Juventus sees Arsenal man as the perfect replacement for outgoing player

Juventus has continued to target Arsenal’s Gabriel Magalhaes as they look to replace the outgoing Matthijs de Ligt.

The defender has been an important member of the current Gunners team since he joined them from Lille.

He and Ben White formed a solid defensive partnership at the Emirates last season, and they nearly took the club back to the Champions League.

Despite his importance to Arsenal, clubs around the continent are looking to add him to their squad.

One of them is Juve. The Italians are in talks to sell Matthijs de Ligt to Chelsea, and they will need to replace the Dutchman.

They see Gabriel as one player that can fulfil that need, and Gazzetta Dello Sport reports that he is firmly on their radar.

Just Arsenal Opinion 

Gabriel is too important for us to sell him in this transfer window. If we truly want to build a great club that will compete for titles, we must hold on to our best players.

The lure of playing for a top side like Juve might turn Gabriel’s head, but we must keep him.

Instead of considering a sale, we should look to hand him a new contract to tie him down to the club for the long-term.

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  1. Juventus are becoming a pain in the backside although these are just rumours. Gabriel ain’t going nowhere, certainly not there of all places. The amount of Juve players we get linked to and vice versa, plus both competing to sign is quite excessive, wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking both clubs were joined at the hip lol 😭

    Off Topic 🚨 Arsenal beat Ipswich Town 5-1 in a behind-closed-doors friendly at London Colney today. Eddie Nketiah netted a hat-trick, while Reiss Nelson & Folarin Balogun also got on the scoresheet. [
    ] #afc

    1. I think most of the time it’s just media speculation.
      Despite it just being rumours it annoys me that they always seem to low ball with bids – not 60 million just 25 million. Cheapskates…

  2. Juve should forget about him because he is not for sale… But if they insist, then, they should add Vlahovic with 100m, then we can talk…..

  3. Gabriel Magalhaes is now a marquee defender and will continue to attract intrest, very athletic and robust with commanding aerial dominance.

    He has quickly become part of the spine for our team,
    What we need is another left side defender like Martinez, to ease the work load on Gabriel

    1. With Gabriel,Saliba, White and Holding do we need another centre back.The obsession concerning the need for a natural left footed CB is a very modern concept, as if you look back at the great partnerships of the past, at international level and in the EPL, you will find that very few included a left footed centre back.Indeed the only great ” balanced” partnership that comes to mind is the Italian combination of Nesta and Maldini.Virtually all the others were made up of two right footed players.A few examples, Charlton and Moore.Ramos and Varane. Baresi and Costacurta, Bonucci and Chellini.Adams and Bould. Vidic and Ferdinand. etc etc.Pep at Man City has two left footers but Liverpool have done very well with 4 right footers.

      1. One of the reasons why you haven’t seen it more often is because some time left footed defenders are a little hard to find, let alone finding a ball playing left footed defenders.

        If you look carefully at the players the gaffer is trying to sign they are all technical with beautiful passing skills.

        Now that’s why Martinez attracts us so much, dont know much about the kid, but if I was a betting man I would bet he has great passing ability maybe even as good or better than Ben White.

        Having a right footed defender on the left is almost like having a square peg in a round hole, depending on the versatility of the defender

        1. My point is that a successful CB partnership need not comprise of one left footer, as evidenced by successful pairs of the past and the current Liverpool defenders.

          1. It depends Grandad, i think, if your weak foot is strong at tackling, it doesnt matter. If you can only tackle with your strong foot, then it is a problem left or right. The best defenders are strong at tackling with both feet.

            1. Thanks Reggie .So why have the great Partnerships of the past been bereft of left footers?In essence, it seems to me that that there is little in the history of the game to suggest that the need for a left footed centre back is an important or an essential requirement..Basically what I am saying is that we do not need to waste money on another centre back when the best on our books in any event is Tomi who is one of the most assured two footed defenders I have ever seen.I hope Arsenal fans appreciate just how good this guy is.

  4. “A top club like Juve”? lol

    Their league gets worse year in year. It’s easy to qualify out of it for the CL, but they’re rarely in the hunt to win the CL.

    Whatever they were back in the days when they felt the need for match fixing, they’re not that now.

    Some players seem to prioritise playin in the CL over all else – but just being in it isn’t really all that wonderful or they could play for Cork and get knocked out everty yeart the same as they do with Juventus.

    Last season I asked a couple of City supporters I know: if they had a choice, and they could only have one, would they rather win the CL or PL and both said instantly “the PL”.

    You can’t win the EPL playing for Juventus.

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