Keep calm Arsenal fans! Only ten more days of frustration!

No-one’s coming! by DN

Just like all long-suffering Gooners, I am used to being extremely disappointed when the transfer window closes, but I have to admit that I really believed that Arsene Wenger would be spending big this January. With the amount of long term injuries we have right now (and don’t even try to persuade me that Danny Welbeck or Jack Wilshere or whoever will be back in the next few weeks), and how close we are to actually challenging for the Premier League title, I was imagining a big money arrival to give the players and fans a boost ahead of crucial month ahead.

But yet again we’ve only seen the arrival of Kim Kallstrom (oh sorry, wrong name, same position!) to cover for the 10 midfielders we’ve got out injured. Elneny now has to pack up his life in Switzerland, move to England, get to know all the players and the Arsenal system and be ready to face Chelsea next Sunday. That should be easy yes?

We really needed a Premiership-proven midfielder and preferably a striker as well, because we know that Theo Walcott will be getting injured again very soon, and even if Welbeck does come back, will he beat his record of four goals scored in one season? No!

The reason I’m moaning now is that Wenger has made it clear that he will not be buying any more players in this window. He said today – “We are always open to the exceptional occasion of course because it can be a long-term exceptional opportunity that we would take. But at the moment I expect our last 10 days to be quiet.”

I really hope that Wenger is just telling his usual porky-pies to keep the media guessing, but from previous experience I am sure he is telling the truth….


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  1. In his defence, are there many central midfielders or strikers with enough premier league experience that would be available, good enough, and (for central midfield) accept that they’d probably sit on the bench as soon as Cazorla/Coq are back?

    The strikers that appear good enough are Aguero (not happening), Lukaku (not happening), Kane (not happening), and potentially Vardy, who may well prove to be a one hit wonder, he didn’t se the league alight last season.

    So it would take exceptional circumstances to bring someone in if he’s got your criteria in front of him

  2. “Yes, you will certainly have some work to do over the next 10 days, not especially with Arsenal”. Arsene


    Wenger really knows how to put out a fire. Some in your face attitude right there, no wonder the press are always on his case, he either gives them nothing or slams the door upfront.

    Banking on returning players can go either way, some players have been out for a while like Welbz, TR14 and Jack it may take time for them to get into the grove, same thing might be said for Sanchez, Carzola and Coq.

    1. Com’on mate, you are just projecting your own frustrations with some very spurious logic. I fail to see anything whatsoever wrong with AW’s statement. Are we feeling sorry for the press because he “gives them nothing”? Well cry me a river whilst playing a small violin. What are you suggesting, he lies and stokes “a fire” whilst divulging intimate details of the club’s transfer plan?

      So our injured players may “take some time for them to get into the grove(sic)”? Is that suppose to differentiate them from brand new players arriving in January who will slot in seamlessly with immediate impact?

      Look what are then “rivals” did last year. Benteke, Ings, Falcao, Remy, Pedro, Bony, Ottamendi, Milner, Delph, Martial, Schneiderlin, Schweinstieger, Rahman, Depay, Firmino. The only player in that list who has made at least a modestly significant impact is Martial (but at £62M if recent reports are to be believed). I can recall every single one of these players were praised and fawned over on this site and elsewhere and AW subsequently slaughtered for not indulging us by buying them. If he had bought anyone of those and they then performed as they have to date for their present clubs, the level of abuse AW would be getting would be insane from those who make such personal abuse their main preoccupation regardless of facts, logic, circumstances etc.

      Instead we got Cech, perhaps one of the top 3 GKs of this generation and certainly one of the best bits of transfer business in Europe last summer. And the author’s title for this thread “No-one is Coming” is just a lie – Elneny generously being given the “no-one” tag by some of our fans either because they have already decided he is s%%te or that £7.5M is not a big enough number for them.

      Which club has made a signing this January that will change the trajectory of their season? If you can’t cite a decent example ask yourself why.

      1. leicester seem to have done excellent business with the kid from burnley…might not change their direction but strengthens their attacking options ….if lpool bring in texeira that will have a potentially significant impact though half their team needs to be changed and klopp will have to do that in the summer….guess newcastle have made a couple of serious signings …even if i dont think much of shelvey would imagine it has given them some hope…bournmouth have signed iturbe on loan which should make a difference to their forward line…what do we need? an improvement over wolacott campbell and ox … is this a difficult ask…dont think so just that we have been completely distracted by the aubameyang none signing

        1. Fair points but I was commenting on our traditional top 4/5 rivals. Liverpool (9th in PL), Bournemouth (15th) and Newcastle (18th) all have slightly different agendas and objectives atm and improvements relative to their position are easier to come by. Leicester have a very small squad and need numbers.

          I see the criticism being loaded up on Ox, TH and Campbell, some justified, some abit OTT, but the likes of Iturbe or Gray ain’t likely to bring a huge improvement – if we want to improve our wide forward options then I suggest we are in the Reus, Greizmann, Draxler, Aubameyang market. And with the best will in the world they are not January window signings.

          btw I do like the looks of Wijnaldum though but not really sure what his best position/role is.

  3. AW wont buy nobody else this transfer window just relax and stop reading all rumors from Metro, Mirror etc
    Basically his team collected most points out of all BPL teams in 2015. Injured players are coming back with Le Coq back in full training and Welbeck next week so wenger doesnt want to get anybody to warm up the bench.
    in recent years he always made only signing in the region of 5-8 mill Monreal Gabriel and now Elneny. so he has done his business for this window

    Ozil and Sanchez will be back and we beat Chelsea keep the top position

    1. Wenger has already slipped in a ” I may not RISK Sanchez against Chelsea” and we know whats coming next…. “Sanchez has had a little setback in training” ?
      The injury updates are ridiculous, especially during the transfer windows!
      Just like Danny Setbeck was coming back during the summer transfer window, only to undergo surgery a week before the season kicked off!

      It will be interesting to hear what the die hard wenger fan’s say if Sanchez and Ozil end up missing the Chelsea game and if we also fail to win that game.

      Most of the players that we are linked too, during the transfer windows are probably true, Otherwise, Wenger wouldn’t of had a 500 list of player’s that he nearly signed ??

      Apart from the two Nigerian wonderkids,who are awaiting visa and work permits,( who will both make Arsenal fc over 100 million when sold on) Don’t expect anymore senior players coming in.

  4. What is your preferred central midfield combination when all our players are fit?

    Arteta, Cazorla, Chambers, Coquelin, El-Nenny, Flamini, Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky, Wilshere

    1. Coquelin DM
      Cazorla B2B
      Ozil CAM

      These are our best central midfielders

      Best team In my opinion


      1. Campbell for Walcott. Just my opinion would be our best 11, i like theo up front. Him and Giroud should be challenging eachother for that spot, defensivley walcott doesnt do what Joel does and campbells vison from what we have saw so far of him is pretty damn good ? Walcott better up top pushing defenses back as far as possible, his runs are pretty awesome an Ozil or Campbell could pick him out no problemo!

    2. Subtle and well made point regarding our CM “crisis”. With future breakthroughs from other younger CMs also a possibility (eg: Bielik, Crowley, Hayden) it is not so bleak as some like to think.

  5. Who cares, we are not going to sign anyone else unless its a nigerian youngster or 2. Reason to not care did you see our training ground photos today? I saw Ozil, Sanchez, Rosicky and best of all Coquelin. He may well be back for the Barca game which is a huge boost for that game and the run in. Ozil and Sanchez back for Chelsea plus Elneny training away there intregrating with the squad, he might just come in handy on Sunday

    3more to come back in Wilshere, Santi and Welbz soon, march onwards will hopefully have a fully fit squad. Looks like the injuried players are all coming back soon just maybe Santi be the longest!

    Bellerin Per Koss Nacho
    Elneny Ramsey
    Campbell Giroud Sanchez

    Ospina Gabriel Chambers Gibbs Iwobi Walc Ox Rosicky??

    Per maybe out for Gabriel but cant see wenger doing that! Id try Elneny instead of Flamini, strict instrctions – protect back 4 and break up play as best u can, cant be worse than Flame and hes did rightly for us so far!

    1. I hope that those training ground photos were not old ones, mixed with the new? ? ? Photoshop? ? ?

      I wouldn’t be surprised, especially during a transfer window!

      Just to let the ‘Gooner Lad’ type of fan’s know….
      that this face ➡ ? normally means I’m having a laugh ?
      So take it easy on your high horse, don’t want you falling off!

      1. Dont understand why u mentioned ones like ‘goonerlad’ on a reply to me!? I know all this already have had a few encounters debating with you on this site, though do 100% agree ones need to lighten up on this. Its a laugh on here and shouldnt be taking seriously, everyone entitled to their opinions thats why this site is up. Im Arsenal through and through like the next Gooner but its only football and we all are on here to give our 10pennys worth about Arsenal. Right or Wrong doesnt matter.

        As to your expert opinion on training ground photoshopped photos at the london coloney, i would like to hope you are wrong Slimboy and that we have the big guns ready for Barcelona ?? but does that actually happen??

    2. @Koss the Boss
      Elneny knows his position well enough. It’s Aaron who needs to be reminded of his positioning…I really don’t understand how some of you think 1 player is adequate enough a buffer for the back 4 when you have 3/4 opposition players bearing down on our midfield. Le Coq and Santi knew when to lay back and control the midfield and when to venture forward. Aaron needs to learn to work with his midfield partner…Whoever he may be.

      1. I understand that though with a truely defensive midfield destroyer beside and covering with the CBs, it may well work to keep pushing teams back in there own half would it not?

        True that also he annoys me bombing forward but with that being said with a proper CDM beside him the risks he takes going forward will be rewarded as imo Coquelin would cover him no problem just havnt been able to see it yet as Flamini is ok just not up to Le Coqs standards. Elneny may have that in his locker just cant judge yet but Sunday would be a great chance to show ot would it not in Le Coqs absense?

        1. Aaron has the engine to go from box to box something Santi cannot do but Elneny can so would you have Coquelin alongside Elneny until Santi is back?

          1. @Koss the Boss
            It’s not about his”engine”. It’s about him being intelligent enough when to hold his position and when to time his runs. Santi knows when it’s right to do either…And yes, I would rather have Elneny alongside Le Coq for the simple fatc that he seems more disciplined.

    3. I’m sorry but we all know Wilshere will be the last one to return from injury and it will probably be in March

  6. No frustration for me, I hear El neny is a great footballer. I’m happy with the business done. He’s much better than arteta and flamini combined. As the striker part goes. We have giroud who has been scoring goals this season and Theo as his back up. Welbeck coming back, we don’t need any players. We are just fine. As long as lecoq,Sanchez and ozil are back we will be fine. Plus rosicky and welbeck coming back too, we are fine guys. Let’s focus on Chelsea

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