“Kept Arsenal going” Ian Wright heaps praise on Arsenal man

Ian Wright has heaped praise on Mohamed Elneny following his return to form in Arsenal’s last two matches.

They have overlooked the midfielder for much of this campaign and he initially had to play in only the cup matches.

Since Arsenal got eliminated from the domestic cups he has been struggling to play as often as he would have liked.

However, the injury to Thomas Partey gave him a chance to play, and he seems to have grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

He was a surprising starter in Arsenal’s 4-2 win against Chelsea and impressed, which earned him a role in the team that beat Manchester United 3-1 yesterday.

Considering how little he played before the last two games, he did very well against United and that impressed Arsenal legend, Wright.

The ex-striker expressed his delight via Mirror Football: “Xhaka was magnificent, Odegaard did his stuff again, but Elneny – for someone that last played before Chelsea was in December – he came in today…dependable, professional, he never lets the team down. He had the most passes today and the most interceptions, he just gets himself in the right position.

“He’s the kind of player, he wants to pass forward. He’s somebody who kept the ball going and kept Arsenal going. He’s the kind of player – and he may leave – you come in when you haven’t played for so long and he’s been magnificent.”

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We need Elneny to remain in this type of form between now and the rest of the season, even if he eventually leaves the club in the summer.

The Egyptian has been of great service to us since he moved to the Emirates, and he would leave on a high note if he keeps doing well and we make the top four.

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  1. I realise that Elneney has just had two good games; very good against United

    No surprise then that football fans will be eager now to overhype his abilities , which overall are still very limited.

    He has a first class attitude and gives his all No doubt popular in thedressing room. But I dislike rebranding very moderate players as now something akin to a star. He is still well below the standard an ambitious club and ambitious fanbase need to hugely improve our team, so I still firmly want him gone this summer.

    Nothing personal and he’s a fine human but as aplayer for a club of our standard, no thank you.

    I am not fooled by a couple of good perfs.


    1. hes a very hardworking player with good attitude….

      every winning team need such players in the squad….

      its consistent hard work and determination that win titles with a bit of luck

  2. That was then not now,we can only help him keep it consistent by praising and supporting him as fans not the other way round,SO QUIT YOUR ‘CLEAR THE DEADWOOD’ CAMPAIGN.

  3. Signed for a mere $10M over 4 years ago….probably the best investment by the club (pound for pound) over the last 25 years.

  4. A good, solid pro who just gets on with it and isn’t disruptive provides balance to a team. An Elneny and a Holding are not really going to be first choice players but provide a different function. Likely to be diligent, undoubtedly grateful to have landed at a top club, and probably don’t have a massive media profile either. Take their opportunity when it comes along and have solid, not stellar careers.
    PSG have never had the success that should have come their way considering the players and investment that has been lavished by the owners. Every team needs its foot soldiers

  5. A very solid and reliable player and I doubt any real fan has ever derided him for his hard work, stability and calmness in times of pressure. A big match player and we need players like Elneny and Holding in our squad, it only improves us and doesnt take us down.

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