Keeping this Arsenal star fit is key to BPL title says Hamann

Dietmar Hamann has had plenty to say in the past about Arsenal and our deficiencies and his comments have usually centred around Arsene Wenger’s stubborn refusal to sign the defensive midfielder that many Arsenal fans and onlookers thought the Gunners were in desperate need of.

So fair play to the former Liverpool and Germany star for admitting that we now seem to have solved this weakness in the team with the young Frenchman Francis Coquelin. Hamann was very impressed with how well the 24-year old di and the impact his return from a loan spell had on Arsenal and our results in the second half of the season.

The German is aware that Coquelin has to pick up where he left off, as he told Talksport, but he does not seem to have too many doubts that he can, probably as Coquelin did not just rest on his laurels but kept improving as the season went on and saved his very best for last in the FA cup final.

So as long as Arsenal can keep our combative player free from injury, Hamann reckons we will be much closer to the top of the table next May and even that we have a good chance of finishing right at the top.

He said, “He made a huge difference to them, results improved dramatically [when he came into the side], and he gave them that protection in front of the back four.

“He had a massive influence and if he can repeat what he did last season I think they are set fair. With the likes of [Aaron] Ramsey and [Jack] Wilshere going forward they’ve got so much quality and you know they are always going to score goals, so defensively was always the problem with Arsenal.

“Coquelin deserves a big mention. Can he do it again? It remains to be seen but, if he does, they will be a lot closer come the end of the season.

“I expect them to be fewer than five or six points off the Premier League winners, and I think they’ve got a fighting chance to win it.”

So is Coquelin really the key man to Arsenal title hopes?

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  1. davidnz says:

    Hamann touches on a
    key issue… injuries.
    And pin points an area where
    we have just one top player..DM.
    It’s crucial to have at least 2 top players in every position.
    To be fair right now Arsenal has 2 top players
    in every position except DM + LW.
    To me another quality DM is more
    important than a big name 50 mill striker.
    Hopefully we will get both a DM and goal scorer.

    1. plastik Fan says:

      yah….keeping him fit and buying a new top class forward to relegate giroud to the bench will be key

  2. The lost cauze says:

    coquelin needs someone to compete with,i just wonder why wenger hardly invests in a proper proven dm instead of converting players like arteta into that role.we have been linked with dms since the m’villa rumours were flying about,i just wonder why he overlooks such a vital position.

  3. Eddy Hoyte says:

    coq will do it again but we need backup, no way he’ll play all competitions and wont burn out. help him please,get him a backup

  4. Frank asare says:

    i think le cock did well but that was for only six month which is not enough to prove that he is well established dm. Even if he is, we still need back up to pravide competition for him.i dont trust wishire and arteta both have plastic legs

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    We must spend

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