Kai Havertz was Arsenal’s second choice after Mason Mount decided on Man United

A few weeks ago, a famous list mentioned Declan Rice, Romeo Lavia, Moussa Diaby, Marc Guehi, Wilfred Zaha, and Mason Mount as players Arteta dreamed of having at the Emirates for next season.

We know that Zaha and Caicedo are no longer options for an Arsenal switch, but the big question is; what stops the Gunners from targeting Mason Mount. The two-time Chelsea Player of the Season wants out of Stamford Bridge. He has a year remaining in his deal with the London Blues, and though they’ve tried to convince him to extend his stay, he doesn’t want to.

As a Gooner, you must believe that moving to the Emirates is now appealing to players, considering the growth the club has experienced under Arteta and the fact that Champions League football is back. You may ask yourself, “Who would turn down a chance to join Arteta’s project to fight for the league title and play Champions League football?” Mason Mount would.

The 24-year-old, as per David Ornstein, favours moving to Old Trafford over the Emirates, a decision that he says has put off Arsenal’s interest in him, seeing them switch their attention to his teammate Kai Havertz.

Could Havertz be unleashed in the attacking midfielder role as Xhaka’s replacement?

Darren N

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  1. We’ve been rejected by mediocre Mason Mount, how embarrassing. Even worse, Kai was second choice 😂

  2. I dont at all get the odd theory that seems, by some posters, to be suggesting we use Havertz – IF he comes, which is open to doubt – as a Xhaka replacement.

    THOSE TWO PLAY IN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT POSITIONS and do very different jobs for their teams.
    To be clear, I MUCH HOPE we pass on HAVERTZ and instead get a far better player as a forward then he can ever be.

      1. But xhaka is a central midfielder who can defend and attack to a fairly high standard, without being too focused on either aspect. Havertz, to my understanding is/was an attacking midfielder who’s much stronger going forwards than backwards – we was a no10, effectively, a bit more like odegaard, though I doubt he has the same level of defensive positional discipline (could be wrong there of course).
        It might work for havertz to replace xhaka, but it would change the way we play because they *are* completely different players (as Jon said).

      2. In your opinion PAT and you are but just one on here who have many vastly differing opinions on HAVERTZ and his ability, IF we sign him, which MAY or may NOT happen.

        I pray it does NOT. And I doubt very much that you , truthfully, “hate to say this”.
        In fact Pat, I am certain you dont.

      3. I have to agree with Pat on this one.first of all he is only 24 years old and still has room to improve.the guy played under 3 different managers at Chelsea and was not properly used bar a period under Tuchel(playing on the right side of the midfield until he was moved because Chelsea forwards couldn’t score)).Havertz is technically very good,has a good eye for a pass especially channels,Saka and Havertz could built a serious partnership.he is also 6″4 (which could be handy)and contrary to what many people believe,he has no problems standing his ground and even has a nasty streak to his game.he is also a versatile player who already know London and the PL.lastly,the fans who think that we’re helping Chelsea buying Caicedo are wrong. Brighton are now asking for around 120M for Caicedo too,a fee that we would never pay for sure.

  3. For an Arsenal wish list to be posted and taken seriously, surely it got to have an attacking bully included.

    Napoli intrest of Balogun needs to be investigated and addressed properly, if Osimhen really seeking new challenges it should be explored fully.

  4. Vieira was too soft to play CM, so there is interest in Havertz, an AM, to possibly play CM?

    FFS stop trying to be clever, and just spend the 70 million on an ACTUAL CM!

    Mount is overrated, glad we dodged that Melo-esque bullet.

    IF Havertz happens, another enormous wage packet to overpay a player.

    At some point these wages will hold us back, no doubt. What happened to reigning in the wage budget?

    You can find good players that don’t require 70-80 million in fees and another 150k-250k in wages.

    Guess this is the Era of checkbook managing at Arsenal. I rather like the charm of seeing academy players having a chance and coming good, you know making stars.

    Charlie P likely gone, Balogun likely as well. At least we didn’t waste money on a player like Vieira, when ESR and Patino cost nothing.

    1. Durand, When you say “at least we didn’t waste money on a player like Viera”, (not Vieira, who was the QUALITY INVINCIBLE) did you REALLY mean “a player like him”,whoever that might be, OR the actual flop , Viera, himself?

      Or just perhaps you did mean the original Vieira, though I fail to see the relevance, IF you did?

      We certainly need NO more players LIKE Viera, for sure. We dont need HIM either.

      1. Jon
        I was referring to Viera the addition last Summer who is a flop in my opinion. Spell check on my phone, sorry for the confusion.

        Viera looks like Ozil 2.0 without the resume or talent. A passenger who is not interested in defending at all, and I don’t think will ever be an impact player for Arsenal.

        He can’t operate in close quarters, allergic to physicality, not pacy, and desperately needs about 20 pounds on his frail and timid body. A luxury buy and waste of 35 million; hopefully loaned out as he clearly isn’t ready for PL.

  5. By the indication of our transfer activity . I can comfortably say we aren’t finishing in the top 4 this season.
    How can an Arsenal fan compare KAi Havertz to Denis Bergkamp.I rather an academy player or an unknown scouted gem play . Ugarte is still available, K Thuram . It doesn’t just make sense , Vlahovic, Osimhen are all available and we are doing this. Partey may be on his way . We haven’t even cleared our dross players yet , My fears for this club are manifesting before our very eyes . I wont be surprised if Man city signs Rice before us.

    1. gizzle, I presume you dont know then that the bookies make us hot favourites to MAKE top four?!!

      They are hardly ever wrong , though SOME FANS OFTEN ARE.

      1. @jon fox where were the bookies when Leicester won the league.
        Say what you must. Starting your window with a signing like Kai Havertz is disgraceful especially for the amount involved. He will be
        payed 200k+. We need players better than the ones we got . We as fans cannot keep accepting mediocrity. Arteta would have limped to get us the league if only we . It was also the same 2 seasons ago .

  6. @jon fox where were the bookies when Leicester won the league.
    Say what you must. Starting your window with a signing like Kai Havertz is disgraceful especially for the amount involved. He will be
    payed 200k+. We need players better than the ones we got . We as fans cannot keep accepting mediocrity. Arteta would have limped to get us the league if only we strengthened properly during the transfer windows. It was also the same 2 seasons ago .

    1. gizzle, you are showing your life inexperience when you mention the once in a lifetime exception of Leicester in 2016.
      ALL rules have exceptions and most folk take that asread. But norms are called norms because they NORMALLY happen. I would appreciate a higher level of thought in your posts, TBH.


      1. For Jon
        I do not even get Mount being a first choice in addition to Havertz being a second choice.
        Completely baffled by the direction taken. These are not priority positions.
        No. 1 priority should be holding midfielder.
        No. 2 priority should be left back (assuming KT is leaving). We have no LB let alone a backup as I do not rate OZ.
        No. 3: If funds are available a physical striker. If not, promote Nikolaj Moller from the academy who fits the physical side of things as a plan B striker and does not cost a penny.

        1. Relax…….
          1) Who says your priority has to be the first signing
          2) Get over KT, he can’t play the OZ role, but who says we’ll continue playing that way next year
          3) We clearly have nobody in the Academy that is good enough, otherwise they’d be playing

          Havertz is a good player – you probably complained about Odegaard at first.

          1. @ Frank
            Point 1 is absolutely correct.
            I did not complain about MO signing. Would have complained if we signed Ceballos who was OK but not the level required.
            I would prefer KT any day to OZ. With luck he will not leave.
            I am not sure about point 3 about the academy players not being good enough. Some are like Norton Cuffy and he is better than what we have in the RB position.
            Equally, if KH is brought in for winger position, I rate Marquinhos higher. If he is a backup for MO, then ESR is a better option. If he is a striker I am more than baffled.

      2. @ jonfox . Iv witnessed the era of Arsenal being great and this is clearly is far off. That is all the experience i need and to make that assumption is wild. You can agree with bookies all you want , I don’t and that’s my choice . Glad you agree on the Kai Havertz transfer because i am shocked to see the amount of Arsenal blogs and fans saying this signing is brilliant .
        The clubs transfer activity is the least of my worries . There is an issue in the management . Edu, Vinia etc have all been sub par . Even with the genius that is Pep there is wonderful management in the form of Aitor Begiristain Mujika and Ferran Soriano assisting him .

  7. I see Havertz as playing more centrally behind the striker and being able to fill in at right wing on occasion. A bit like Trossard in the sense that he’s a versatile player. He’s a good height and he’s not slow, so I believe Arteta will get the best out of him, he’ll have him pressing and pressuring and intercepting tackling, should Havertz give it his all I think Arteta could polish him off nicely as done with Odegaasd

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