Keown questions the timing of Arteta’s contract – “no desire for any change”

So it has now been confirmed (although very few of us here on Just Arsenal are actually surprised) that Arsenal have given Mikel Arteta a new contract extension, even though the Gunners are yet to confirm that they will be playing in the Champions League next season.

Arteta has made it clear that Josh Kroenke is on the same page as himself in his vision of the future of the club, and has promised that the Kroenkes are backing Arteta’s project to get the Gunners back up and competing with the best in the world.

But the Arsenal legend Martin Keown is not so sure that the contract should have been announced until the end of the season, and you can see that he has some valid points.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Keown said: “They’ve just lost three games and won three games. I thought they might have waited until the summer because we are now at a crossroads and got a huge game coming up.

“They obviously feel there’s no desire for any change, they’re happy. I think they’re right. I probably would’ve waited until the summer.

“Perhaps there was a clamour for the manager from other clubs, we don’t know what’s happening internally, they wanted to meet his needs and felt no reason for any kind of change.

“We could’ve been looking at a very different situation had they not beaten Chelsea, Manchester United and West Ham all in one week.

“If they’d been announcing after losing those games it might have been a different situation. I think it’s good for the players, get the man in and settled in place.

“The person in charge has to be looked after and resolved. It feels like the start of the journey.”

Well, it looks to me like Arteta was given the simple target of taking Arsenal back into Europe next season, and that seems to be wrapped up now, with only the confirmation of which competition is to be decided in the next 4 games.

With Arteta saying that the contract was first given to him after we had lost those three games, it shows that the management has great faith in the Boss.

Well if Europe was the target for this season, he has definitely done his job. Let us hope that he can improve on that in the following years…

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Video – Mikel Arteta on his new contract, Leeds game, and incoming players…

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  1. It was a bit surprising,But good news nonetheless. I think it’s the right decision by the board. It settles the players and gives them surety of what the next season holds. This is perfect timing.

    1. I feel there is nothing wrong with timing. It clarifies the situation for the immediate future and Arsenal are already in Europe.
      Some people are insisting that Arsenal should have waited till the end of the season. This only makes sense if you have significant doubts about the manager.
      By extending the manager’s contract now forward planning will much easier once the season ends.
      Most of those who disagree with the decision are likely to be those who are anti-Arteta. At this point, they are largely irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. They’ll likely be out in force if we have some poor results or don’t make the top four so it’s good that this decision is sorted.

    2. Arteta, the owners and the rest of the management have a plan in place. We are progressing and a good foundation for the coming years is in place with our young squad.
      To keep this going is paramount.
      Either way, an extension is only so long as the progress is still there, so Arteta and all the rest still need to deliver more next season.

  2. It was a bit surprising,But good news nonetheless. I think it’s the right decision by the board. It settles the players and gives them surety of what the next season holds. This is perfect timing. It wouldn’t make sense to pull the plug now, knowing that there are still lots of players to come in and go out. We are definitely in a very important phrase of our Process.

  3. Keown like many supporters believe the timing of this is all wrong. It makes sense to have waited and took stock of what we have done. I fully expect from where we are now to get 4th and then it wouldn’t be such a problem at all but if they dont, it is just plain silly and massive decisions should have been taken. I hope it all doesn’t blow up in their faces. Things will change massively for this club after the position we finish un come the end of the season.

    1. Your comments makes complete sense to me Reggie and, if the owner offered this £8,000,000 plus reported contract, after we had just lost three games on the trot and, seemingly, destroyed our CL ambitions, it makes the decision even more bewildering.

      Now, some will see our point of view as not supporting the club and /or having a vendetta against Mikel… but with our record of awarding contracts / salaries in the last four or five years, one would have thought kronkie would have been more hesitant.

      What it does show, however, is that Mikel is being backed 100% by the owner and any suggestion that they are not, is ridiculous.

      1. Ken, i have no problem with Arteta (i do with many of his decisions and the way we play) but my problem is where we finish and where we go. I am not an Arteta fan, i am an Arsenal fan, when Arteta has gone i wont be going with him, i am staying with Arsenal. I really dont get this Arteta lovin above Arsenal. If he can deliver then i am an Arteta fan but until then I AM A REALIST and alway an Arsenal fan. I am so perplexed with the timing of such an important decision. If it was actually backed up by something i could understand but it hasn’t been yet.

        1. I’m an Arsenal fan Reggie and I consider myself a realist
          I won’t be following Arteta to Barcelona or wherever he ends up next
          I realistically think that chopping and changing isn’t a guarantee of success and not having the ear of the hierarchy means none I don’t know what they are thinking and what will happen next.
          I trust you have a foolproof plan for what happens when Arteta gets sacked for not finishing in4th place

          1. Sue P, there is a plan already in place now of we fail to get 4th. That is my problem 4th is there for us this year, we blew a massive advantage and have regained it. If we fail, it would be because we couldn’t take advantage of our huge advantage, that for me would be a massive problem that needed addressing. We should get 4th, we can get 4th, if we dont, i for one would be very worried as to where we go from there because that would be a failure to hit home an ideal situation.

      2. Ken and Reggie, the important factor is that now they have given Mikel Arteta a new contract, the Board must further show ambition and commitment by supporting him financially in the transfer window. The glaring deficiencies in the current squad are there for all to see and must be addressed if Arsenal is to be competive domestically and in Europe.

        1. Chelsea are lucky Totts and Arsenal have to play each other Ken otherwise they could be staring down the barrel of the Europa League

          1. Well, hello Kevin! Hope you’re well – I’ve missed chatting to you!
            Win tomorrow and the race for 3rd is well and truly on!
            Check out that look on Ronaldo’s face – smacked arse!! Surely he’ll be off to pastures new…

              1. Hi Ken 🙂 All good thank you.. how about yourself? And how’s Phil? I’m hoping you’ll be our lucky mascot tomorrow – enjoy the game! I’ve not been since the Leicester game – tickets are like gold dust!!

            1. Sue omg welcome back 😃 I am well how are you ? Missed chatting to you too thought you had enough on here and just vanished 😳 haha yeah he’ll be off to PSG after this lol, oh yeah Chelsea are falling apart aren’t they 😳

              1. Good thanks, Kev. Been really busy with the gutting the house – been hard going but worthwhile. Found time to watch Ozark though 😉
                Had to come on here as there’s a very important Birthday on Wednesday, hey?! 🙂
                The Ronaldo situation reminds me of Sanchez…
                The Chavs have put a smile on my face, Kev – YouTube has been hilarious, I’ve been abused by many Chavs and Scousers as you can imagine 🤣

                1. You got a renovation going on Sue ? Coco is probably wondering what’s going on haha 🐕I haven’t even watched a TV show in months but watched the karate kid 3 last night gearing myself up for the new cobra Kai season whenever it comes out 😂 haha Ronaldo was laughing at one point did you see that ? So Ralf Ragnick Klopp and Tuchels mentor 😂 haha yeah I can imagine I’m guessing we’re Madrid fans for the final ? 😂 aww that’s sweet 😃 yeah well a good birthday present would be beating that lot on Thursday I think it’ll be your birthday too if we do 😂😃

                  1. Yes – she hates all the noise, it’s even louder than me watching the football (woah 😱).
                    September 9 it comes out, Kev!
                    Can’t blame him, if he didn’t laugh he’d cry. He and De Gea have carried that team.. Ten Hag is on the phone – he’s had a change of heart 🤣 They’ll have to up his wages surely, what a job he has on his hands!!
                    Oh absolutely, Kev! Was gutted City went out, but Benzema is something else… only trouble is they haven’t got Ramos to take out Salah this time!
                    Thursday is gonna be tense…

                    1. Haha do you swear and shout during the football Sue ? Throw the odd item across the room 😅 I thought they would have brought it out during the summer but I suppose I can wait until September 😑 haha if you were ETH would you be having second thoughts? That team is a complete mess you wouldn’t even know where to start lol I really like Graham potter though his team plays some nice football he’ll be on the move soon to a bigger club 😃 shocking 2 goals in 2 mins Grealish has been rubbish for a hundred mil he doesn’t fit into Peps style 😳 maybe we could get him on loan next season? 😆 No but they have Hazard could his muse wake up during the final ? 😂 Thursday is tense ? This game right now is tense hahaha

                    2. No profanities (although it’s hard🤣) but yes to everything else!!
                      Too right, Kev – I wouldn’t even get on that plane! I’d beg Ajax to let me stay..
                      Potter deserves much more credit..
                      Grealish ugh! Small fish in a very big pond. Talisman at Villa, now in a team of superstars and it really isn’t working! 100m my arse!!
                      Ooh the muse… I’d forgotten about that 🤣 That would be very welcome, Kev! Imagine the scenes!!

                    3. Well done my ole Avid Angler (remember that?! 😊) I’ve not looked on there in ages.. I’m really pleased, Kev.. Nice one! 👏 Knew you’d do it 🙂 How’s Kenya doing?

                    4. Sue keeping it PG that’s good to know 😉 hahaha I’d be at the chairman’s door telling him I’ve made a grave mistake I’ll take a wage cut if you let me stay 😂 haha what does your daughter say about him ? I’m actually shocked how poor he’s been 😳 yeah we’re still waiting for his muse to strike but kinda hard when you don’t even make the squad I heard he’s overweight 😝 lol yeah just like big Dave Seaman 😃 funnily enough I haved been fishing in a long time my fishing gear must have Cobb webs on it 😂 you are still in top 15 you were doing so well Sue 😳 he was 18 points behind me last time I looked I think I scored another 4 points today and predicted Brighton to beat Utd but not 4-0 😂

                  2. She’s far from impressed with him, that’s for sure! Waste of money…
                    Overweight?! The size of that arse 🤣
                    Good on Kenya 👍 I’ll keep an eye out for your next gravatar, Kev, oi oi!!! 🏆

                    1. Well Man city can write off 100 mil just like we’ll have to write off the 70 mil paid for Pepe 😑 haha he is packing a few extra pounds someone should tell him he’s not in Spain for a holiday 😂 oh not over yet Sue Rob and GAI are on my tail I’m not even sure how they did today 😳 Sue Totts have scored 😑

                    2. I predicted Liverpool to win 2-1 this was not in the script was it ? If Totts win this our games have just become even tougher 🙄 I knew if anyone would score it would be him.

                    3. No, it certainly wasn’t!! Ooh Diaz just to rub it in.. the Spuds will be booing him even more now!!

                    4. Oh no Sue it’s over 1-1 😑 do we take a draw ? City to win league now ? I think we’ll need something at the bowl 😝

                    5. The pressure’s on now, Kev – I don’t like it 🙈 Who am I kidding we’ll come out all guns blazin’ tomorrow, right?!! You know I’ll be cheering City on tomorrow, although they may have a hangover from Wednesday…
                      Some ending to the league – our nerves will be shot!!

                    6. I know Sue that point has just put the pressure on we absolutely must beat Leeds and I hoping pool would hammer Totts and haul down their goal difference 😳 well I think I have City down for 3-0 I can’t see Newcastle troubling them the only downside to them getting beat by City is they’ll want to beat us even more 😑 I’m telling you Sue football is not good for your health I’m already nervous for tomorrow 😑

                    7. Who’d have thought the Spuds would have a say in the title race?! Funny old game, hey?! I know right – just had a palpitation 😂
                      Tomorrow’s game must be bittersweet for you, Kev (your Dad.. would you have argued @full time?

                    8. Believe it or not Sue I had a feeling Totts might get something from that game but couldn’t bring myself to predict it 😂 is that the league finished now ? The quadruple over 😉 yeah I’ve always had a soft spot for Leeds but hated them when they beat us and I let my dad know I wasn’t happy Sue we had some arguments 😅

                    9. Oh Kev, the thought of that quadruple made me want to vomit! Please no!!!!
                      Mike Dean on var on Thursday (gulp!)

                    10. Sue I was actually starting to believe they could do it 😑 man city will probably get beat by Newcastle tomorrow now 😂 speaking of him did you hear him and moss are retiring at the end of the season? I was gonna write on here that Sue will love that 😂

                    11. I knew Dean was, but Moss 😱 Yay!! Where’s he off to – McDonald’s? 😂 Atkinson is also, right? I bet whoever replaces them will be just as hopeless though…

                    12. Haha either that or burger king Sue 😂😂 yeah he’s going and glad he is he’s an awful ref… No doubt about it they will be replaced by equally incompetent refs 😑 you looking forward to the games tomorrow Sue or will you be busy ?

                    13. I’m having a day off tomorrow, Kev, for a super Sunday 😉 Looking forward to it! Anyway it’s been real nice catching up with you – glad you’re all good 😊 Uncle Sue (remember that? 🤣) is off to bed! Catch ya later, Kev.. goodnight 🙂🎣 sweet dreams!

                    14. Can you remember who it was that called you uncle Sue ? 😂😂 I’m guessing you’ll have a day off for Thursday as well there’s no way you’ll miss that 😉 haha oh god yeah the thread was filled with our conversation 😝 great chatting with you again I hope you don’t stay away so long next time 🙂 well Goodnight to you and sweet dreams also Sue 😴 xx

            2. Hi Sue. Nice to read your comments. how have you been?

              i wish you the very best always.


              1. That’s really nice, thanks, Skills 😊
                I’m very well, thank you. How about yourself? All good, I hope.
                It’s match day – is that tension in the air? 😄 Nah, come on let’s do this!!

            3. Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Where in the world did you go!!!!!!!

              To say the whole of JA have missed you is an understatement!

            4. Great to have u back Sue. Wondered were you’ve been. Yes would be a huge win over leeds and get something out of the spurs game. That’s the only thing that can make this arteta contract make sense

    1. @Quantic Dream
      For real…Dude has an engine on him, as well as a wicked cross. Not to mention he reads the game very well…IJS

  4. Not what we wanted but we can still bring the gap to 4. Immense pressure on all our games now

    1. It doesn’t change much, they dropped 2 points instead of three, goal difference means, it changes little, they dropped vital points.

  5. We have to beat leeds today, then put in an amazing performance away to Tottenham if we get 6 points from both games, It’s on for third place on the league. That would be super end to the season. COYG!!!!

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