Keeper sorted, now Arsenal move on to a top striker?

There are very few pundits around, including Thierry Henry, who haven’t told Arsene Wenger that Arsenal need to buy a Striker, a DM and a goalkeeper (only Cech of course) to give the Gunners a secure spine for next season’s attack on the Premier League title. It is now all-but-certain that Petr Cech has fulfilled the Number One role, but now Wenger needs to move on to his other targets.

For the midfield, we are still talking about players like Schneiderlin and Vidal, but the striker role is definitely going to be the hardest to fill. Wenger expressed interest in Jackson Martinez but that now looks unlikely, so the latest reports are now saying that Arsenal are interested in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who actually scored 25 goals for Borussia Dortmund, despite the club having their worst season in living memory!

The report reckons that Arsenal are considering a 40m (£28.7m) Euro bid for the 25 year-old, which seems to be much better value than paying the same for a 29 year-old Martinez, and playing in a better League too (in my opinion anyway).

Jurgen Klopp leaving could easily see a complete rebuilding program at the Bundesliga side, and the story goes that they will need to sell some established stars to fund the incoming replacements, but would they really sell their 25 goal striker to take a risk on a new youngster?

Okay let’s forget that he is unlikely to come to Arsenal, and just discuss if he would be better than Giroud for us?

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    1. What moron thumbs down a simple question? Its not as if I said the deal is happening and he is coming to Arsenal. I merely asked a question. Some of you just love that red thumb too much.

        1. Get off that high horse! If you actually read and understood the sentiment you wouldn’t be coming out with that nonsense.

          1. LOL. I thumbed you down just cause its makes you soooooo angry. Someone hates been rejected. Its ok I will be a Moron for the day. Gunner for Life

    2. Who r Pundits? They want us to buy different players all time.They want us to do a Liverpool.Things are happening.Petr Cech is all but sealed by very reliable sources – Sky and BBC.It’s a matter of time before he joins us.Now a DM(Schneiderlin),ST(Cavani,Bacca or Higuain) and if possible a winger(Pedro).

      1. I am very optimistic I hope we make these signings I am tired of hearing we are not genuine title contenders because we are short a few players. Can you imagine if we get Cech, this Gambyon and a DM. Honestly we would have the best and deepest squad in the EPL and genuine title contender. Not just epl but we would once again become a force in CL. I hope after all the head ache and the frustration of being a gooner over the years is finally coming to an end.

    3. I’m not sure if it was ever on to be honest. I think Martinez wants to come here (he has been an arsenal fan since childhood and always maintained his willingness to come here) but not sure if Wenger wants him. It maybe that Wenger doesn’t want to pay £25 million for him or maybe wants a younger striker

      But AC Milan dropped out of the race for him so it looks better for us now than it did a week ago

      I would love him to come here. Even if it’s two to three years of quality football which leads us to trophies, it will be worth it.

    4. Aubameyang is a good striker, I think his style is totally different from giroud, he offers something different. I would still rate Martinez higher than him. I was amazed why Wenger didn’t sign aubameyang when he was in France with St.ettien, kind of shocking since its the league which Wenger likes to buy players from,if we signed him last year we we could have got him half of the current price. But still 28 mil is a good price for a proven goal scorer. His style of play is kind of like our own Theo. Theo can do what he does, we need a target man. A world class striker, a benzema or a cavani

  1. Right – let’s all stop talking about spines. You can’t just buy a “spine” and think you will win the title. That happens over time and if you want to go ahead and disrupt the stability of the team and start from scratch, listen to the pundits. They surely did a good job advising Liverpool and Manchester United.

    Arsenal has a good spine. The only missing peg is a GK. Ospina has been great but has been because of the good “spine” in front of him. Adding Cech might save us few points which add the end of the season might be crucial.

    We’ve seen what this team can do in the second half of the season, being on par with Chelsea. We only need some squad depth in case of those standard Arsenal injuries and newly discovered Arsene’s “game plan”.

    1. We still need a polished DM and genuinely class ST, so that’s pretty much the spine despite your protestations all is peachy. We’ve accumulated a good squad, and have plenty of quality round the edges but we certainly can do better than Coquelin and Giroud despite their good input. Neither are among the best in their respective positions, and only Arsenal fans will try and argue against that.

      Both have their value but no fan is being honest with himself if he’s telling me Coquelin is the finished article coming from nowhere and having 5 good months – be crazy to bank on him for the whole season with Arteta and Flam behind, big drop in quality if he’s out or doesn’t produce it. Giroud is Giroud, good at a lot of things but not top class and capable of being a talisman like the best ST at the club should be.

      Cech all but done
      Vidal/Schneiderlin/Carvalho available.
      Higuain/Jackson/Aubameyang available.

      1. Champagne Charlie

        What world do you live in?
        Since when has Aubameyang been available?
        Are you another one of these Fifa players who think if they’re good on fifa, they’re good in real life? Lol.

        1. I’d say right around the time Dortmund didn’t qualify for the CL and their manager resigned.

          What does Fifa have to do with a players availability?

          1. Oh yeah, like Reus was going to leave Dortmund because the manager left, and they don’t have UCL football? Unfortuantely I’d say you believe what you read, which is quite sad.

            1. A player can decide to stay all he wants I didn’t even mention that. I said Aubameyang is available, meaning with Dortmund out the CL and Klopp resigned every player has a price this summer where previously they would’ve been in a position to refuse business they can’t now because they lost out on CL money.

              And you ask what world I live in…..good stuff Nick.

              1. Charlie,

                I live in a world, where fortunately I know a little more than yourself. Having played for the club, knowing staff, and players that are still there, I’d say I’m slightly more in the know than your good self.
                If any admin read this post, they’d know and support I gave them information about us signing Flamini, Ozil, Cech, MONTHS before the deals were finalised. So, I can tell you now, Arsenal will not be signing Aubameyang. 🙂

                1. You also live in a world where you struggle to read and comprehend what people say in a blog.

                  I didn’t say we are getting aubameyang, I simply pointed to the fact he and others are ‘available’ in reference to our needs for a new ST.

                  Amazing arrogance to think you know more than someone you dont even know. Complete lack of intelligence shown….oh the irony.

                  1. I can confirm that Nick has given us reliable transfer news from the Emirates for the last few transfer windows.
                    But that doesn’t mean I agree with all of his comments….or yours lol.
                    (Although I surprised he revealed that while using his real name…..)

              2. Saying “Everyone has their price” is the simplest thing to say in the football world. Everyone has a buy out clause, EVERYONE is available for a fee, so what you’ve said is completely ridiculous. Messi is available…. at 300million.

                1. Do you even have an argument here or are you just fond of your own noise?

                  YOU said I was wrong to say aubameyang is available, I said every Dortmund player is this summer after missing CL and Klopp resigning, now you’re saying well everyone in world football has a price… what is your point?

                2. Fond of my own noise, no. Reading something funny and needing to reply I’d say was more up my street.
                  Funnily enough your name crops up a lot with ridiculous posts and “players being available” rumours.
                  I’m merely making the point that all players have their price. No one in modern day football is guaranteed to remain at their club with owners nowadays, regardless of CL football, or a manager departing.

                3. So you’re merely pointing out all players have a price, even though you started this whole thing by saying:

                  “What world do you live in?
                  Since when has Aubameyang been available?”

                  You’re lost.

    2. Aldo…..

      If you buy a good spine, you win the league.
      It’s that simple…
      Chelsea did it this year, they brought in Courtios, Matic & Costa. (The Solid defence was already there) And what happened, they won the league.
      That isn’t a coincidence.

      If Arsenal want to win the league, they’ve taken one hell of a huge step towards that goal by sealing Peter Cech, however, a new CB, CDM and ST is a must.

      1. You hit the nail on the head with the biggest difference between us and Chelsea this season in that ‘the solid defence was already there.’
        Debuchy down, kos’s niggling injuries, szcezny having a few howlers, mertesacker’s form dip after world cup, Monreal playing at CB when he’s never played there before, Chambers often out of his depths at RB and rushed into the first team at CB, and as brilliant as Bellerin’s debut season was he was out of his depths defensively some games as well. Oh and sub-par and often non-existent protection from midfield as well.
        You CANNOT possibly mount a proper title challenge with such defensive issues..

        This being said the logic of ‘strengthen these positions because Chelsea did and they won’ is utterly ridiculous. We have three quality CB’s now and one understudy. DM, yes Coquelin needs competition and rotation and we’re one attacker short, i’m not convinced it necessarily has to be an out and out striker.

          1. Yep, I am actually. Our defensive pairing of Kos and Mert has been balanced and they have a great understanding, has been our most stable CB pairing for yeeears.

            1. u are joking when you say its been our most stable cb pairing in years arent u?we havent had a good defensive pairing in years.Kos is a good player but one centre back being good an quick an another being mediocre an slow isn’t the kind of balance i want in my defence

  2. Don’t know if there’s any truth in the rumours but he’d be my number 1 target. I know we was linked to him before he moved to Dortmund I wasn’t too sure of him back then. But Watched him quite a lot over the last 2 seasons, played mostly on the right wing last season when they had Lewandowski but he’s moved into the striker position and done really well despite Dortmund playing pretty poorly most of this season. There are better players technically but he’s a real quality player and I think he’d be perfect as much for the fact he’s versatile and the right wing/ striker positions is where our team could be improved and he fits that role perfectly. And his direct pace is incredible. When Walcott is fit Ozil really thrives so I think he’d be the perfect fit.

    1. No, sure if we get him none of us will be able to keep up with the play, and the poor camera man how difficult will his job become. I do like the sound of the extra pace.

  3. Okay we have gone cheap on a keeper (11 million on a keeper in his mid 30’s who wasn’t even number 1 keeper), so now lets make up for this by getting a top top striker like Suarez, Costa, Aguero, Neymar, Reus, Ronaldo, etc

    Lets show the PL that we have at least some ambition

    1. Honest question… How much fifa career mode have you played these last few days????
      Stop whinging for names!!! We’re not going to spend 300million dollars this window and we’re not going to sell half our squad to fund it…
      How delusional are you that you actually think Suarez, Costa, Neymar and Aguero are realistic targets?? Just because it can work in computer games doesn’t mean the champions of Europe will sell us their prized assets!!!

        1. To be honest, on Fifa, Arsenal only have £20 Mil available for transfers, so you can’t even buy world class players on it! The game’s board are more stingy than the real one!

          1. I need to ask this. On fifa does tottenham FC always end up in the top four when playing with Arsenal. Just asking cuz I am in my fourth season and Tottenham is always leading the league till the END when THE ARSENAL passes them.

            But I have this conspiracy that the developers of FIFA are Tottenham supporters. Just a conspiracy nothing serious. LOL.

            Oh this is in OFFLINE MODE.

  4. I must say I lovvee this site. I wont lie its where I spend my lunch times at work, on this forum and reading them insights,articles and comments.

    I salute u fellow gooners and Bob.

    To more pressing issues. We (until official confirmation) have signed a worlllddd class goalkeeper. That’s a bright start, and I feel for Ospina, but Cech will improve us and its a signal of intent.

    I think(I may be wrong) wenger watched barca and their front 3. the recent Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang rumors may be true. Speedy, can finish and has technical abilty. Im thinking Wenger wants a fierce front 3 that’s deadly, speedy, hardworking and instill some fear in oppents eyes. Imagine a front 3 of alexis walcot auba, that looks pretty dangerous.

    Personally I do prefer lacazette, rues or (Bale) lol, but we all know it seems abit far stretched, but who knows.

    Wenger might either(get vidal or sneiderlin) oorrr convert chanmbers to a CDM and buy a center back(as per the recent rumors). Id prefer vidal, his oozing class.

    I cant wait for this season. With a fulllly fit squad, how wenger going to keep everyone happy?mmm what a good headache to have.

    I think the pundits areee sloowwlly realising we bout to rise……..sense their fear……….

    Gotze has a bloody gorgeous gf.

    #ya gunners ya#

    Mourinho will taste defeat against wenger this season im sure……

    ohh and I love arsenal

  5. Aubameyang is definitely better than giroud, and for those who do not watch the bundesliga,he’s not all about speed, he’s quite an intelligent player who is always at the right place at the right time, he’s also good with both feet and in the air.But the problem with most Arsenal fans is that they are more interested in the NAME rather than the player.That’s why you see people floating names like higuain, benzema and cavani around. Let me remind you all that Thierry Henry was merely a squad player at Juve when we signed him.Thanks

    1. But he was top goalscorer at the 98World cup,which directly preceded him coming to Arsenal

    1. @q.d ……. Welbz should be released?……u are not being fair to urself and to “dat guy”

      1. meant sold.nonetheless the end game here is that Welbeck leaves. Of what use is this chap really? he cant shoot, he cant dribble, he cant control the ball, he cant do pretty much anything right. ill tell you what we cant also do…continue carrying him!!!

    2. Do you remember Arshad in? Nobody thinks of him as a game winner. Do you remember him scoring 4 goals v Liver by himself? And then that we conceded 4 as well?
      Many Henry Era games were won by 1-0.
      My point is…..if Messi scored 4 v us to g through a certain ucl…if we had scored 3 more that game…….well I don’t need to say it

  6. ABY scoring record
    in 2 years in the
    Bundesliga is very
    similar to that of Giroud in the EPL.
    48-16, 46-25.
    If we sell Giroud for 15-20 mill then yeah its worth it.
    May be dump Wellbeck but I think they see him as
    a wing/ striker cover and he is home grown.

    1. He played mostly as a right winger/forward the previous season and scored 16 goals 25 playing mostly as as striker this season with 11 assists so his record is pretty good. I don’t see any point in selling Giroud tho we’re trying to push for the title were in a position where we don’t need to sell and Giroud is a top quality player who is pretty consistent in offering around 20 goals a season. Plus anyone coming in could potentially flop so even if someone better on paper comes in Giroud offers a quality safety net. Plus he’ll still have a vital role to play even if someone does come in.

    2. selling giroud would be a mistake. too risky. yes he isn’t much liked and there are better footballers out there but giroud is a vital squad player. truth be told it is the little things that go unnoticed. holding up the ball and getting the transition from defense into attack became vital against reading.

      teams here are direct and when welbeck couldn’t do that our whole team suffered.

      he is our only back to goal striker, so if we sell we need to bring in just as good and still that is risky because players need time to settle.

  7. Aubameyang could be the outside the box thinking kind of c/f we need would be a typical wenger signing, someone that has all the right traits to be world class, just need wenger the master coach to polish him up the the top level. he also seem to strike a very canny game style resemblance to a certain king we use to worship on the terraces, there game styles are very identical pace, intelligence, great finishing skills a winger cum c/f , good height and strength and good in the air too.
    and his goal scoring record is quite tidy also 41 goals in 90 games for dortmund not bad conversion rate at 26 he is at his peak. if we can agree a good price he could be the one to look out for. ozil would love to have him in front of him.

  8. But we have Sanogo!!!!! lol.

    Seriously, Aubmeyang may be a better purchase at £29 million than Martinez at £25 million. Aubmeyang is 25 and plays with top players like Reus (who apparently he is close friends with). I would not mind both coming but who wouldn’t lol.

    With Klopp having left, it may be more possible to get Aubmeyang

    Lacazette is also a player Wenger should consider. He is 24, so has a few years to improve but already scores lots of goals.

  9. when we say top striker how top are we look for class,top class,top,top class
    4,top,top,top,top class
    5,wenger special top,top,top,top,top class
    take your pick fellow gunners lol

  10. If u guys really think aubameyang is an upgrade u r deluded.
    I live in Germany and I watch the Bundesliga regularly … My advice: look for a better striker than welback 2.0 . He’s not arsenal material. I would prefer playing akpom more often than buying aubameyang from Dortmund.

  11. He works well with Dortmund. But the way they counter, transition and overall attack is a lot, lot, lot higher tempo than we do against the average side. Would be interesting… He’d be a great addition, and the ability to play on the wing is obviously a big bonus.

  12. three top signings in my opinion is over kill. one goalie for certain. DM we have coquelin. having two quality DMs will help with harder fixtures. so that is two signing but the third top signing is the big issue. that striker.

    1st off Walcott has done it for us when fit. put him on even when he isn’t playing great he WILL stretch defenses, leaving other quality players to exploit spaces created. so why buy it in.

    2nd strikers and quality ones don’t fall off trees. quality strikers are few and not many on the market. those that are a far too expensive.

    3rd and most importantly of all the grass isn’t greener. sorry to say it because I know many on here have youtube scouted Jackson Martinez he isn’t great and IS a guaranteed flop. Really the only lead striker who isn’t about to retire, like tevez, ibra and so on, who is on market better then what we have is Lacazette.

    and all this “he is better then giroud” is a massive red herring. giroud is a squad player who makes the first team due to balance. one extra DM playing and we don’t need a hold up back to goal striker. fact.

    Walcott can play up top. so can welbeck. not many have a problem with welbecks attributes adding to the 1st. sanchez can play there.

    so please don’t say “well he is better then giroud” say he is better then sanchez or Walcott. and JM isn’t, nor is cavani, nor is higuain. and yes they are all better then giroud but none are better then Walcott running in behind and his movement.

  13. All this ‘have we?’, ‘will we?’, ‘should we?’, ‘when will we? about fantasy transfer targets is a load of rollocks until the dotted line is signed.

    It sells papers, it sells websites and it gets people talking, but it’s all hot air.

    I’m gonna get a load of thumbs down here, but hey…transfer windows divide opinions so what’s new?

    See you when the season starts… 😉

  14. Keeper sorted??? What a laugh! AW has never even said he was looking at a keeper! Even if personal terms may be whome?..Chelsea “appear” to want a home grown talent in exchange…please don’t buy into any of this crap!

    Aubameyang seriously? What does he offer over Walcott? aside from a dream that he may be more clinical and because he’s not from Arsenal therefore he has to be better. Gimme a break…

    You have 2 years left on your career…you have all the money in the world to spend. You can go for a quick fix and buy 2-3 world class players and spend BPP120M…but instead you choose to spend on youth and what you believe is in the best interest of the club for the future. Why? Clearly it’s not about your ego…

    Frankly i tire from hearing about this “world class” player and that…how AW is tight with the money, blah, blah blah….hey you want to see what stupid spending does..look at Parma…welcome to the high risk world of Fifa16 when a team of players you can’t afford/sustain dpn’t deliver glory and bankrupt you!

  15. Cech hasn’t been officially announced (even thought every media is reporting it) and everybody’s already looking at the next target…That being said, for that kind of money Aubameyang is NOT worth it we’re better off with what we already have. If Wenger is really intent on spending that kind of money (40m) it would most likely be in the middle of the park instead of up top and even than I don’t think so!! Will 2 other BIG player come in I think so but none will cost 40m and for that kind of money Benzema or Higuain would be a genuine upgrade.

  16. I believe Cech is our keeper already, we need to focus on getting a good finisher now—–

  17. Wo slow down, lets see cech reveled officially first. I am so excited to see this come off. Jose will claim he’s nit bothered as we are not competition however apart from getting a quality keeper the inside knowledge of Chelsea s methods and regime is invaluable, a reason jose rarely sells to his competitors in the same league. Shame we can’t sign the female dark haired physio too she’s hot 🙂

  18. Aubameyang is better than Walcott. He would be better suited to playing CF is faster than Giroud and physcially stronger than Walcott. So he is right in the middle of those two players in physique and speed, but I would say he is a better overall striker than the other two. It would be good if Arsenal can get him.

  19. can we please try and purchase LEO back onto our team please .i miss the wee mons accurate information at this time of the year . does anybody know how much his transfer fee would cost us . i am more than willing to put hand in pocket to help cause . it is just not the same team without LEO belting out his long cross field tales and his short stories . we need a creator on the team and i think that LEO is that boy .come on guys , lets pass that hat .

  20. Zlatan is coming!

    Wenger will beg his forgiveness for having dared ask him to take a trial when he came over at 16. This at the 12th hour of the last day of the transfer window.

    And I know. I used to sell hot dogs outside Highbury!

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