Keane slams Aubameyang for calling Arteta’s first name

Roy Keane claims that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was being disrespectful after the attacker called Mikel Arteta by his first name in the post-match press conference yesterday.

Arsenal beat Manchester United at Old Trafford for the first time in 14 years thanks to a penalty by the club’s captain.

Keane was on punditry duty on Sky Sports and he was one of the pundits who analysed the game.

After the match, Aubameyang was interviewed and he said in parts of his interview as quoted by Sun Sports: “The team did a great job. Everyone was giving their best and that’s why we won.

“We knew since the beginning that we had to trust the process.

“Mikel is bringing something very nice and we have to follow.”

Although he had something good to say about his manager, Keane took exception to him calling Arteta by his first name and he claimed that he was simply being disrespectful to the Spanish boss.

The Sky Sports pundit said: “They didn’t show him respect when they called him by his name, Mikel.

“He’s the manager, the boss, the gaffer. That’s respect. Not Mikel, he’s not his mate.”

When asked if it was just the modern way to refer to your boss, Keane answered: “No, that’s called respect.”

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  1. When a man like Keane starts to talk about respect, I look out of the window to see the pigs flying by.

    IF Mikel Arteta believes he has been “disrespected” I’m certain he will sort it out and, perhaps, Roy Keane should review his behaviour over the years?

    1. Agreed

      What respect did Roy Keane show to Jack Charlton ahead of the world cup?
      He is a delusional character, who has a very short memory.

  2. Hahaha Roy Keane telling a man like Auba how to behave,Auba is not just a great footballer who behaves with dignity on and off the field but plays with a smile too.
    Roy Keane is an angry man who rarely has a kind word about anyone and was nowhere near as good as Auba as a player.
    If a 1000 kids watched these two men play and behave and were then asked who they would like to be like when they grew uo my guess is everyone would opt for Auba

  3. Since anybody can give out opinions, it is quite ironic that a wild animal like him talks about respect.

  4. Roy Keane that’s just rubbish what you trying to create between our Coach and players! Mikel is Mikel himself knows that too! Stop involving you to where you don’t fit in! Nothing was wrong said by our captain

  5. Roy Keane might not be examplary when it comes to showing respect to superiors, but he is 100% correct with this observation.

    1. Lol..
      Same here Sue.
      Keane is just bitter and lacks fact, and thinks he’s being moral.
      The players already mentioned at the end of last season that Arteta told them to refer to him as either Mikel or Mister. That he doesn’t fancy the word Boss as other coaches before him.
      Even Folarin Balogun in his interview after the Dundalk game referred to him as Mikel.
      So its not a thing of disrespect. Its something that has been accepted by Arteta.
      So Keane should just Keep Kwayet.

      1. Nice one, Khadii…he does a good job of making himself look a complete idiot 😂 I agree, he should zip it, but we know that’ll never happen – bursting a vessel is more likely 😄

          1. I think you’re right, Dan.. just as I thought I was getting a little closer to you – Fulham and Leicester won!! 😂
            Gonna be close between you and Dan kit!!

  6. It makes me feel like the players are very comfortable with Arteta. They know that training well and following his instructions is what’s important.
    Apart from that he banters with them as he is not that more older than them age-wise.

    I remember rumours were circulating of our certain princess disrespecting and undermining our former manager by saying to him “WALLAH YOU ARE NOT A MANAGER”.

    A known section of our fanbase was celebrating / cheering him on for being such a World Class global star that put Emery in his place..😊

    Calling the manager by his first name is not the worst crime in footballing history in my opinion. 😊

  7. Times change and a more comfortable familiarity is common nowadays
    I might have called my boss Mr Bloggs then but it would probably be Joe today.

    Keane was apoplectic during the post match program and looked ready for a fight. He’s not my cup of tea but that is another matter

  8. The Pundit is only trying to set up the coach against his star player. Putting them at loggers head.
    This same Pundit wished the Arsenal Midfielder who performed so we’ll was playing in the Manchester United team.
    You can already see how prejudiced he started, simply because Arsenal won against Manchester United, a Pundit pours out his frustration on Aubameyang the Arsenal captain.

  9. The players themselves at the end of last season stated that Arteta told them to refer to him as Mikel or Mister.
    As he isn’t comfortable with the “Boss” tag.
    Even Balogun after the Europa league game called him Mikel, and he’s much younger than Auba. So it tell you its something that’s generally accepted in the club and not a sign of disrespect.
    So Keane should just shut it and face Man utd. This isn’t the Fergie Era

  10. I bet Keane is only saying this because his bosses at Sky tell him that he has to say something controversial because they think it makes a more interesting show. He should be on Talksport, that’s what they do.

  11. Another blog has today written a very similar article condemning Keane in the same way. While I would agree that a manger shouldn’t get too matey with his squad I’m not against first names, especially with players that are ex team mates. If it works for the manager/captain relationship why fix it?

  12. That’s coming from someone who walked out on his country and fell out with SAF and ended another footballer’s career.

  13. The sad thing for me watching on, was seeing Keane, a man so clearly stuck in the past, when surrounded by modern attitude pundits like Cahill and Redknapp.

    It is part of society now that first names are routinely used almost everywhere and if a person can not accept that life has moved on from the old class conscious and rigid, repressive old days, then perhaps being in a modern studio is not the right place for such a “dinosaur”!

    To object , esp on someones elses behalf albeit, about a player not calling his manager “boss or gaffer or govnor” but actually using his first name, is too pathetic for anyone to take him seriously.

    He should grow up and join at least the 20th century, while we evolved ones are now well into the 21st!

    Keane has more form than “merely” this too. He openly advocates managers treating modern players in the often brutal way that such as Clough, the early Sir Alex and George Graham did, which would end so disastrously now, were that tried at top level. Time and social attitudes have moved forward and a wise person recognises that and adapts to it.

    You do not get respect by using last names but by earning it by tactful honesty, fine man management skills, knowing how to treat players and all humans – AND knowing how NOT to treat them – and by dedication and sheer ability as a manager.

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