defensive player last season, the offer is very tempting if the romour is true.

    Problem is, rabiot is on huge wage and dude has disciplinary issues. Something our apprentice can not handle.

    1. It’s such an inglorious statement from a so-called fan to labelled our coach of about 3 years now as an apprentice. And he inadvertently refers to himself as Mrcool.

    2. @Mr Cool, I think it’s so not cool to label Arteta the way you did,

      Melon and Rabiot have been in 2 great clubs in different Ligue , yet they haven’t been outstanding, that alone sends a message , I’ll rather we keep Gabriel, they can have Mari, holding is still very useful.

  4. I hope Mikel will tell them where to go!!!
    Gabs has already stated how he feels about the club and I cannot see him wanting to leave… unless we have another unproductive season.

  5. Melo was worth over £60m 2 years ago. Now he’s worth £16? Sounds like a player avoid.

    Rabiot’s value has also dropped significantly from around £45m to £15 in a few years.

    Why then would Arsenal release Gabriel when his value is likely to increase from what is currently £35m?

    Where does this rubbish come from?

  6. Extremely bad deal and The Arsenal need to tell The Old Lady to go forth and multiply 🖕

  7. LETS ASSUME – UNWISE THOUGH IT BE – THAT THIS UNLIKELY RUMOUR IS TRUE. Firstly, there is a vanishingly minute chance that Juventus will get MA to play ball .

    Secondly, it is well documented that RABIOT is temperamental and has problems with discipline . Does any one seriously imagine that MA of ALL PEOPLE, would be prepared to have such a man at our club? Me neither!

    Thirdly, it should be evident to even the most dul witted Gooner that MA believes in a waterrtight defence and will never sell our best CB for a handful of beans and two unwanted players .
    I think this rumour is nonsense but, even IF it has legs, I DISMISS IT as about as likely as me being the next Pope. And I’m not even CATHOLIC!

    Next topic please JA!

  8. I hear that Melo and Rabiot are bad attitude primadonnas.. Ain’t that the type of egotistical player that Arteta can’t stand?

  9. I read that Melo is only being offered as a 1-year loan.

    And that both are bad for squad harmony in different ways.

    I’m sure MA will pass on this rather Greek-looking gift in his sleep.

  10. Don’t panic folks. We aren’t selling Gabriel. Espescially to a faux-broke club like Juve. Arsenal do not want either of those players. We REFUSED Arthur because Juve demanded a permanent deal and we didn’t want to be stuck with him. Also, we are searching for another LCB. why would we sell our best one and go looking for two? Keep it moving Juve.

  11. Can the “dream team” be stupid enough to make this deal?

    I fear they can!!!

    Juventus have been after Gabriel for some time, and seem desperate to dump Rabiot and is salary.

    What is different this time is they are dangling the BrazilianMelo in front of Edu. and judging by his resent transfers, it appears Edu cannot resist getting a Brazilian!!!

  12. If Arteta is really considering this, which I doubt he is, I would say that he has aquired an attacking bias that Arsene Wenger had that brought the likes of Gabriel Paulista and Skodron Mustafi, both incompetent to stop attacks of top 4 teams. With Saliba added to the defensive mix and one fullback they will be able to hold opposing teams scoring and compete with top 4 teams. The top 4 are really strenghening and Magelhes will be absolutely needed. A dominent defensive midfielder will have to back up oft injured Partey. I think Simione saw this coming and offered him to Arteta.

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