Keir Starmer insists ‘Arteta is building a brilliant team’ at Arsenal

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has claimed that Mikel Arteta is doing well to rebuild Arsenal at present, but will need time to get the club back to where they need to be.

The Gunners loss last night left them in ninth place in the Premier League, but do have the chance to earn European football through the backdoor being just one of four left in the Europa League at present.

They also earned their place in Europe for this season at the last-minute, beating Chelsea in the FA Cup final having finished out of the European places of the division.

This season the team endured an extended winless streak in the division, before promoting youngster Emile Smith Rowe into the starting line-up, and altering the formation to accommodate an attacking midfielder, and the team has appeared much more assured since.

Starmer insists that the manager does have the team going in the right direction however, but insists that he will of course need time to get the team exactly where it needs to be.

“I think any manager coming in, or leader of a political party for that matter, you need time to sort your team out.”, the Labour leader told TalkSPORT.

“Arteta is building a brilliant team around the young players. (Emile) Smith Rowe, (Bukayo) Saka, (Gabriel) Martinelli. Give him time to build that team – that’s my rule of leadership and management.

“Give him time to sort the team out and turn the fortunes around. I think Arteta will do that, not withstanding last night.

“Players like Saka are really exceptional.”

The manager has had three windows so far since taking over from Unai Emery, and the personnel changes thus far do seem positive, but Arteta’s man-management could possibly do with some work also.

Are the fans still fully behind the project? Can we still see the progress that the team is making despite the inconsistent results on the pitch?


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    1. I believe all genuine fans understand the need to stay patient and allow the manager to rebuild the team. This takes time especially following the legacy under Arsene when the whole structure of the club was shaped around him. Quick fixes like Utd have tried since Fergie left has proved the point.

  1. That’s why he will never be prime minister ,talks total bollocks .
    “Arteta is building a brilliant team “
    We have just lost our 9th game at home ,first time since 1930 the records keep tumbling with him in charge it’s just a shame they are records we don’t want to beat .

  2. Haha doing well 😂 Villa, Wolves, Everton, city and liverpool have all done the double over us… The team plays crap football, languishing in 9th and possibly will finish even further down the league with Villa 2 games in hand! The excuses have to stop for Arteta they weren’t there for Emery who wasn’t anywhere near this bad with a worse squad.. Arteta is very inexperienced he’s an assistant trying his hand as a manager and it hasn’t worked, we have to stop thinking he will come good as it’s not happening! The process is an embarrassment!

    1. 100% agree Kev. Inexperienced and arrogant. Benching some who deserve to play, playing some who does not deserve like willian when he came back from his emirates trip during covid. And to the media saying his project will explode soon lol. He might be right but not the explosion he has in mind….

  3. I never voted for Kier Starmer and ive seen nothing since to say people voted in the right Labour leader. He talks crap, sorry but whatever his opinion of whats going on, he has just spoken like a true poltician, Bo**cks.

  4. Under the present circumstances, I think this interview was specifically chosen to provide the perfect clickbait wet dream for those within the anti-Arteta contingent, of which I’m presently one, but I just wish when those who could provide a more cerebral opinion to the conversation, like Kier, would chose their words more wisely, like saying he’s hopeful that Arteta can get things done for such and such intelligent reasons, instead of relying on the usual lip service/talking head banter

  5. What does Keir Starmer know about football. From what I can gather well over 60% on Just Arsenal want ARTETA OUT. I trust the supporters have seen the truth about the Arsenal manager by now. Starmer doesn’t know how poor a manager Rookie Arteta is.

  6. Tell me a manager that has won a trophy in the EPL in 6 months without spending more than 100m

    1. First it is not the premier league
      then he did not spend 100M but inherited a squad that cost quite a lot (auba, laca, chaka, leno this is 150m). This was just a suite of 2 miraculous wins as underdogs, playing counterattack, with martinez and auba playing their best and more efficient ever football. So yes arteta played probably the team and tactics needed at this precise time. Agree with that. But that was probably not the sign of a genius coach like we thought at the time.

  7. Spot on Sir Keir Starmer, Rome was not built in one day,

    Some funs want good results within a year whereas the team has collapsed since the Wenger days when he failed to qualify for champions league for the first time in 21 years, Unai Emery came and there was no progress, with Arteta in charge big things are coming we’re in the building process, just trust the process #Kroenkeout

  8. I have no idea what this man knows about football and I would suggest no one else does either?
    At least he is positive when talking about our club, which is the opposite of most politicians, all of whom have suddenly become experts, after sitting on their backsides, watching what has been going on – the systemastic takeover of our game.

    If they are REALLY concerned, we should see more than just soundbites… let’s see if the Newcastle takeover goes ahead.

  9. I’m not surprised that Starmer is backing MA they are in a similar situation
    – both have been performing worse than their predecessors and hoping for more time.
    -since their appointment both the club and party have become unrecognisable
    -they have abandoned the core values
    -the majority of people want them out!

  10. I’m with you, although I do waver from time to time

    Without listing all the issues yet again that Arteta has had to deal with since he got the job 16 months ago, we know the board decided to hire a totally inexperienced coach ahead of a big name. Some say that those interviewees ran a mile after seeing the job description and the funds available to rebuild. My question has always been that under the existing ownership what are the chances of a proven manager taking on the job?

    So I’m trying not to take a short term view as being a successful EPL manager is as almost as rare as hen’s teeth.

    Pep is at the top of his game. Rodgers who I like is having a great season and Moyes whose career has floundered since ManU has also done well. Tuchel has made a difference at Chelsea. Is Ancelotti doing a grand job at Everton and will Moyes repeat his success next year and can Klopp revitalise the champions?

    Where are these amazing managers that could waltz into Arsenal and make the desired impact immediately? OGS didn’t at ManU. The Nagelsmen of this world will surely be earmarked by other European clubs for next season so I’m reduced to waiting patiently to see if Arteta can learn quickly enough to get us firing again for next season. Im also bearing in mind that Stan holds the purse strings and with his attitude to our club as shown by his pursuit of the wretched SL, I’m not confident

  11. In terms of personnel i think indeed we have a good team…in terms of the manageriale position….Well if he dont win EL he will be shown thé door….

  12. Building a team BS, the team he has got is better than he is getting out of it. The skill of a manager as well is to get extra out of players and situations. I see Arteta failing badly on all accounts. Forget he played for us under Wenger, forget he worked under Pep, if he did neither, he would have no support at all after what he has done since he came. He is a false pretender taking us to new lows not seen for decades. Building a team and time is something he is failing at badly.

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