Kai Havertz equals an Arsenal record last achieved by Alexis Sanchez

When Arsenal finalized the £65 million transfer for Havertz last summer, some of us were skeptical.

But he has proven some of us wrong, winning us over with his significant contribution to the title chase. With 13 goal contributions in 11 games, one can comfortably stage the argument that Havertz is Arsenal’s signing of the season on his excellent recent form in 2024

Regardless of the outcome, Kai Havertz will leave an indelible mark on Arsenal’s history, matching a stat unbroken since 2016/17.

With his goal and assist last weekend in the 3-2 NLD win, he equaled Alexis Sanchez’s record of scoring and assisting in four different league games in a single season. Who knows? He could even beat this record in the last three league games of the season.

Havertz has been absolutely groundbreaking. Since becoming a Gunner, he has adapted to the team’s style of play and formed bonds with his teammates.

In just a few months under Mikel Arteta, the German international has dominated the Premier League. How much better will he become as he continues to be sharpened at Arsenal? The prospect should be unsettling, not for us but for the opponents.

So, given how brilliantly Havertz has guided this Arsenal team throughout the 2023–24 Premier League run-in, do you think the German international will finally get the respect he deserves if Arsenal wins the league?

Sam P

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    1. Havertz, no doubt is a slow attacker. Nevertheless, he is sleek and deceptive with high ball management sense. No one matches him in intercepting passes. He remains a big threat to lousy goalkeepers who love passing balls around in the eighteen-yard box. He’ll continue to build confidence and perform better. There is no doubt that Havertz has won the respect of Arsenal fans.

  1. Nice to see the Big German quietly becomes an house hold name base on sheer performance.
    As fans change their position quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof, if I may borrow a fan line.

    What impresses me most about the big German, like an old tube amplifier he seems to get better, the more he plays in the team.

  2. If Arsenal win EPL this season, Havertz and other starters will become club legends

    Havertz and Rice are having their most productive seasons in England under Arteta’s guidance

    As I said several times before, Arteta would’ve won EPL if Guardiola didn’t manage an ultra-wealthy English club

    1. Perhaps GAI, MA would have won the PL last season if the authorities had the gumption to treat city as they have Everton and forest and, from the looks of things, it may happen again this season.

    2. Very true Gai. ManCity stopped us last season and PEP could this season. Except Spurds live up to expectation against ManCity. And then if Arsenal is able to banished the demons of winning at Old Trafford.Anythinh is still possible.

  3. Why do SOME writer deliberately way ovrhype a good, productive player, which hde certainly is.

    But when we read silly claims that he is our “signingof the season” which is laughable wrong and also call him”brilliantly guiding” and “dominated the Prem” then one has to sigh at how lazily SOME writers choose to misuse well known English words.

    To be clear, I like and appreciate HAVERTZ, but to overhype him in the way this article has done is, frankly, beyond satire!

    The above is not a fact, but simply my straight forward OPINION.

    I do however , expect, from bitter previous experience, this OPINION to be censored. Sigh!

    1. Jon, Havertz has equalled a long time record. Can we not just enjoy and stop nit-picking?

      I see you have a new bee in your bonnet and simply won’t accept that Arteta made a world class signing from Chelsea at a bargain price!

      1. Maybe AdPat saying Jon has a bee in his bonnet is also going a bit over the top. He is a self-declared realist and that’s why he makes such statements.

        1. Actually I’m with Jonny boy ,the constant need to big up Havertz as become a little bit desperate ,now we are talking about make believe records ,for me a record would be someone IE breaking the 100 m record , now we are talking about a player breaking a make believe achievement,whatever next Ben white breaks Lee Dixons (successfully manages to throw in the ball to land on 4 teammates heads ) record .

          1. Oh and I’m slagging off havertz ,he’s done exactly what was on the tin ,but for goodness sake 😂

            1. ExactlyDK, hehas done exacly what it said on thetin and that sums it up beautifully. A good effective player most times, esp of late. But except in a hypers fantasy, he is NOT a world class player.

          2. I disagree with all of you. If you are not satisfied with “deserved” daily articles praising the Ballon Dor contender (a step up from the weekly excuses articles last year), wait for the hourly articles when he wins Premier League Player of Season which is guaranteed given his incredible out of this world performance.

            What is going to stop him from winning it having swept Player of the Month award for 7 consecutive months?

            Where would Arsenal be without Havertz this season? Don’t you all see how big of an improvement we have been since signing him?

            We finished 2nd last season without Havertz but with him we won’t finish third. Thank you Kai!

          3. What nonsense are you talking about? Scoring should re recognized, assisting should be recognized, but scoring and assisting in the same match shouldn’t be recognized as a valid record? Pathetic!

            Fans like you still can’t get over you disappointments towards Havertz, well, deal with it you lots. Havertz is arguably Arsenal’s sighing of the season. I don’t care if you agree or not.

      2. “Are you serious, Bargain Price Pat? £65 million and £300000 a week a bargain for Havertz? His current value is only £60 million. And why keep blowing Havertz’s trumpet for improving on an abysmal start? Yes, he’s getting better, but he still has a long way to go before deserving accolades above other players in the squad.”

          1. Yes, all who can apply their brains are well aware of that Pat.
            The only disturbing question is WHY a manof your standing and life experience feels the need to do so!!

      3. [Pat, What I DO accept with glee ,is that MA made a good productive buy from Chelsea. But he overpaid in salary and this article way overhypes him. A good productive player is NOT, by any stretch of anyones fantasy,the same as a world class player.
        Yes,, i am glad Havertz plays and plays well for us, But though we do have several world class plays as regulars, HE is not oneof them.

        And lets leave that eminently sensible post from me there and go not further
        Finally, it is worrying that a man of your great fooballl experience and mature years should be PERSONALLY endorsing the hype we have sadly come to expect from so manyof our younger, lesser football experienced fans

        SAMUEL DOES HYPE BEAUTIFULLY and I enjoy his fantasy predictions , coming from him.

        But wiser fans, esp older ones, do not take that sort of OTT HYPE, SERIOUSLY.

        We ought TO KNOW BETTER. And MOST of us DO!.

    2. I agree with Jon. Havertz has done quite well. But to call him signing of the Season?!!! There are games we’ve failed to be effective simply because he was in the squad (though that is mosty Arteta’s blame) Let’s celebrate him without over hyping

  4. Top quality player, who reads the game very very well. He does not always produce in the big games, but he does creat chances for himself by his positioning and timed runs, that is because he has a good football brain, just needs to be braver in the big games to up his level, but it is his first year with Arsenal, so not bad at all.
    Arsenal are however missing that tough big game center forward, in the Drogba, Henry, Ibrahimovic, Haaland mold.

    1. How many major finals did Henry score in ? How many champions leagues did Ibrahimovic win? Please can we use some facts to back up opinions. Havertz got the assist against Bayern in the first leg and should have got another when he played White straight through on goal. In the second leg he played midfield and he wasnt great. However thats more on Arteta for trying to fit Jesus in. Roy Keane called Haland a league two player. Which is generally what you get when you sign out and out goalscorer and the goals dry up. Can anyone remember the elite poacher we had in Abameyang? When we werent on top he went missing. Like playing with ten men. The best type of CF for our system is one that can actually play football. The one that sticks out is Kane but that ship will never sail for us. Personally i think we need a cm or left winger who can create moments of madness. Wether it be through a dribble or a long range thunderbolt. Leao or a midfielder in the mould of Ramsey or Lampard.

      1. You hit the nail, imagin a Rodrigo, A Vinicus jnr, a musiala, or even a Harry Keane just a creator not even a total attacker just a brilliant individual chance creator, just that magic And in this case there’s more than enough players on the payroll who should be allowed to leave to get a proper budget

    2. Yet nobody moaned when we were getting article after article doing the complete opposite DK.
      I do agree it’s OTT by the way, but perhaps it’s all about balancing the discussion?

  5. Will Santiago Gimenez join Arsenal. I did mention at the start of the season that Arteta should have brought Gimenez instead of Havertz, but we may be surprised when Arteta buys Gimenez at the end of this season and has both Havertz and Gimenez on the books. Both very similar but Gimenez is more consistent against top opposition. Just hope he is tough enough for the premier League, alternatively I have been impressed with Isak skill level in front of goal.

  6. There is a fair bit of hype in the article which is silly. Some of the more recent articles about him seem to be a reaction to the unnecessary negativity that was present in the early part of the season.
    Havertz’s impact has certainly been notable in several recent games. There are however areas of his game that still need improvement

  7. “scoring and assisting in four different league games in a single season”
    Is that really filed away somewhere as ‘record’?
    TBH it doesn’t seem so grand an achievement to me, and I’m amazed that it’s not done more regularly.

    1. Henry In his 258 league appearances, the French striker scored and assisted a goal in the same match on 32 different occasions.

      He has second highest total ever. Wayne Rooney…In his 491 league appearances, the former Everton forward scored and assisted in the same game on 36 different occasions.

      Those (highest) numbers show an average of once every 8-11 games. Kai managed 4 in our last 11 games

      1. Doesnt this show starkly how stats can be used to fool SOME LESSER THINKING FANS! Henry scored, I think 209 GOALS IN THOSE 258 MATCHES.

        Havertz, althougdoing well, esp of late is FAR FAR AND FARTHER STILL WAY BELOW THOSE SORT OF FIGURES And in his previous three years at Chelsea he was ,lets be honest shall we, a failure!
        And is not the real truth that he has done rather well, esp of late and has massively improved and become a valuable member of our team.

        But to call him” world class” and to back up the writer of this ridiculous, way over the top piece -as a number of clued up JA regulars have also said – is bias of a worrying kind, esp for a site Admin!

        IsTHAT, not the whole truth?!!!

    2. It seems like a trivial stat when leafed upon, but dive deeper and extract what it means, and the real significance reveals.

      Scoring a goal and assisting are two very different things requiring 2 very different mental faculty. Often we see someone who scores a lot has mediocre assists, and vice versa. Having the mind ready for both requires a very special mindset imo. That’s a mind which is focused on doing what needs to be done to win the game, be it an assist, or a goal, or a foul, defend, delay, and all the dark arts of football.

      It’s simple, if a striker attempts to go for the goal but loses focus of what the game actually demands at that very moment, where the team could have gotten an easy goal through an assist, but instead goes for it, even if that striker racks up 30 goals a season, the team will suffer, because not doing what needs to be done hurts the team more than failing to score more goals imo.

      If the game demands a tactical foul on a winger breaking on a counter, it needs to be done. If assists gets your team upfront, it needs to be done. If going for the goal is the only easy option left, it needs to be done. That’s the mentality this stat really reflects. To many it might just reflect a happenstance with no significance, to me it shows Kai has his head in the right place, and what he does he does to help the team through whatever means necessary.

      1. I’m STILL amazed that this hasn’t been achieved more often than four times per season.

        1. …although the headline does say ‘LAST achieved by…’, so presumably scorers/makers like Henry/Pires/Bergkamp etc. also did it regularly before this.

  8. Harvertz may be a slow attacker, sometimes even annoyingly wasteful but he’s gained respect among the people of the club. So win the league or not. He’s proven he’s not a waste of investment for us.

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