Kai Havertz at last “looked like a real player” in Arsenal’s win against PSV

There’s no disputing that Kai Havertz struggled in his first few games for us; he appeared out of place at times, and many of us wanted him to introduced to the team more slowly. Fortunately, Arteta benched him in last weekend’s 1-0 win against Everton, which was a sensible decision because it may have spurred the German international to try harder last night against PSV.

After missing the weekend’s game, Arteta recalled him to his starting 11 against PSV, probably seeking to capitalise on his Champions League experience, and what a great move that was! Havertz impressed; he dazzled, putting up a passionate display with determination to impress.

Yes, he didn’t have the ideal start to the season, but against PSV, he showed us why we purchased him, leaving many, including Tim Sherwood, noting what a brilliant player he is. Sherwood, who was commentating for Sky Sports, enjoyed what he saw from him, particularly his role in Arsenal’s third goal in the 4-0 hammering of PSV.

“Kai Havertz, for me, he’s not started the season, but he looks a real player tonight,” he said. “He’s got so much room to operate in. He’s not shy of a Champions League goal in the final, is he?”

To add to Sherwood’s praise, Mikel Arteta also had nice words to say about our £65 million summer addition. The Spaniard revealed that soon our boy is going to explode as he’s started getting to grips with what he needs to bring to the team.
Arteta said via Arsenal.com, “He was very connected today in the game. It’s true that I ask him to play in two different roles in regard to the opponent’s behaviours.

“He’s so intelligent the way he does it. It’s just finishing one or two actions that we had again, but it’s coming, and he’s so willing to do it.”

Arteta told us Arsenal fans to be patient and give Havertz a chance to settle in, and he certainly seems to be improving into the team with style…


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  1. I hardly think he dazzled last night but his performance was certainly an improvement on earlier games. Having said that, spurs won’t be giving our players as much room as PSV did and I’m wondering if the NLD has come a little early for Havertz.

  2. If we are measuring him against his own previous performances he looked better, but if we are talking objectively I’d still say he was our worst player on the night.

    Now before you get excited, everyone had a decent game but if I had to say which player was probably the worst performer it was him….so he was decent, but the least decent IMO

  3. Havertz is ideally suited to the CL.. Premier League is a bit too quick for him I think. So for me he is Plan B if Jesus, Trossard, Martinelli and Saka cant get the goals then send Havertz on in 2nd half and get some crosses in for him to head or for our other forwards to get the 2nd ball in the box

  4. I really didn’t see Haverz produce anything likeca performance last night and neither did any of the player ratings. He was last in most. Are we that desperate, we are supposed to accept mediocre as good. Well i don’t.

  5. Horses for courses. He adds strength and aerial dominance that we have been lacking for a few years. So he is a tactical option that is needed against certain teams and he gives an optional outlet for the goalkeep to hoof long to should he become to pfedictable or in trouble with the short passing from the back game.

  6. I think he started to understand Arteta’s unorthodox tactics. He was one of the best players at defending in the game

    1. Do you know, i must be blinkered, like all the player’s ratings, that i have read. I didn’t see any of that. I must take off my blinkers and come into the real world. 🤣

      1. According to Who Scored, his rating was higher than Zinchenko, Rice, Magalhaes and Rice


        His aerial-duel-won and tackle stats were one of the best in the game

        He never shies away from duels, despite playing AM. That’s what I like about Xhaka and him, as compared to our previous AMs

        1. Really!!! Funny you didn’t quote, Sky or BBC ratings, he was last. And every other rating i looked at, he was last or second last. Me, i want more from him, he is poor. If we get more, we will be a better team. I see nothing wrong with expectation. And everything in trying to flannel over the truth. He is not playing well enough.

  7. What I most noticed in how Havertz – or “HARVAIRTZ”, according to that peculiar pronunciation by the match commentator on TNT last night – played against PSV, is the fluidity it helped us gain in forward play.

    Though not Earth shattering, it was far better than before.

    A noticeable upgrade on his previous games for us. I reject Reggies blinkered post as being par for the course,coming from him!

  8. Xhaka was never rated by the fan base but we quietly realized how important he was when he was not playing.

    Am suspecting Havertz is about to experience the same faith, the German is not an Alex Sanchez or a Cazorla but he’s gently making his presence felt, it is said class is permanent, there are signs the big German could be about to reinforce that statement.

    1. Was he also missed against Everton??? Stop trying hard to convince yourself that he’s good rn, hopefully he’ll come good but rn he’s not good.

    2. Let me correct you

      Xhaka was never rated by fans as a DM and those fans are still right. The moment he moved to his actual position he was 10 times better.

  9. Let’s just hope Havertz continues to improve under Arteta’s tutelage. But I just can’t shake off the feeling that we paid far too much for him. That money could have bought us a quality seamless upgrade for Xhaka.

  10. Just looking at Odegaard, Viera, White, Martinelli and our ex-player, Xhaka, I believe Arteta when he said Havertz will come good.

  11. It was Havertz best game for us but still our worst performer maybe 6.5. He did get nearer the goal with a shot that went just 10 yards over the bar.
    Hopefully his talent will show itself at Arsenal very soon! Maybe this Sunday

  12. He looked much more comfortable and that’s important, more than his performance vs PSV. His performance is no where near what it can be, but that’s because I rate him highly.

    If he gets comfortable and understand what he is asked to do by the Arteta, then he will start to shine.

    Performance against PSV showed that he’s getting there.

  13. Havertz had a good game last night, no eye catching stuff like the others in attack but he is starting to link up with the others better and slowly getting used to Arteta complex system. Surprisingly he is a lot better in our defensive phase than attacking. I expected his addition to further improve our attack but weaken our defence not the reverse.

    Do we need/expect more from him? Hell yes much more but that is a start. Still think he just need that 1st goal to boost his confidence and take the shackle off. Remember Odeggard 1st half season were not great and Vieira 1st season was just bad.

    Watching our fans urging him to shoot when he had an occasion late on was good. The celebration when he scores his 1st goal will be mega.

  14. Some of rhe comments on here have provoked me to comment on Havertz. Any sensible person who knows Mikel Arteta well would not expect him to spend that much money on a player he hadn’t monitored for a long period. Secondly, Havertz is not an unknown quantity. He won EPL final for Chelsea against Man city. I have elsewhere stated that I always dreaded Havertz whenever we were playing against Chelsea. He couldn’t all of a sudden turn into a useless player. Some players take long to adapt and I think this is what happened to Havertz. Now he seems to be fully integrated into Arsenal. From henceforth we should expect outstanding performances from him. In a way Havertz reminds me of Olivier Giroud. He will deliver the goods without much fanfare. Those who were comparing him with Ozil maybe did so just because of his nationality. Here is a man who doesn’t fear to get involved in the dirty work. The example of Fabio Vieira should help us to understand Havertz’s average start to life at Arsenal. I recall the boos whenever Vieira came onto the pitch. Some on this platform even went as far as suggesting that he be sold to recoup whatever we could get from him before he lost more value. Now the same people are calling for Vieira to start ahead of Havertz! There is something good managers see in players that we lay men cannot see. Thus we should always give them the benefit of the doubt.

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