Kevin Campbell compares Arsenal’s new star to Saka

Arsenal idol, Kevin Campbell, is clearly in love with Marquinhos after the Brazilian started his first senior game for the club.

He joined the Gunners in the summer as a relatively unknown player, but he debuted in style against FC Zurich and some of the club’s fans want to see him play again.

His emergence is a major positive because it now hands Arsenal an option on the wing.

The Gunners had been considering signing a new winger, but they could give him a chance to take that spot on their team now.

Campbell believes there isn’t much difference between him and Bukayo Saka.

He tells Football Insider:

“He was Arsenal’s best player and the best player on the pitch if you ask me.

“For someone so young, he is strong. He has speed and man strength which is good. I thought he was direct which I like.

“Marquinhos is a little bit different to Saka but he is still as devastating.

“He scored a great goal. He made up serious ground to get on the end of the cross. What a finish as well.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Marquinhos is an exciting talent, and he reminds us of a younger Gabriel Martinelli in so many ways.

These are early days in his Arsenal career, but he has given us a reason to be excited and we will trust him to get even better.

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  1. Kevin Campbell is, we are told, “in love” with Marquinhos!
    I may be pedantic but even allowing for a degree of poetic license in language, somehow I had to laugh out loud at this ludicrous comment.

    HAD THE ARTICLE INSTEAD SAID, Campbell loves his play, which is what is meant , obviously, then I would of course not need to post this admonishment to the sloppy speaking article writer.

  2. Dont get me wrong, i was highly impressed with Marquinos against Zurich but that is a million miles from the premier league and he has a lot of learning to do. To compare him to anyone is a little premature but we can be hopeful we have a gem.

  3. Anything that is supposedly alleged to have come from Kevin Campbell is either tripe or simply stating the bleeding obvious. Some people have it lucky, don’t they? No aptitude for much else, become a football pundit.

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