Juventus reportedly want Aubameyang to replace Ronaldo

With the sensational news that Manchester City are extremely likely to sign the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, who shot to fame at neighbours Man United many years ago, reports are now emerging from Italy via TuttoMercatoWeb that the Old Lady is keen for Arsenal’s very own Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to replace his goals in Serie A.

It certainly makes sense for Pep Guardiola to aim to get another world class striker this summer after failing to persuade Spurs to sell Harry Kane, and if City get Ronaldo, there is sure to be the usual domino effect come into play.

I am sure that Juventus would not like to sell their legend without a readymade replacement to appease the fans, and after the Gabonese hitman proved he has returned to form with a hat trick against West Brom, you can see why the Italians are keen.

There were numerous rumours at the start of the transfer window that Arsenal were looking to offload either Lacazette or Aubameyang, or maybe both if the right offers came along, but the whispers looked to be petering out after the season began and Auba was laid low with Covid.

But we all know that the last week of the transfer window is well-known for surprise transfers, and with Arsenal out of all European competition, I could see Auba keen to have the chance to win Serie A and appear in the Champions League.

Arsenal do have a lot of strikers at the moment, so could you see Arteta selling Aubameyang?

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  1. OT: I’ll be fair in my accessment of Arteta. Even tho I’m a big advocate of him being sacked. But let’s be fair, we started this season in an abysmal form but we need to put in perspective who started the game. Balogun as the cf. If lacazette was the cf, I bet Brentford defenders wouldn’t have it easy. Aubameyang was out, partey,Gabriel. These players are all starters. I’m not making excuse here but it’s worth pointing out. I’ll judge Arteta after the international Break when all his players will be back by then. And I’ll say it again, odegaard is a player to watch out for. For a player of his mould I must commend his work ethic. And can someone tell guendouzi to grow up? I’m glad we got rid. It’s only a matter of time before he has issue in Marseille. Wishing everyone a happy weekend. Can we create a WhatsApp group globally for all gunners to directly chat,air their views as the game is going on? Been thinking about this for a while. I know some teams like Chelsea and united have this.

    1. whatsApp has a limit on members, telegram would be better, I guess,

      In all fairness, Arteta seems to be on the right track in rebuilding but needs to loosen up on the field of play.

  2. Ironic really. Last season was poor by his standards (even accounting for illness) and then he scores a hat trick and rumours of a transfer begin. Will we be using the youngsters in his place or the transfer deadline day panic buy instead?

    It shows how fickle I am. I never thought of Auba as a slacker but did genuinely worry about his focus after the new deal. On Wednesday he was bursting with enthusiasm so would I want him to go now???

  3. Juve paid 90 mill for Ronaldo plus
    150m in salaries = 240mill.
    Arsenal paid 60mill for Aubameyang
    and 36 mill on salaries = 96 mill.
    Age, their salaries and the weak market means both clubs are now willing to let their players go for 25m.

  4. I would be surprised if we sold Auba. His lack of form last season, well there were mitigating circumstances, malaria and family issues for example. He is a world class striker and if our midfield can create more chances he will score a lot of goals.

  5. I dont think Auba should be let go. He seems to be getting back on track and with a strong midfield supply, I am sure the goals will start coming from Auba and we need him upfront since the youngsters wont be able to carry the burden of CF position all season, Nketiah might go to CP and Laca may or may not stay, Auba will be needed at Arsenal. And if I am not mistaken, somewhere last week he had made it clear that he is not leaving Arsenal.

  6. All these rumors are for click bait, juve are not after Auba at all, rather they want Moise kean back.

    But will you sell Auba and renew lacazete contract to keep him then buy a younger striker knowing fully well that Lacazete is not prolific and injury prone unlike Auba?

    1. Let Laca play out his contract, Auba play out his. It will give us a chance to see if we need a new big money striker or whether between Gabby and Balogun we have one.

  7. Auba should not be sold, he is a proving world class striker. There is a lot of reasons why he struggle last season, but the main reason was the one eye, playing him into the ground at wing in the English premier league and break his confidence. Break his confidence even more by not providing him with good and sufficient creativity. Combine with other issues I think there is reasonable understanding why he had a poor season. Only the school of blindness that believed that Aba was done. Like a predicted before Auba will be our top goal scorer by the end of this season, don’t know if the one eye will still be around.

  8. Rumours coming out that ManU are now trying to sign CR7, lol after he had a call with SAF. Wonder if Wenger was with us as a DOF or something and got on that famous phone call of his, would MA be supported better?

  9. “Arsenal do have a lot of strikers at the moment” Oh really?

    If you substitute the word “goalscorer” for “striker”, as they mean the same thing, then that phrase of AD PATSLOOKS FAINTLY RIDICULOUS, I’D SAY!

    I say strikers who do NOT STRIKE, as ours don’t, are not actually “strikers” at all.


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