Katie McCabe World Cup joy ruined by offensive celebration (Ireland Women)

The republic of Ireland Womens Team, with Arsenal’s Katie McCabe captaining the side, won through to the World Cup Finals for the very first time when they beat Scotland 1-0 at Hampden Park in the final play-off game to win a place in Australia and New Zealand next year.

The Irish have thanks to Courtney Brosnan for her penalty save against Caroline Weir, and obviously Denise O’Sullivan’s very cooly taken winner…..

Katie was certainly overjoyed at the end of the game, and told the Irish Post: “We’re going to the World Cup – book your tickets!”

“I’m speechless. It doesn’t actually feel real to be honest. I’m just so proud of the girls,”

“We worked our socks off tonight. This one [O’Sullivan] covered every inch of Hampden. Everybody was unbelievable – Courtney with the penalty save, Amber coming on, scoring the goal… we’re going to a World Cup!”

It’s little wonder Katie and the team cntinued their celebrations for a long time afterwards, and they were all singing and dancing in the dressing room, but unfortunately one of the Irish squad unthinking put a video on social media of them singing a controversial Irish ditty, and all hell broke loose, and by the time the celebrating was over the video was all over the internet!

This did not go down well with British audiences, and the Irish FA had to issue a public apology…..

They also spoke to the Irish coach Vera Pauw, who also had spoken to her team. “It didn’t matter if we intended or not, we should have known better” she said.

You can understand the squad getting caught up in the excitement of qualifying for the World Cup, but it was definitely the height of stupidity to then broadcast it to the world!

Pauw continued: “I have spoken with the player that has put it on social media. She’s devastated. She’s crying in a room because she hurt people because she never meant it.”

That’s football for you. One minute you’re over the moon – and the next minute you are in a pile of dog poo!

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  1. I thought it was a fcuckin’ disgrace and would like to see the players involved suspended for at least four competitive games and if McCabe was part of it then she should be censured by Arsenal.
    They knew exactly what they were doing and I’m sure it wasn’t a random occurrence, so there’s no excuse.
    It’s bad enough when the fans do this stuff but just imagine the outcry if the England players were to pull some anti IRA stunt like this.

  2. When it comes to Ireland, England has done a lot more harm than singing a little song, maybe England players should be suspended a few games lol

  3. This story shows, RATHER GRAPHICALLY, how mistaken are those folk who say sport and politics should never mix.

    As a man of the world, I have always thought such sentiments to be naive in the extreme.

    I do not even WISH to separate the two, as the power of sport to change political minds for the better- though plainly NOT in these females cases – is something I passionately believe in and wholeheartedly support.

    I only WISH, ALL Englands players had the morals to refuse to play in QATAR, as I believe they ought to have.

  4. as a proud irishman i do not like bringing ploitics into sport,however, it is always there nonetheless.if an investigation does get underwat then i fear that this would be the start of the floodgates.investigations must also involve rangers and celtic singing their vile songs also.investigations must get underway involving arsenal singing and chanting at our noisy neighbours. where will it end?.at every football ground songs are sang , it is up to every individual to ignore or act.personally, i think it was rash of the young lady who posted the video on social media, and, i also think it was rather foolish of the republic of ireland team to choose that chant given where they were.these young women have done my country proud, i never thought i would ever see them get to a world cup finals. the emotion of qualifying surely has a lot to do with the chanting,but i am disappointed with that particular chant. perhaps, most of the girls did not know what they were singing about, i dont know.i think the football association of ireland has an awful lot to answer for here in this instance, they have hung these young women out to dry, despite the team potentially making millions for the FAI.so sad to be talking about the after match chanting rather than congratulating the girls on this historic result.where is it all going to end.

  5. A great shame that it takes such a sunject as this to get ANY posts on our regular womens article by Michelle. Ho w very nuch I WISH womens football had been going when I BECAME ADDICTED TO MENS FOOTBALL, AGED AROUND 5 OR 6.
    TBH, I accept that now, aged 71, I am never going to become addicted to womens football , as compared with mens, it lacks speed, dynamism, extreme pace of action and intensity.

    It is however far more honest and not sullied by gross greed. I genunely hope it continues its growth worldwide and I also expect it too!

    That does not mean I have NO interest, but just that I never expect to become ADDICTED, as I AM WITH THE MENS GAME. But I regret that being so, all the same.


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