Keep Calm Arsenal Fans and take one game at a time….

A lot of Arsenal fans (well certainly on JustArsenal) seem to lurch from ecstasy to misery depending on our latest result, but the fact is that we win some games and we lose or draw other games. It’s not rocket science but the aim is to lose or draw less than your opponents over the season and you will finish top of the League!

In the whole of 2015 Arsenal did manage that and we earned 9 points more than Manchester City, so if we can maintain that level until the end of the season there is no reason why we can’t win the title. But the secret, according to Olivier Giroud, is to simply take it one game at a time. “I just take the games step by step, game by game, like the team,” Ollie said on “We needed to bounce back after the Southampton defeat and now we are on a really good run.

“It’s a bit of a shame that we conceded a draw at the end of the Liverpool game, but it was a fantastic game for the spectators and it was one of the best games I’ve played in for Arsenal.

“The race is very tight because Leicester City and Manchester City will be fighting as well. We have a bit of an advantage over Manchester United and Tottenham at the moment but they could come back if you lose two games, you never know.

“It’s not original but it’s true that you always have to question yourself. I used to say that football is an everlasting new beginning and that’s like life too. Every week you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to give your maximum so that you can win every possible game.”

Giroud has been known in the past to drop his head when he goes a few games without scoring, but it seems even the Frenchman has taken to this philosophy and comes back to each game with renewed vigour. But the moral of this article is that even if we lose to Chelsea this weekend, next week will bring a whole new beginning…..

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  1. Super lamp post is a Genius,
    who would have thought of that?.. To take one game at a time! ? ?

    I see that admin is preparing us for a defeat against the chavs ?

    Talking of chavs, I hear that Fabregas is on a roll,
    He has now got a steward the sack at Chelsea,
    For calling him a “snake”…. Maybe Arsenal should give that steward a job at the Emirates and double his wages as well.

    1. On a serious note, why not give Eva Carneiro a job as our medic ? Chelsea players never stayed injured for more than 3 weeks

    2. Where would we be without Super Lampost?
      Wenger must rest him before his head or ankle succumbs to some injury….time for Theo to take the centre stage & give Slow coach Terry a roasting!

  2. Excited for Sunday. Possibly the only thing better than us winning 4-0 with Ozil getting four assists would be winning 4-0 with that crap-eating moron John Terry having four OGs.

  3. oh no i have just read somewhere that our deluded board are willing to give wenger another contract not more years of wenger at the helm, he should be gone by the end of the current contract he has served his time. and if he wins the league this year it would be a great to bow out, at the top. unless he thinks the our league rivals are staring to get a little bit weaker, and he thinks he can take advantage of it in the next few years to compete for more titles easier, i think that is taking a massive chance on his reputation.

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