Kevin Campbell analyses Arsenal player who will “only get better”

Nuno Tavares is in his first campaign at Arsenal, but it hasn’t really turned out how many expected it to.

The Portugal Under-21 player was brought in as a backup to the top-class but often injured Kieran Tierney.

He has had spells when he did well in the Arsenal team, and Tierney was even benched in some games for him to keep playing.

However, he is prone to making errors, and it is hard to tell which Tavares will show up for a particular game.

Former Arsenal player, Kevin Campbell believes the left-back is still very young, and he will improve his game.

He tells Football Insider: “The crazy thing is, early on in the season some fans were saying Nuno Tavares should start ahead of [Kieran] Tierney. This is about form.

“Tavares is a young player who is learning his trade. He will only get better. He will be better next season for the experiences he has had.

“It has been a rollercoaster for him this year. He has had good times, terrible times and indifferent times.”

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To be fair to Tavares, he has shown that he has the talent to play for us, but he needs to be more consistent.

Because we are making progress very fast, it is hard to overlook his flaws. He would probably get one more season to prove he can build consistency and play for this club.

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  1. One more season? That’s a bit harsh. I think we need not worry. Nuno has time. We need not pressure him with the expectation of a starting left back right now. Give him the time to develop. For a young defender playing his first season in the premier league, he has done well. He will improve further. Just get off his back .

    1. The academy guys should be given priority to play first and allow us to assess them in a proper match not at training grounds… Look Nkeitha is doing on the pitch against top world defenders,,, He is already a feared striker by defenders after playing only 4 games and scoring 4 goals imagine if he had played 20 games which we featured Lac and Auba who did very little to be feared strikers.

    2. Nonsense he can’t defend end off ..

      Need to get rid !
      Another runnarson I’m afraid .

      No way a left back gets hooked that much and can’t defend that won’t improve I’m a back four no chance .

      Possibly as wing back but not looking like our direction.

      Arteta sees this already hence Tomi left back other day .

      Loan then sell that’s how it’ll go

  2. I think he will improve a lot and surprised many in the near future.i also believe that in this case MA didn’t handle the situation well,he subbed him off before halftime,played him when he shouldn’t have and vice wonder his confidence took a huge blow.having said that, I’m worried that he started to get bad habits as if he was copying White, retreating,going backwards with both arms behind his back.

    1. Really,
      So should Arteta ignore the situation when he is having a dreadful day?
      And what do you mean by playing him when he shouldn’t have? He is the only other recognised left back in the team when Tierney is injured or needs to be rotated.

  3. I just don’t see this fella ever being a left back he cannot defend reminds me of Andre Santos decent getting forward but absolute calamity at the back.. left back is a major problem, we have Kieran Tierney who is great but is made of glass and Tavares.. we definitely need to sign a Left back who is ready to be a starter.

    1. Before buying him ,MA must have been aware that he was not the finished article.ut must have seen things he liked and believed that with proper coaching and experience ,he would improve him a lot no?

      1. Doesn’t always work out that way though does it siamois ? Managers can make mistakes just because the player is young and inexperienced doesn’t mean he will come good, we can hope though but I don’t see him being a top player.

        1. Spare him some time and honestly he is still young,, ,,, he will improve with each outing., look he scored against Man U and that gave him confidence that he can do well.

        2. True managers can still make mistakes when recruiting a player despite all the scouting and data…one thing we can’t predict is the human aspects.

  4. The problem was NOT signing TAVARES but in foolishly choosing to play him as a full back, which means a defender. He is no more a defender than was the God awful Santos! Tavares has pace and attacking ability and yet has played at full back.

    Anyone have any idea why!?

    1. He is a left back; he has always been a left back. The issue is that he has yet to fully understand how to play the role effectively at this level.
      He has been thrown in to compete in one of the most difficult leagues in world football. Not every young player can make such a transition easily.

  5. Arteta has done well in managing and helping Tavares, you don’t expect Arteta to sacrifice the team’s wins for Tavares development, hence why he subbed him, but so far Arteta has used Tavares as LWB and has had to sub him in games which we needed LB, IMO, Arteta is doing well with Tavares.

    In tomorrow’s game I doubt Tavares would play, Cedric may be the “go to” man as Tomiyasu would have to take care of SON.
    I hope we get something out of the NLD.

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