Keown says Spurs will finish ahead of Arsenal but admits there is still a long way to go

Former Arsenal man, Martin Keown, claims he still believes Tottenham will finish inside the top four ahead of Arsenal, despite the Gunners strengthening their grip on the fourth place at the weekend.

Arsenal has recovered from an inconsistent start to win matches after matches.

They rebounded from their 2-0 loss to Liverpool in midweek to beat Aston Villa 1-0 yesterday.

It means they have a four points cushion on the fourth position with a game in hand on the team below them.

Tottenham have looked in-form in recent weeks as Antonio Conte asserts his influence on Arsenal’s neighbours.

Considering the Gunners’ consistency in the last few weeks, it is hard to see them not finishing fourth, but Keown says Spurs remain favourites.

He said via The Daily Mail: ‘I think Spurs look favourites to actually make it into the top four, let’s see if they can do it. Arsenal, now in the boss seat I know, but when I look at the fixtures, games away at Chelsea and Spurs… it’s in Arsenal’s hands and if they keep performing the way they are they can do it, but there’s still a long way to go.

‘Now there’s a lot of games ahead, and I still put Spurs as favourites to actually make it into the top four. Let’s see if they can do it. ‘

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PRESS CONFERENCE – Arteta is very happy after Aston Villa win!

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Keown might be playing mind games with his comments, not wanting to put pressure on Arsenal.

His assessment is also realistic because we truly haven’t secured a spot in the top four yet.

Games against Chelsea and Tottenham would be tough and we need to be at our very best to win them.

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PRESS CONFERENCE – Arteta is very happy after Aston Villa win!

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    1. He is trying to be cautious.
      But is coming across as a judas.
      Sometimes its best to be diplomatic and say nothing…

  1. Keown is of course entitled to his opinion, provided that- as I think he does- he really means it!

    However, for him to claim that Spuds are favourites, in any other eyes than his own, is factual nonsense. The bookies are giving us odds of around seven to four ON.

    Spuds are quoted at around three to one, up to four to one.
    Perhaps our “mad monk MARTIN”, NEWER DID EVEN BASIC MATHS.

    1. 🤣🤣

      We have improved a lot recently.

      Going from zero points after 3 games to 4th place after 28 games, we have done well.

      Spurs are not consistent either.

        1. Actually, it’s not that much a big if mate, when you think in our last 13 League games we have only lost to the Top Two. I’m worried about Chelsea though. In their last 13 games, travelling all over the world, the only ‘defeat’ was 11-10 on penalties. Awesome form considering their situation….

    1. His saying this not as a result of him being an overzealous fanatic but from the stats Avaliable to us .It’s not like we are winning our matches with wide goal margin.I always go into our match praying we take our chances by scoring first,if we go down first then I see trouble looming for us .Like I said over and over again,I respect all that Arteta has done ,I want him to succeed and I want top 4 but if arsenal don’t win or draw Chelsea,manU and spurs then win at list all our last matches any how possible then top 4 is gone..My hope is that we should draw any bad game rather lose all points and that spurs & manU should slip up again cox they have a better squad depth than us that’s the fact

      1. You don’t sound very confident. Chelsea are going to be like Man City and Liverpool, but Manchester United… Meh

      2. On that note, Man U and Spurs will win every single match as well? Neither of them are consistent enough to win 9 matches in a row, just not possible!

  2. I know we don’t really win with a wide margin but we don’t concede goals either. Liverpool were lucky against us. I believe we can bring out some thing against these teams. Totham still have Liverpool and leceister to play though l see winning other matches but they not really consistent. Man u still have to play Liverpool, Chelsea and palace to play. Arsenal will cross the line maybe on the last day.

  3. I believe Keown is playing mind games here especially knowing their inconsistency and still boldly proclaiming them favourites.

    Although if he isn’t, I won’t be too mad at him, our fixtures are tougher.. we could easily not win any of our away matches.
    I think the top four is still not in our hands as most people claim, we will certainly need Spurs and Man.u to drop points even if we are still above them

    Am scared of those away matches

  4. He’s looking beyond the current matchweek. If you look at the remaining games the advantage is Spurs. A LOT will depend on Arsenal stepping up in big games. Mainly, smashing United is VITAL. And not losing to spurs will be too.

  5. My biggest fear is having a striker that doesn’t score. That will be the only reason we don’t finish in that top four

  6. One big reason we loosing against the top teams is the lack of midfield strength, Ødegaard isn’t physical, while Xhaka isn’t fast, hence why Lacazette supports a lot,

    IMO, top games should see Ødegaard on bench, till we get suitable CMs, with Smith-Rowe in midfield along Xhaka and Partey in a 4-3-3 formation,

    This way we got everyone independent.

  7. He should never have mentioned Spurs, all he needed to was to speak positively about Arsenal’s aspirations of Uefa participation. That’s all.

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